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The Floor Escape Level 62 and 63 Walkthrough

The Floor Escape Walkthrough for levels 62 and 63
The Floor Escape Solution for levels 62 and 63

(Previously called 100 Floors Escape)

Tips, hints, solutions, detailed explanations, cheats, guide, to the 100 Floors Escape Game.

Link to the other level's walkthrough, click here.

The Floor Escape Level 62 Walkthrough
Triangle Numbers

The Floor Escape Floor 62 Solution
This difficult looking mathematical triangle is actually very easy to solve.

Start in the top triangle.  You have the 8 at the top and 3 bottom right.
8 - 3 = 5, so change the bottom left to 5.

Bottom left triangle:  You have 7 at the top and 3 bottom right. 7-3 = 4.
Change the bottom left corner to 4.

As you changed the above, some other corners got updated on your behalf.

Now lastly, look at the bottom right triangle.
You have 5 at the top and 4 at the bottom right.
5-4 = 1.  Change bottom left to 1.

Triangle completed and the door opens up to level 63!

The Floor Escape Level 63 Walkthrough
Red and Yellow hearts

The Floor Escape Floor 63 Solution
Move the "hump" or rug on the floor to the right.  This will reveal the hidden red button.

Tap all the red buttons in sequence, starting at the bottom left button on the floor.  Follow the black line so you will go in a clock-wise direction.
If you did it right, you will see a light switch top right.
Flip the switch and you will see a yellow upside-down heart in the lamp.

Turn your device upside-down.  Tap the yellow heart then yellow buttons in sequence.
Look at the black line that goes from the yellow heart in the lamp.  When you get to the top on the right, follow the faint line across the door to the other side and finish at the yellow button just before the light switch.  Ensure you keep the device upside down, otherwise the taps on yellow buttons will not register.

If correct, the door will open to complete level 63!


  1. Hi Mr Maakal. Thank you for the walkthrough. With this 2 new levels I could easy solve the triangular maths, but could not get to the bottom of the yellow and red hearts puzzle. Thank you thank you. Keep the walkthroughs coming! We appreciate them 1,0E6 of times over.

  2. Thanks for you get walkthrough guide.I would never managed some!!.How you're supposed to guess how to do some of the puzzles is beyond me-warped logic!!