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Mysterious Island Escape Walkthrough

Mysterious Island Escape Walkthrough

The solutions, walkthrough, tips, tricks, guide, and cheats to solve Mysterious Island Escape!

The 395th escape game from 123bee.com. A scientist has come to this island for research work, but somehow he lost the way. Search the clues and objects and help him to find the way to escape from the mysterious island.   Play the game here.

You start your adventure on a dirt road in the jungle on the island.

Go to your left where you will arrive at the campsite at the river.

Take the spoon and the cup at the fire.
Take the rope next to the tent.

Enter the tent and take the cutter and the hammer from the backpack.

Exit the tent then use the cutter on the bedroll so that you can take the ax.

Remove the tent peg by using the cutter to get rid of the rope.

Use the hammer on the signboard to remove the nails and the picture.  Now you will see an arrow pointing to the castle.

Use the ax on the signboard.  Take the board.
Use the tent peg on the remainder of the sign to get the plank.

Zoom in on the branch sort of in the center.  Use the ax to cut it off.  Take the branch.

Go back to your right.
Zoom in on the branch in the center.  Use the ax to cut it, then take the branch.
Use the spoon then the cup to retrieve the resin from the tree.  Take the cup and go back left.

Click the river so that you go forward to the castle.

Click the water to zoom in.
Use the 2 branches on the grass, just before the river

Use the top part of the sign on the branches.
Use the lower part of the sign on the branches.

Tie the rope and add the resin:

Click on the wood and sail to the other side.
Click on the castle to zoom in on the door.

Use the ax to get rid of the lock.
Enter the door.

Take the magnet from behind the book on the table lower left.
Zoom in on the lower part of the shelf on the right.
Use the magnet to retrieve a file.

Zoom in on the skull.
Use the file to open the skull.  Get the golden key from the skull.

Zoom in on the fruit bowl.
Move the fruit bowl to reveal a secret compartment.

Use the golden key to open the locker.
Take another key from the locker.

Go up stairs.
Use the key to enter the helicopter and take off!

Well done on another GREAT ESCAPE!
You have solved the Mysterious Island Escape Game!
Well done.

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