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Toastmasters International

 Rio Illovo Toastmasters Club

I have joined a Toastmasters International club.  Within 6 months it changed me from a shy, scared-to-speak-in-front-of-people -person, to a confident speaker!  I can now stand up and speak with confidence.  It made me a better speaker, a better listener, a better grammarian, and at the same time I had lots of fun and made new friends!

Toastmasters not only develop your speaking- and listening skills, but also make you a better leader.  It gives you plenty of opportunity to talk, to listen, to lead, to plan, manage and implement.  It gives you positive feedback and advice on how to improve.    You will meet people from all walks of life.  We learn and at the same time we network.  You get all these experiences in a very safe environment - all of us are learning.

If you are in the Johannesburg area, more specifically in Illovo, Sandton, and you would like to attend a weekday morning Toastmasters Club, then I can recommend Rio Illovo Toastmaster Club.  You can get all their details here.   Rio Illovo Toastmasters club is hosted inside the Rio Tinto Management Services building (corner of Melville- and Harries road, Illovo) and is open for the public to join.  Our club usually meets every second Friday morning from 07:30 to 09:30.

If you are in other areas (worldwide!), then visit the Toastmasters International website for details about the club, and how to locate a club in your area.

If you think Toastmasters is not for you... then it probably is exactly what you need.
See some of the club photos here.

Speak Speaker Leader.

Toastmasters International
Where leaders are made!


Halloween Party Escape Walkthrough

Halloween Party Escape Walkthrough. Halloween Party Escape Solution

Full step by step walkthrough solution to help you escape from the Halloween Party.  Tips, tricks, help, and detailed explanations provided to all the puzzles.   This guide will help you solve the Halloween party escape... alive!  If you are stuck, then this is all you need to get unstuck!  This point-and-click room escape game is of medium-easy difficulty and should take you between 30 minutes and 1 hour to solve.

About Halloween Party Escape: The 492nd escape game from 123bee.com Happy Halloween, Let’s Party!! Just Imagine, you received an invitation without sender containing a single line, “welcome to the Privileged Hallowed Party tonight”. In total confusion, you went there. To your surprise, no one is there. When you try to walk off the door gets locked automatically. It's a Halloween Party or a trap set for you!!!!! Escape as soon as possible…  You can play the game here.   The house is full of interesting Halloween decorations and Halloween ideas.  The party goers had lots of fun... before you arrived!

Halloween Party Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

Your escape start in the lounge:

Take the bat candy from the floor.
Take the golden plate from the witch-on-a-broom poster on the wall
Take the pink party cake from the coffee table

Go up the stairs to the orange bedroom

Take the candies from the table
Take a golden plate from the pillow on the bed
Take the red brain bottle  next to the skeleton

Zoom in on the brain bottle
Open the lid
Take the brain tile.

Go right to the red-bed bedroom

Take the tool box from the drawer under the bed
Open the tool box and take the nut tile
Take the wine glass tile from on op of the glass of wine, on the table right of the bed.
Take the broomstick tile from the broom
Take the ghost candy from the table

Go right to the kitchen

Take the hat candy from the table
Open the brown bottom right corner cupboard and take a golden plate.
Open the brown right-most cupboard and take the knife.

Zoom in on the bat candy
Add the spider candy
Add the ghost candy
Add the hat candy

Count the items:
7 bats
4 spiders
6 ghosts
6 hats

Open the locked cupboard by selecting the correct numbers as per the candy clues:

Take the pumpkin

Go left to the red bed bedroom

Zoom in on the pink cake
Cut the cake with the knife
Notice the colors:

Orange, pink, blue.

Open the drawer next to the bed using these colors
Hint: the blue is a darker purple-blue:

Take the pumpkin.

Zoom in on the board puzzle on the wall

Add a golden plate
Take the symbol
Repeat with the other 2 plates and each time take the symbol.
Then after you have taken 3 symbols, the compartment will open...

Take the pumpkin.

Go left to the orange bedroom.
Zoom in on the tile puzzle on the wall:

Insert the 4 tiles pieces as per the picture:
Insert the nut tile top left.
Insert the brain tile top right.
Insert the wine glass tile lower left
Insert the broom tile lower right.

Take the pumpkin.

Go down stairs.

Zoom in on the puzzle cupboard with the 3 symbols.
Insert the 3 symbols

Take the 5th pumpkin.

Zoom in on the pumpkin puzzle on the wall.
Insert the 5 missing pumpkins

The pumpkins will give a laser show
and then open a secret compartment

Take the master key.

Zoom in on the front door
Use the master key to escape.

Well done on a great escape from the Halloween Party House.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

Happy Halloween!


Ski Lodge Escape Walkthrough

Ski Lodge Escape Walkthrough. Ski Lodge Escape Solution!

Full step by step walkthrough solution that will help you solve and escape from the Ski Lodge.  This guide will include detailed explanations including tips, tricks, screen-prints and help.  All you need to escape to safety from the ski lodge holiday cabin.   You can play this point-and-click room-escape type game here.

Sneaky was relaxing after a nice day of skiing when things turned south!  Now Sneaky is stuck in this ski lodge and must escape!  Find items and solve puzzles to escape! Good luck!  If you are really stuck, then this walkthrough will unstuck you!

Ski lodge escape walkthrough starts here:

You start in the bedroom of the ski lodge cabin:

Take the gold coins.

Go left to the bathroom:

Take the gold coins (at the sink, floor top left corner)
Take the screwdriver at the window

Go right, back to the bedroom.
Use the screwdriver on the bed-side-table-drawer.  You will open the jammed drawer:

Take the green key.

Go up.

Use the green key to unlock and open the door.

You are now in the very well stocked kitchen.

Take the gold coins.
Take the map from the table between the stove and fridge
Take the black marble from the hanging pot.

Walk around the cabin.  Use the map to see where you are.   Take the gold coins from every room.  (I found 101 gold coins.  Not sure why you need to pick them up!)

Use the map, then action the below:

Kids bedroom (K on the map):
Take the black marble.

Stairs (J):
Flip the light switch

Bedroom (M)
Flip the light switch
Take a black marble from the left bed-side table.

Street (AE)
Take the black marble from the snowman

Bedroom (Z)
Flip the light switch
Take the black marble from next to the coffee mug

You should now have 5 black marbles.

Go to the lounge (Q)
Zoom in on the brown puzzle box on the table
Insert the 5 black marbles in the slots

Take the pink key from inside.

The pink key opens the door between rooms S and AC.
Go there and open the door.
You are now in the entertainment room AC:

Go to bedroom AD
Flip the switch
Look at the X's on the mirror:

Notice the green mark is top left.

Go to bedroom AB
Zoom in on the box puzzle on the bedside table
Mark the squares as per the X's... remember the green corner is now bottom left.
Here is the solution:

Click the open button
Take the orange gemstone.

Visit these rooms and see a color number:
AA: Green 2
AG: Yellow 4
AI: Red 8

Go to bathroom AH.
Open the drawer
Turn each color the correct number of times as per the previous clue:
Green 2 times
Red 8 times
Yellow 4 times

Open the box and take the purple key.

Notice the word STEAM is a clue.

The purple key opens the door between rooms O and N
Go to the kitchen O and open the door tot he left using the purple key.

In Bedroom N, take the wrench from the couch.

Go to the patio AI.
Take the red key hanging on the key rack on the top left by using the wrench

The red key opens the door between rooms T and U.
Go to dining room T and open the door on the right using the red key.

Go to room W
Open the barbecue grill

Take the blue key.

The blue key opens the door between J and E (at the stairway).
Go to the stairs (J) and open the door using the blue key.

In room E, click on the laptop and see the word SEWERS

In room B, flip the switch
Click on the play board and notice the colors:

Yellow = h8
Pink = e7
Green = g6
Blue = d5
Orange = f4
Red = c3
Pueple = b2

In bathroom A, take a purple gemstone from the towels on the bottom left.

Go to Gym room C
Zoom in on the scale.
Turn it around and use the screwdriver to open.
Take the orange key,

In bedroom D, take a sneaky coin from the window

The orange key opens the door between rooms S and L.
Go to dining room S and open the top door with the orange key.

In bedroom L, take the pink gemstone from the lower left bed pillar.

In bedroom F:
Read the sign on the door "D-352"
Open the drawer with the code 4352 (4 for the letter D).

Take the red gemstone inside the drawer.

Go to room AA, open the puzzle box with direction keys.
Use the clue from the sewers to open the box:
S = South, E = East, W = West, R = Right

So tap down, right, left, right, right, down.
Take the gold key.

Use the golden key to open the door between I and J.
So go to the stairs (J) and open the door on the left.

Go to room G and take the sponge.
Flip the light switch
Look at the clue on the wall (the tiles)
3 1 4 2

Go to bathroom H.
Click the 4 towels according to the hint from the bathroom tiles:  2143 (the clue is upside down)
Click towel number 2, then 1, 4, 3 and the green gemstone will appear:

Take the green gemstone.

Go to room AH and wet the sponge at the tap.

Go to room V and clean a washing machine with the sponge.
Repeat going to AH, wet the sponge, go to V and clean another washing machine.
Once all 4 are clear:

Go to room U and open the box using the same symbols:

Open and take the blue gem inside.

Go to room AF and open the puzzle box.
Clue here is the word "STEAM", but anagram it to get MATES.

Take the yellow gemstone.

Go to room L.
Zoom in on the safe above the bed

Insert the gems according to the board - from lowest to highest number:
Purple, red, orange, blue, green, pink, yellow

Open and take the snowmobile key!

Go to room AE

Use the key on the snowmobile.

Well done on a great escape!
I found 101 coins.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

Deaths Embrace Escape Walkthrough

Deaths Embrace Escape Walkthrough. Deaths Embrace Escape Solution.

Full step-by step in this instructional walkthrough solution.  Detailed explanations to the puzzles including, tips, tricks, and help to solve this point-and-click room escape game.

About Death Embrace Escape:  You are lost, trapped, and surrounded by bloody lab equipment. Sounds like a great reason to escape! Explore this gruesome hospital. Gather whatever you can find, and use your new stuff to break out. And who is that bloody spirit who keeps interrupting your careful escape planning? It is freaking us out, man.  You can play the game here.

This is a medium difficult escape game.  I found it it not smooth when selecting and using items.  The red face that pops up regularly is very annoying.   The Acid Clue is very obscure and difficult to read.

Deaths Embrace Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You woke up in an abandoned laboratory...

Take the screwdriver from the tray above the bed.
Take the test tube from above the bed on the wall.
Go left.

Pick up the swab on the left.

Go back right.
Go right again

Pick up the heavy safe

GO left and left again to the door.
Throw the safe through the glass door

The door is now open!

Go through the door.

Take the card between the 2 monitors.

Go right

Go down the passage.

Notice the code 487 on the wall.

Go down, left, down.
You are now at the door where you broke the window.

Go right, right

Use the access card on the door.
Enter the door.

Take the fire extinguisher.

Go right

Use the screwdriver on the machine on the right side of the wall.
Lift the 2 levers on its side and the lights will go on.

Go left and left again

Zoom in on the keypad on the wall
Enter the code 487#

You will see the message "access granted"

Go right, down, left, left

Go through the broken window door
Go right, right

The theater doors will be open, so enter

Go right

Take the crowbar at the sink

Go left.
Now make the acid:

White, red, pink, yellow, yellow, blue
(The clue is the color bars on the paper on the right wall.  Very difficult to read...)
If you are correct, it will say ACID ready.

Use the test tube to get some acid.

Go out (door top left), Left, then down the passage
Use the acid to break down the gate:

Go through to the lift

Use the crowbar to open the lift door on the right
Use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire
Use the swap to open the top of the lift

Escape through the top of the lift

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.