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Floors Escape Walkthrough Level 5 to 8

Walkthrough for Floors Escape
Level 5 to 8

Answers solutions, tips, hints, and cheats on how to solve Floors Escape.
Full explanation to all the puzzles

Floors Escape Level 5 Walkthrough:
Mirror Mirror on the wall room

Floors Escape Floor 5 Solution:
Zoom in on the couch.
Lift the second-from-the-right cushion.
Take the ultra violet light.

Zoom in on the clock on the wall then zoom in on the top of the clock.
Take the purple key.

Look on the small table then zoom in on the photo.
Correct the photo by rotating the 8 pieces to the correct orientation.
If correct you will see the code: 3857.

Use the code 3857 to open the drawer in he small table.
The drawer will open and you can take the blue key.

Zoom in on the old telephone.
Use the ultra violet light on it.
Notice the green finger marks:

Zoom in on the crate.
Use the blue and purple keys on the locks.
Tap the circles as per the telephone hint.

The box will open and you get the white triangle.
Use the white triangle on the elevator button.
Tap the button and the door will open.
Floor 5 solved!

Floors Escape Level 6 Walkthrough:
Book shelf

Floors Escape Floor 6 Solution:
Zoom in on the book shelf and take the green key.
Zoom in on the red box on the table.
Use the green key to open the lock.
Take the memory stick.

Go left.
Zoom in on the laptop.
Use the memory stick on the laptop.
Notice the color circles on the screen:
Top: green and blue
Bottom: blue and red

Zoom in on the painting on the wall.
Change the colors of the corners as per the laptop screen.

Top: green and blue
Bottom: blue and red

If correct the paining will move and reveal the code 5826.
Open the middle drawer with this code.
Take the needle from the drawer.

Go back to the start room.
Zoom in on the top of the book shelf on the "handle"
Use the needle on the handle.
Take the red key from inside.

Go back left to the study.
Zoom in on the base of the set of drawers.
Use the red key on the red lock.
Press the red button.  It will go green.

No go back and tap the front door to exit level 6.

Floors Escape Level 7 Walkthrough:
Toys R Us room

Floors Escape Floor 7 Solution:
Look at the top of the elevator for a Red Number 7.
Zoom in on the fire truck.  Notice the Yellow number 9.
Zoom in on the trailer behind the tractor.  Notice the number 7 on the 7 of Hearts Card.

Zoom on on the drawers.  Open the middle left and take a dart.
Pop the balloon top left with the dart.
Take the white card.

Go left.
Zoom in on the black bird on the shelf.  Tap the wing to see Green number 6.
Zoom in on the purple box in the shelf, pull the left one out and see Blue number 8.

Zoom in on the Checkers table.  Tap the board to move it up.
See the shape and color clues:
Diamond = green
Spade = yellow
Club = red
Heart = blue

Go right.
Zoom in on the wooden box on top of the drawers.
Open with the clues you received:

Diamond = green = number 6
Club = red = number 7
Heart = blue = number 8
Spade = yellow = number 9

Take the key from inside the box.

Go left and zoom in on the wooden box below the red table.
Use the key inside the keyhole
Look at the white card for the clue:  Tap the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 7th button on the box.
The box will open and you can take the saw.

Zoom in on the disco ball on the red table.
Lift it up and take the orange ball.

Go right.
Zoom in on the lawnmower-toy on the floor in the center.
Use the saw to open it up.
Take the purple ball from inside.

Zoom in on the robot in the corner.
Use the purple- and orange ball on its chest. (purple to the left)
The mouth will open and you can take the access card

Zoom in on the elevator buttons.
Use the access card on it to open the door.
Level 7 solved!

Floors Escape Level 8 Walkthrough:
Another painting room

Floors Escape Floor 8 Solution:
Zoom in on the photo on top of the table below the painting.
Tap the photo to turn it around.  Take the cog that is clued to the photo.

Zoom in on the yellow drawers and open the second-from-the-top drawer.
Take the screwdriver.

Zoom in on the table with the typewriter.
Notice the location of the yellow button (bottom left of the triangle)
Lift the yellow sticky note to see a Green line clue.

Zoom in on the painting and move it to the right.
See the red line clue.

Go left.
Zoom in on the map above the fireplace
Tap the map to lift it up.
Notice the location of the blue dot (top of the triangle)
Also see the blue line clue.

Zoom in on the base of the Globe table.
Notice the location of the red dot (bottom right of the triangle)

Go right.

Zoom in on the old radio.
Change the 3 colors as per the clues above:
Top - blue
Bottom left - yellow
Bottom right - red

Tap the button above the triangle and change to green (as per the sticky note clue)
A secret compartment opens and you can take the key.

Zoom in on the cabinet below the old radio
Use the key to open the door.
Take the fire extinguisher.

Go right.
Zoom in on the fireplace.
Use the fire extinguisher to kill the fire
Zoom deeper inside the fireplace then use the screwdriver to get the yellow key.

Zoom in on the 4 books above the globe.
You need to pull the 4 books out in the right order.
I could not find the clue for this one, unless it is the size of the books to the right of the typewriter?
Pull the books in this order:
Blue, Black, Yellow, Brown.

Use the yellow key to open the box inside.
Take the second cog.

Zoom in on the color circles top left on the upper shelf.
According to the clues:
Green line 2x
Red line 3x
Blue line 2x
Blue dot --> change to yellow

The secret compartment opens and you can take the pencil
Tap the red button to go green.

Go right.
Zoom in on the typewriter then zoom on the yellow textbook
Use the pencil on the left page to get the clue:

Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Triangle

Zoom in on the elevator button.
Put the 2 cog gears into position.
Change the 5 X's to: Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Triangle

Door will open and this difficult level 8 is solved!


  1. How do you change the x's? I cant get them to change

    1. Hi Anonymous. Did you insert the 2 cogs? You just click on the X's and they will change. If not, then maybe you missed a trigger earlier in the level. Did you view the code on the yellow text book? Hope you get it right.

    2. Mine won't change either!

    3. I got it..... when you get the pencil you have to push the button in the back to make it green

  2. No matter what I do it will not let me change the x's. I have had to quit this pos game.

  3. Where is the computer and painting on the walk, level 6?

    1. You need to go left to the next room. Click the arrow in the bottom left corner

  4. I have tried cant change the Xs either


  6. ah have done it at long last didn't press the button when took pencil out Thank you

  7. The drawer in level 5 where you enter 3875 doesn't open on my Samsung. Why not?

  8. LEVEL 8: Guys to change the Xs of the elevator button, this is it: you see the big book furniture where you found the pencil? There is a red button there, you MUST change this button to green by just tapping it.

  9. Thank for the book colour combination, it was honestly the one that got me stuck for hours because well... there just isn't any clue about it!!! Ridiculous drawback in an otherwise fun fun fun game