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Sunny Side Bungalow Escape Walkthrough

Sunny Side Bungalow Escape Walkthrough

Here is the walkthrough, solution, tips, tricks, cheats, and full guide on how to solve Sunny Side Bungalow Escape.  Detailed answers with full explanation and screen prints on how to solve all the puzzles.

About Sunny Side Bungalow Escape:
The 371st escape game from 123bee.com. You are having a party in the house and your friend who went inside this bungalow to relax, finds the door jammed and unable to open it. You too have misplaced the key somewhere. Help him find a way to come out from there.  For the free Windows version, click here!

Your adventure starts here:

You start in the modern lounge.

Zoom in on the shelf on the left.  Take the spoon.

Go right to the kitchen.

Zoom in on the cupboard.  Take the bowl.  
If you cannot take the bowl, zoom in on another cupboard area and try a different bowl.

Zoom in on another part of the cupboard and take the green towel.

Go right to the bathroom.

Zoom in on the shelf and take the pink toothbrush.

Zoom in on the washbasin.
Use the bowl on the sink.
Open the tap to fill the bowl with water.
Close the tap.
Take the bowl full of water.

Go left until you get to the bedroom.
Looks like children beds.

Take the tennis ball from under the bed.
Take the blue key piece  under the leftmost bed.
Take another blue key piece from the book shelf on the right.

Zoom in on the shelf on the left.  Move the box and get yet another blue key piece.

Zoom in on a blue key piece.  Drag all the blue key pieces to build a complete blue key piece.

Go to the kitchen and open the top right cupboard with the blue key.

Take the spray bottle from inside.

Go to the lounge.
Zoom in on the TV.
Use the spray on the TV.  Click the spray to spray some water.
Use the green towel.
This will reveal code 6710

Go to the bathroom.
Open the center drawer with the code 6710.
Take the salt bowl.

Zoom in on the water bowl.
Place the salt bowl next to it.
Use the spoon on the salt to add some salt to the water and to stir it.
Dip the toothbrush in the salt.  Then take the salty brush.

Go to the kitchen.
Zoom in on the center cupboard.
Use the toothbrush to brush it.
You will reveal code 0431.

Go to the bathroom.
Open the left cupboard with the code 0431.

Take the knife from inside.

Zoom in on the tennis ball.
Use the knife on the ball.
You will see blue and red.

Go to the lounge.
Zoom in on the 2 colors on the couch,
Change the 2 colors to the same blue and red as per the tennis ball.
The secret compartment will open and you can take the silver key.

Open the left drawer on the shelf with the silver key.
Take the silver belt from inside.

Look at the belt to see the word "play".

Go to the bathroom and open the alphanumeric locker on the wall on the right.
Use the code PLAY.
Take the golden key from inside.

Go to the lounge.
Zoom in on the front door.

Use the golden key to unlock and escape!

Well done on yet another GREAT ESCAPE.
Hope you found my walkthrough helpful.

Till the next walkthrough
Bye for now.

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  1. Aha! I just realized this is my 200th Post.
    May there be hundreds more walkthroughs posted on the blog.

    Happy 200!
    Happy puzzle solving.
    Always a pleasure to solve and to provide the much needed solutions.