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Dooors 2 Walkthrough - Levels 31 to 40

Dooors 2 Walkthrough for Levels 31 to 40

Solutions, tips, tricks and cheats for Dooors 20 Levels 31 to 40.
Full explanation to the puzzles.
Screen prints and all the info you need to solve all the dooors puzzles.

The full walkthrough for Dooors 2!

Dooors 2 Level 31 Walkthrough:
Cellar and rope

Dooors 2 Room 31 Solution:
Zoom in on the vat lower right.
Use the screwdriver to open the lid.
Use the goggles to look down into the water.  You see a knife.  Take it.

Use the knife to cut  (slice) the rope
Use the fire extinguisher to kill the fire at the door.

Now you can enter the door to walk to level 32.

Dooors 2 Level 32 Walkthrough:

Dooors 2 Room 32 Solution:
Look at the hint on the wall on the right.

Now you need to turn your device as per the hint.  You will see the "leaves" of the sign above the door turn green when you get it right.
I have found you can use the device as if you are trying to fan a fire.

Once all the "leaves" are green, tap the door to continue to level 33.

Dooors 2 Level 33 Walkthrough:
3 fingers?

Dooors 2 Room 33 Solution:
There are 2 buttons on the wall.  Tap and hold them both so they turn green.
Now while keeping those buttons pressed, tap the door with another finger or your toe.
Door will open and you advance to level 34.

Dooors 2 Level 34 Walkthrough:

2 Triangles pointing up.

Dooors 2 Room 34 Solution:
Pull the right side wall in.
Use the screwdriver to unscrew the 2 screws.
Look at the hint:

Pull the left side wall in.  Look at the hint:

Now adjust the 2 triangular pictures on the wall to match the hints.

Dooors 2 Level 35 Walkthrough:
Circles behind glass doors

Dooors 2 Room 35 Solution:
Look at the circles on the door.
It consist of 5 circles of different shades of black and white.
Change the 5 circles to the left and right of the door to be the same shade.
You need to tilt your device to get the glass doors to move away.

Dooors 2 Level 36 Walkthrough:
Menee menee tekel ifarsum

Dooors 2 Room 36 Solution:
The 4 squares above the door matches your inventory.
Take the left-most item from your inventory and put it on the scale to measure the weight.
Now adjust the left-side dial to be the same as the scale.
Do the same with your right-most inventory item.

If you are correct then you can open the door.

Dooors 2 Level 37 Walkthrough:
4 Pizzas and tetris blocks

Dooors 2 Room 37 Solution:
Switch off the light using the small button on the lower left side of the wall.
Wait about 5 seconds and the 4 pizzas will light up.
Notice the colors:

Count the number of blocks in each tetris shape.
Change the same color pizza to match the number of blocks in the shape.
A white pizza piece counts as a block.

Top left = Yellow = 5 white pieces
Top Right = Blue = 8 white pieces (all the pieces white)
Bottom left = green = 6 white pieces
Bottom right = red = 3 white pieces.

Dooors 2 Level 38 Walkthrough:
Green lights and a turning wheel

Dooors 2 Room 38 Solution:
Use the broom in the wheel to stop it from turning.  The green lights/gas will stop.
Open the left side cabinet.
Adjust so that the line flows from left to right:

Open the right side panel.
Adjust so the line flows through.
A bit more tricky but nevertheless quite easy:

Door will open and you can escape to dooor 39.

Dooors 2 Level 39 Walkthrough:
4 green X's

Dooors 2 Room 39 Solution:
Adjust the shapes on the wall so that they can fit in between the green markings at the top:

Dooors 2 Level 40 Walkthrough:
Glass door 

Dooors 2 Room 40 Solution:
Pull the glass door to the left.
It will move a little bit.
Use the knife to slice through the 2 pieces of rope that holds the door.
Pull the door open completely.

Zoom in on the gas bottle.
Use the screwdriver to remove the 2 screws holding the neck of the bottle.
Zoom out.
Tap the gas bottle so that it falls down.
Use the matches on the spilled liquid
The liquid will burn, raise the pressure
Use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire.
Tap the door to open the door.
Tilt your device to the side (if the door does not move, tilt to the other side)
The tap as soon as you see the opening.

Well done!
All 40 Dooors Solved.

Thank you for playing.

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