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100 Floors Escape Levels 59 to 61 Walkthrough

100 Floors Escape Walkthrough for levels 59 to 61
100 Floors Escape Solution for levels 59 to 61

After a recent update, this game is now called:

The Floor Escape

Tips, hints, solutions, detailed explanations, cheats, guide, to the 100 Floors Escape Game.

100 Floors Escape Level 61 Walkthrough:
Four Fractal Graphics

100 Floors Escape Level 59 Solution:
Pick up the red broom from the lower right corner.
Use the broom, but swipe with 2 fingers to get the dirt from the floor.  If you swiped enough, the floor rubbish will clear and the wall will move right.

Now you will see the hint on the right wall:
Adjust the 4 center fractal graphics so that they point the same direction as the images next to it.
For the left top and bottom it will be easy because you can see the full picture.
For the right side, you can only see the  part of the picture.

If you battle:

Top left: tap 2 times
Top right: do not tap
Bottom left: tap 1 time
Bottom right: tap 3 times

100 Floors Escape Level 60 Walkthrough:
Highway and a cat

100 Floors Escape Level 60 Solution:
Pick up the red cloth from the floor.
Use the cloth and wipe both pictures on the wall.
Hint: Wipe and release your finger a few times.  You will see the picture change to colored circles if you do it right.

Shake your device and the white ball will fall to the floor.

Now roll it and hit the green and red buttons according to the picture hints:
Green, Red, Green, Red, Green
Door will open when you roll it off the last Green.

Note: I did it a second time and then the door did not open.  If you have this problem, exit the app, reboot your device, then try again.

100 Floors Escape Level 61 Walkthrough:
Flower pots

100 Floors Escape Level 61 Solution:
Look at the ceiling for a hint of the order.  On the left there is 1 pearl hanging, next to it 2, then 3, etc,

So tilt your device so that the center flowery thing goes all the way to the left.
Adjust the colors of the top and bottom flower to match the colors of the flower on the floor.
Now make the center thingy goes 1 flower to the right.
The colors of the flowers on the floor will change.
Adjust the 2 flowers at the thingy to this new colors.
Repeat for all the flowers.
If all are correct, the flowers will disappear and the door will open.

That is it for now!  More coming soon.

Hope sooner rather than later!

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  1. Thank you for the hints. The puzzles are so easy after reading your walkthrough. ha ha ha. I should think and try a bit more before searching for help.