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100 Doors Runaway Level 26 to 30 Walkthrough

100 Doors Runaway Walkthrough level 26 to 30
100 Doors Runaway Solution level 26 to 30

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The complete solution with detailed explanations on how to solve all the puzzles from 
100 Doors Runaway.

100 Doors Runaway Level 26 Walkthrough:
Bushmen paintings

100 Doors Runaway Door 26 Solution:
There are 5 shapes above the door.
Look at the footsteps hints on the floor...
Count the legs on each to use for the code:

Man: 2
Buck: 4
Flamingo: 2
Spider: 8
Snake: 0

Use the code 24280 to solve level 26

100 Doors Runaway Level 27 Walkthrough:
Target 1 2 12

100 Doors Runaway Door 27 Solution:
Take a ring from the top "target" and put it on the right shelf.

At the number 1's should be the rings with 2 circles.
At the number 2's should be the rings with 3 circles
The shelves above number 2's should have the rings with 4 circles.
The very top shelf should have the ring with 5 circles


100 Doors Runaway Level 28 Walkthrough:
Password Door

100 Doors Runaway Door 28 Solution:
Tap all the white blocks and remember the letters.
You will need to type out the word "Password".
See r below screen print where my "p-a-s-s-w-o-r-d" letters are located.  Not sure if the location is random or fixed.
Notice there are 2x letter "s" as you will need to type it twice.

Now, start and type P-A-S-S-W-O-R-D.  If you make a mistake, start over.

100 Doors Runaway Level 29 Walkthrough:
2 blue balls in pipes

100 Doors Runaway Door 29 Solution:
Look at the dots on the door.
This shows you the order in which you need to hit the red buttons with the blue balls.
Use the indent on the right to get the blue ball in there where you need only one side button to be pressed.

1. Both buttons at the bottom
2. Both buttons at the top
3. Left button at the top (Balls go down half way, right ball into indent, then right ball can go up alone)
4. Right ball at the bottom (Right ball will reach the button first)

Door will open and level 29 is solved!

100 Doors Runaway Level 30 Walkthrough:
3 Spears and a cutting disk

100 Doors Runaway Door 30 Solution:
Tap the cutting disk a couple of times so that it spins very fast.  You will hear a beep when you tap the disk and it goes fast enough.
Now drag the disk up to cut the spears.
Wait for the disk to stop spinning.
Press the green button to open the door.

Level 30 solved!

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