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100 Door Codes Level 11 to 20 Walkthrough

100 Door Codes Walkthrough 
Level 11 to 20

100 Door Codes Solutions

Here is the full walkthrough with solutions, answers, tips, tricks, cheats, and guides for 100 Door Codes.
Answers include full detailed explanations of the solution.

100 Door Codes level 11 Walkthrough
100 Door Codes - code 11 Solution
Above the door are Roman Numerals in the shape of the word "ROMAN"

Behind the R is a I = 1
The O consist of II = 2
The M has the VI = 6
The A is an upside-down V = 5
The N = IV = 4

Use the keypad with code 12654 and you will solve level 11.

100 Door Codes level 12 Walkthrough
Shapes and numbers

100 Door Codes - code 12 Solution
Find the correct shapes that will fit above the door and notice the numbers in the shape.
1. Hexagon = 8
2. half-moon = 0
3. Circle = 7
4. Plus = 2
5. 5-legged shape = 4

Use the keypad and solve code 12 with the code 80724

100 Door Codes level 13 Walkthrough
The Library

100 Door Codes - code 13 Solution
Look at the pile of books on the floor.  This is the color order.
Count the books of the same color in this order: Yellow, lime green, blue/green, dark red

Yellow: 9
Lime Green: 5
Bluegreen: 6
Dark Red: 8

100 Door Codes level 14 Walkthrough

100 Door Codes - code 14 Solution
The letter JASOND with the hint of the calendar would be July August September October November and December.  The ON is red, so ignore them.

Now you have July, August, September, and December.
These are months 7, 8, 9 and 12. 
So use the keypad and win with 78912

100 Door Codes level 15 Walkthrough
Four Seasons

100 Door Codes - code 15 Solution
On the door it shows you the sequence.  Count the same type of objects in this same order:

Flowers - 3 purple flowers.

Leaves: 5 brown leaves.
Rain: 6 rain drops.
Clouds: zero clouds.

Use the keypad and solve level 15 with the code: 3 5 6 0

100 Door Codes level 16 Walkthrough
Follow the green line

100 Door Codes - code 16 Solution
The green line is going through a normal keyboard's keypad.
The dots are on top of certain numbers.
Follow the green line and look where the dots are to get the answer.

Use the keypad and solve level 16 with the code:2 6 8 5 1

100 Door Codes level 17 Walkthrough

100 Door Codes - code 17 Solution
The letters FATIDOMILA comes out of Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do.
This is the musical tones.  The door looks like the guitar frets.

With Do = 1, Re = 2, Me = 3, Fa = 4, So = 5, La = 6, Ti = 7

FA = 4
TI = 7
DO = 1
MI = 3
LA = 6

Use the keypad and solve level 17 with the code 47136

100 Door Codes level 18 Walkthrough
Go Fish

100 Door Codes - code 18 Solution
Look at the hint on the reef:  A big fish eating a smaller fish eating a smaller fish eating a smaller fish eating a pellet.

To solve level 18 you need to count the large fish, the medium fish, the small fish, and the pellets.
The room is very busy with many fish, rocks, pellets, et al.

Ah, you only need to count the fish facing UP, as per the hint on the reef.

Large fish: only 1.
Medium fish: 2
Small fish: 2
Pellets 8

Use the keypad and solve level 18 with the code 1228

100 Door Codes level 19 Walkthrough

Silver Exclamation Mark

100 Door Codes - code 19 Solution
Look at the shapes on and around the door.  Then also look at the hint of the number 1 to 9 then 0 below the door.
Hint:Look at the numbers on the keyboard (with SHIFT)
The numbers below the door hints to the order - small to big, with zero last.
Press the right numbers from small to big that will make ! ( ) ^

Answer: 1690

100 Door Codes level 20 Walkthrough
Food and snacks

100 Door Codes - code 20 Solution
The hint on the door is a T-Bone piece of meat.
To win, type the numbers of the food pictures that contains meat:

1. Bacon
5. Chicken
8. Hamburger
4. Sushi

The order is from high to low.  Could not figure out why.  
There is the word "alpha" but this means first?

Correct answer to solve level 20 will be 8541

Well done!
All the levels of 100DoorCodes solved.
Hope for more levels soon!

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