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Floors Escape Walkthrough Level 1 to 4

Walkthrough for Floors Escape
Level 1 to 4

Answers solutions, tips, hints, and cheats on how to solve Floors Escape.
Full explanation to all the puzzles

Floors Escape Level 1 Walkthrough:
TV room

Floors Escape Floor 1 Solution:
Tap the white panel top left corner so that it slides to the right.
Take the crowbar from inside.
Use the crowbar to remove the cover above the lift buttons.

Zoom in on the TV
Switch the TV on - bottom left button.
Look at the circles on the screen.  Remember the colors in the same order:

Zoom back out.
Zoom in on the code panel (you removed the cover with the crowbar)
Adjust the colors as per the TV:
Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green

The door will open.
Tap the door and you go to level 2.

Floors Escape Level 2 Walkthrough:
Painting room

Floors Escape Floor 2 Solution:
Zoom in on the top-right corner of the table.
Take the ring that is stuck with bubblegum to the table.
You will see a Blue 8.  Remember it.

Zoom out.
Zoom in on the front right corner of the table.
You will see a Yellow 6.  Remember it.

Zoom in on the box on the table.
Use the ring on the handle.
Pull the handle.
Take the brass key.
Notice the White 7.  Remember it.

Zoom in on the flowers.
Notice the Red 3.  Remember it.

Zoom in below the paining on the key hole.
Use the brass key on the hole to open the painting safe.

Adjust the numbers as you had to remember:
White 7
Blue 8
Yellow 6
Red 3

The safe will open and you get another key.

Zoom in on the lift buttons.
Use the new key to open.
Door will open and level 2 is solved.

Floors Escape Level 3 Walkthrough:
The workshop

Floors Escape Floor 3 Solution:

See the Red 3 above the elevator.

Zoom in on the ladder.
Take the hammer.
Climb the ladder to the top.
Use the hammer on the vent.
Enter the vent.
You see Red 1. 
Take the black cable.

Climb down.

Zoom in on the table with the power tools.
Move the table saw.  You will see White 0.

Zoom out.
Zoom in on the green planer machine.
Turn the rotary handle and you will see Green 5.

Zoom in on the red toolboxes.
Zoom in on the keypad.

Tap the numbers so they change to the correct color.
From the clues above:
Number 1 must be red
Number 3 must be red
Number 5 must be green
Number 0 must be white

The drawer will open and you can take the screwdriver.

Zoom out then zoom in on the elevator button.
Use the screwdriver to remove the 4 corner screws.
Use the black cable to fix the broken cable.

Zoom out and tap the door to solve level 3.

Floors Escape Level 4 Walkthrough:
The vending machine

Floors Escape Floor 4 Solution:
Zoom in on the black couch on the left.
Take the battery in the center between the cushions.

Zoom in on the coffee table.
Take the remote from under the table.
Use the battery on the remote.

Use the remote on the TV.
The TV will switch on and you see the colors Blue, Yellow, White, Red.

Zoom in under the couch on the right.
Take the $ coin. 

Zoom in on the coin slot on the vending machine (top right)
Insert the coin in the coin slot.
Adjust the colors to be that of the TV: from top to bottom - blue, yellow, white, red

Take the bottle with the message.

Zoom in on the top of the vending machine and take the corkscrew.  
Use the corkscrew on the bottle to get the message out.
Look at the message:  3945

Tap the elevator button
Exit with the code 3945

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