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Escape Multiple Rooms

I got my Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500. Very nice device.
One of the first games I played on it was "Escape Multi Door Rooms"

I really enjoyed solving the puzzles, although most of them are very basic. Only 2 or 3 tricky doors to open. To dow

nload the game for the Android, go to "Play Shop" and search for "Escape Multi Door Rooms". Some people are complaining that the app is not working on some phones, due to the adds covering important parts of the screen. It worked fine on my galaxy tab.
The game starts very simple. Just open the door. From the second room on you need to search a bit and start solving puzzles to get to the next room. A lot of people get stuck in the room where the roman numerals are. They open the combination with brute-force hacking...

If you need help, here is a full walkthrough, also explaining how to crack the codes. I suggest you first try on your own, before reading below!

Just click on the door
Open the drawer and get the key. Use key on door.
Get remote to the left of the door. Use remote on black box on top of door. Open door.
Open drawer. Look in back of drawer. Get key. Use key on door.
Take red book. Open book. Get green pencil out of book (in binding). Go to last page and get key. Use key on door.

Use remote on black screen. Now you need to enter the code and press the red button. Code is 630. How did I figure out this code? Easy. Open the book to the page with the roman maths that does not make sense. Use this in conjunction with the roman numerics on the screen next to the door. The first math sum in the book = "III - V = 9". Well, look at the picture next to the door and take away the dash between the "III and V". The dashes that are left behind makes a 9. Likewise, the second sum "(I -III) + (IV - VI) = 2" --> Take away the dash between the I and III and also between the IV and VI and the remainder is the number 2.

Now, the answer the the combination is the bottom box in the book with the 3 question marks. 6,3,0. Press the red button and open the door!

Room7: This is the room with the double doors. You solve this by reading the book on the page with the down arrow and the 2 columns with - and /-. Start with both doors closed. Open left, open right, close right, open right, close left, close right.

Room8: Open drawer and get paper. Look at paper then use pencil on paper. You will notice the shape of the 3 keys you have. Each key has a number on. So the answer is 563. Use this combination and tap the red button. Open door.

Room9: On the floor close to the door your will find a key. Use key on door.

Room 10 -> The last room: Open drawer and take paper. Use pencil on paper. Again the shape of 3 of the keys. First one is 5 but also the letter "s". Second one is 4, but upside down so it is "h". Third one is 6 but also upside down = 9 ??? Not sure if this is a mistake? I think it should have been the "3" key, upside down = "E". Combination is she. Please help me if you solved this one differently?