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Artist Room Escape Walkthrough

Artist Room Escape Walkthrough

from 123Bee.com

Artist Room Escape Solutions!

Artist Room Escape is a typical room escape game.  Nice graphics, well thought out puzzles that are not too difficult.  A very enjoyable game.   You can play it for free on 123bee.com
Here is the solution, tips, hints, cheats, and full guide on how to solve the Artist Room Escape.

You begin in the lounge:

One of the cupboards (lower right) you can open and take the film from inside.

Go left to the Art Studio:

Zoom in on the Easel and take it.
There are 2 drawers in the studio.
Zoom in on the drawers then open.  Take the chart from the one drawer and stand from the other.

Go back right to where you started.
Go right into the study:

Zoom in on the book shelf and take the red box.
Another part of the shelf is a red book you can take.
Another part of the shelf is red sellotape you need to take.

Open the red book and turn some pages.  You will find a silver key inside.
Zoom in on the red box and use the silver key to unlock.
Take the blade from the red box.

Enter the bathroom through the door:

Take the blue torch at the wash basin.

In your inventory, zoom in on the easel stand.
Use the chart on the stand.
Use the sellotape on the chart
Add the stand to the easel - middle top of it.  
(If it is not working, zoom out then click the easel again and retry)
Add the film to the stand.
Secure the film by clicking the top clip where it connects.
Use the torch on the film

Click the torch to switch on.

You will see code R:NO 1567

Go to the Lounge and open the combination locked cabinet with the code 1567.

From the cabinet, take the gold key, pencil, and cutter.

Use the gold key to open the lower cupboard.
Take the keyboard.
Zoom in on the pencil in your inventory.  Use the cutter to sharpen it.

Go back to the bathroom.
Click under the wall next to the dustbin.
Use the pencil to get the next code:

The password is MIND.

Go back to the study.
Zoom in on the screen.

Use the keyboard with the screen.
Password is MIND.
Click on the folder lower left of the monitor.
You get the next code:  360

Go back to the bathroom.
Use the code 360 on the bathroom cupboard.
Take the flower vase from inside the cupboard.
Zoom in on the vase in your inventory.
Click the vase to throw the flowers out.
Take the red handle.
Use the handle on the screwdriver point.

Zoom in on the locker on the wall.
Use the screwdriver to remove the screws.
Take the chart from the locker.
Open the chart in your inventory.
Roll it open and you will see the code 3678:

Go back to the lounge.
Zoom in on the front door.
Use the code 3678 to escape!

Well done!  You have escaped the artist studio!

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