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Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Walkthrough

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Walkthrough
Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Solution

The full step-by-step walkthrough solution to solve Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded (previously called Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, or Larry 1 for short).  Tips, hints, and all the help you need to solve all Larry's problems!

If you need help with the age verification test, visit this page for the answers.

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Walkthrough starts here:

You begin in the taxi in front of Lefty's Bar and Hotel.

Exit the cab, then enter the bar door.

Sit down on the only available bar stool.
Speak to the barmen and order beer then whiskey.
Enter the door to the left of the bar counter.

Give the whiskey to the drunk man on the floor.
He will give you a coaster.
Take the rose on top of the beer drum.

Open you inventory.
Flip the coaster over (use the hand icon on it) to see the code 7-24-46

Enter the "Little John" room on the right.

Take the ring from the sink.
You can read some graffiti on the wall, but unlike the original version...
Open the left tap (warm water) to steam up the mirror.

See the "Ken sent me" password in the mirror!  You will have a note in your inventory with the words "ken sent me" so no need to grab or remember the password!

Exit the bathroom.
Walk down back to the bar.

Enter the red door on the right.
When asked for the password, hand over the "ken sent me" note.

Take the TV remote.
Use the coaster-with-the-code to open the safe top right corner.
Take a battery-operated-personal-massage-device from the safe.

Open the battery-operated-device on your inventory and take the batteries out.  You need to try about 4 times before it will eventually open.
Use the batteries in the remote.

Use the remote on the TV.
Change the channels by using the remote on the TV until Prodigious P find interest in the program.

Go up stairs.

Take the candy on the lower right table.
Talk to the nun/hooker.
Open the window and climb out.

Walk left so you fall into the dumpster.
You will get a good hammer from the dump.
Walk left to the front of Lefty's

You need to buy an apple for $1 from this man:
He can appear anywhere where you wait for the taxi.  When you see him, buy the apple.

Call a taxi (use the Taxi sign on the post)
Enter the taxi.

Go to Caesar's Phallus.
When you arrive, use your wallet on the driver to pay him.
Enter the Phallus.

You need to play and win Black Jack.  Good idea to save first so you can reload and try again.
Play at the machine on your left, next to the lady.

Play a few rounds, and break the bank.  (Get more than $10 000).  Exit the machine.
Walk up to the lifts.

Take the piece of paper from the trash bin.  It is a membership card.

Walk left to the buffet.

Clean up all 12 blobs of spilled food.  Use you hand on them.
(If you see the message "the fixture is not part of the free buffet" when clicking on the blobs...  I think this is a bug.  Exit the game, and restore to a save game and try again You need to see "Congratulations! You found a sample ..."
Once you complete this task you will get a bottle of Hot Sauce.

Exit the buffet, then go right into the Cabaret room.

If the room does not look like this one, then I think it is because you have not bought the apple yet.
Go outside of the Phallus.  If the apple-man is not there, walk right to the next scene.  Then go back to Phallus.  Keep trying until you have the apple.

Take the tank of helium from the table.

Go out of the Cabaret.
Take the elevator to the 7th floor.

Take the coveralls out of the bushes.
Use the hand on the coveralls to get the golden key.  If you find nothing, then you have missed something above....  I think you first need the helium before you will get the key.

Go out.
Walk right to "Weddin' Ready".

Take a jasmine blossom from the bush.

Call the taxi.
Go to Come N Go
Pay the driver.

Enter Come N Go

Take a magazine and box wine.
Click on the sign under the shop owner to buy a condom.
You can answer any of the questions about the size, flavor, etc.
Use your wallet on the shop keeper to pay.

Exit Come N Go.

This man will arrive:

Give him the box of wine:

He will drink all of it...
And give you a pocket knife.

Go to Club 69.  A shortcut... just walk right.

Give your Club 69 Card to the bouncer at the door.

Talk to the lady on the right in blue.

Introduce yourself.
Learn her name. "Fawn"
Learn more about her.
Lets leave
Gotta run... have things to find.

Give her a rose.
Give her the candy.
Give her the ring.
If you did it right... she will dance with you.

She will tell you she needs $200, so
Give your wallet to her...

Exit, then take the taxi to the Weddin Ready, next to Caesar's
Enter the church.

Give your wallet to her so she can pay the $100 for the certificate.
Once the ceremony is over...

Go out and left.  Enter Caesar's Phallus.
Take the lift to the 4th floor.
Enter the honeymoon suite on the right.  The 4 in hearts.

If she tells you there is a problem with your breath, use the Lipsterine on yourself.

Tune the radio until hear the station and not static.
You will get an advert for wine.

Go out, down the lift and out of Caesar's
Take a taxi to Come-and-Go
Pay the driver.
Use the phone outside of Come-and-Go

Phone 555 8039 as per the advert.
Call the taxi and go back to the honeymoon suite in Caesar's (4th floor)
(Remember to pay the driver)

Take the wine

Talk to Fawn.
(Use the spray if necessary)
After some rumbling...

Use the pocket knife to cut the ropes.
Take some bungee cord.
Combine 2 (not 3!) pieces of bungee cord together.

Exit the room and take the lift to the second floor.

Enter the private room, using the golden key.
It will take you to the swimming pool.

Talk to the lady.
Her name is Jasmine.
After you talked for a while you will learn she needs new perfume... something fresh.
Exit the conversation

Exit the pool area and come back in, using the key.

Now you will be with he whale.

Take a squib from the basket.
Use the hot sauce on the whale
(Do not try this at home!)

Take the ambergris from the water.
Put the jasmine flower into the bottle.
Put the ambergris into the bottle.

Go out and down to the 1st floor.  Enter the Casino and win some money with Black Jack. Remember to save frequently.  IF you forgot to save and lost all your money, try going outside to get a bit of cash from a passer by.

You start with $5 (Yes, that's all Fawn left you with!)
I played until I had $600.  Should be enough...

Go out and take a taxi to Lefty's
Sit on the stool and order a vodka.
Add the vodka to the perfume bottle.

Go right (using Ken Sent Me) and go upstairs.
(If you do not see "Ken Sent Me" in your inventory, then combine 2 bungee pieces and/or make the perfume in the bottle with the jasmine and ambergris to make more space in your inventory..

Use the hand on yourself to strip.
Use it again to take off the rest of your clothes.

Use the condom on yourself.
Click on the nun / hooker.

Click on yourself to remove the condom.  (If you forget this step, the police will chase you later...)
Click on your clothes to put it back on.
Use the hand to open the window.
Attach the short bungee cord to the fire escape on the right.
This cord:

Click on yourself to secure the other end to Larry.
Use the hammer on the window at the bottom right...

(If you tied all 3 pieces of bungee cord, it will be too long.
When you return to the game, use the hand icon in your inventory on the bungee cord to make it 3 pieces again, then tie only 2 together)

If you did it correctly, you will have a bottle of "Spanish fly"

Walk left so you fall off in the dump.  Then walk around and call a taxi.
Go to Caesar's

You need to find the cat.
If the cat is not here, go right.  If still not there go left... If after 5 tries the cat is gone... then you have missed something above?  Get the Spanish Fly pills?  Do you have the vodka?

Give the squib to the cat.
You will then extract some cat gland fluid.
Add the civet into the bottle.
Now the bottle of perfume is ready!  Eau'de Larry

Enter the Phallus, go to the 2nd floor, and open the Private Room with the golden key.
Give the bottle to Jasmine.
After she chase you away, go back in.

The locker will be open.
Take the latex repair kit from the locker.

Enter the lift and go to the top floor (8).

Give the Spanish Fly pills to the security guard.
Press the right red button to open the elevator.
Take the elevator to the penthouse.

Walk around the left top left to enter the bedroom.

Open the closet door.  You will get a doll.
Fix the doll using the latex repair kit.

Go out.
Enter the sliding door on the right.

Inflate the doll with helium.

Squeeze her a bit and then exit so the wind can take you off..

Talk to the lady. Her name is Eve.
Introduce yourself.
Talk about clothing.
Remind her of your spectacular entrance
"It's like bathing in bubbly"
Keep going until you hear "Why don't you slip into this water..."
Then exit the conversation and click yourself to strip off (do it again) and jump in...

Give Eve the apple.

Congratulations on winning Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded.
Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough!


  1. FANTASTIC! The first proper Leisure Suit Larry Walkthrough. The other youtube videos was useless because they hide a lot of important detail. This one worked for me. Thank you. I hope this company will bring out new versions for the rest of the Larry series!

  2. If you don't want to gamble for cash all the time, go to C:/user/yourprofile/AppData/LocalL­ow/N_Fusion Interactive/LSLR and edit the xml file for a saved game. Look for "TotalMoney" on line 10 (or there abouts) and edit it to varInt="9999" for $9999 dollars.

    1. Thank you Daniel Gibson for that hack! Can be very useful for the bad gamblers out there. :-)

    2. I just went all in on every bet and saved when I won or loaded the previous save when i lost.

    3. where is this file located? I've searched
      for it with no results.
      thank you

    4. If you are logged in with the account MyUser, then the path will be: C:\Users\MyUser\AppData\LocalLow\N_Fusion Interactive\LSLR

      Note: The "AppData" folder is a hidden folder.
      You need to save your game, then each save game file will be in this folder.

    5. i just used cheat engine was really easy


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  3. Nice game enjoyed the bad humour :D

  4. tnx for the walkthru.

  5. You can btw turn off the bubbles! Just humiliate the handle for 50 times or so. :p

    1. Thank you for this "Easter egg". I have tried it and it worked! lol. :-)

    2. How do you turn the handle? When I use the hand icon, it thinks I'm pressing on the floor of the patio.

  6. awesome wt.tnx alot.

  7. Great! Thanks!

  8. Thanks for putting this together. Got stuck a couple of times. I noticed the "Easter egg" as well. Are there any others? Larry 7 was full of them.

  9. I have come here to kick ass and chew bubblegum but i forgot my bubblegums were actually birth control pills.*drum roll*

  10. Easier way to win a lot of money - min bet every time, and split whenever you can. Don't worry about the first hand, focus on the second. After the dealer flips their cards, you can see whether your second hand won - when it tells you if the first hand won or lost, the game lets you adjust the bet for the second hand.

    If your second hand won, before you press a button for it to tell you you won, max out the bet, then press for the results to process. Surefire way to double-up every time you split and win the second hand. Afterwards just reduce back down to minbet and repeat.

  11. How do you sit at the bar. Having trouble

    1. Use the hand symbol on the empty bar stool.

  12. What is the squib and how to give it to the cat, please help im stuck

    1. The squib you get from the basket next to the whale. The basket will be ready after you talked to Jasmine at the swimming pool, but first you need to exit the pool area and come back... the whale will be there and the basket on the left.
      Once you have the squib, you need to walk around outside until you find the cat. I found it in front of Caesar's.

  13. Where do you get the rose ?! And if you have given it to wrong person does that mean the game cant be completed?

    1. You get the rose from the table next to the drunk, in Lefty's Bar. You need to give the rose to Fawn. I could not give it to another person? If you did, then go look if it is maybe back on the table? Otherwise, restore to a previous saved game.

    2. The rose it at the back of Lefty's (where the drunk lies next to gents' room)

  14. how can i throw away volka.. ?? plz

    1. You need 1 vodka to make the perfume. If you ordered more and drank it? Well, then just walk around until you are sober again!

  15. I can't find Golden key.. help me plz.. :-(

    1. The golden key is inside the overalls you get in the hotel. But, you can only get the key when you have completed other tasks. Read the walkthrough from the top and ensure you have completed everything, then use the hand icon on the white overalls to get the key.

    2. thz for reply.. I've complete all other tasks.. i already take the white overall .. but i don't hv golden key.. I'd checked 3 times and all i see was that plants.. plz help..

    3. Oh my. The key is inside the overalls. Open your inventory and use the hand icon on the overalls... If you do not get the key, then you are missing a task. Hope you find it!

    4. I had the same problem, no key to be found. Stepped outside and gave the coveralls to the apple seller. He then found the key and gave it to me.

    5. Thank you for that help to get the key. Glad that it worked!

  16. I miss when the Leisure Suit Larry games used to take days to completion... *sigh* the best one will always be Love for Sail!

    1. Yes! I loved L4S!!! It was my intro to LSL, and I still enjoy playing it when ever I can find a computer compatible. Wish I could get that game in app form. I'd make everyone I know so annoyed by constantly wanting to show them something funny or listen to the horribly wonderful jokes!

  17. I saw some bad reviews of this game and really...! It's great, with nice graphic and still funny as hell... Should only be longer *hehe* Hugs to everyone! (Same person that just commented)

  18. I was amazed when i read crappy reviews of this game. I bought it anyway for ios mainly for nostalgic reason thinking I wouldnt really play it very often cuz of the bad reviews. Whoever is giving this game a bad review either has never played any of the original sierra games or any point and click adverntures from the 90's, or they just don't enjoy a good raunchy adventure game. Thanks to everyone that supported this game to make this revamp a reality, hope they make them all

  19. A more interesting way to get the key - Take the overalls from the planter but do not use the hand icon on them. Take the elevator down and exit the casino. When you see Tim (the guy wearing the barrel) give the overalls to him. He will give the key to you plus the apple for FREE.

    1. Thank you for that comment. Seems like a couple of the puzzles in LL have more than one solution.

  20. An alternate solution which saves you $20 in the bargain - Do not buy the box of wine at the Stop N Go store; do not give it to the bum; do not get the French army knife from him. When you are tied to the bed in the honeymoon suite the game code allows you to bite through the bungee cords but only if you do have the knife in your possession at the time.

  21. At the last scene, if you keep turning the valve, the bubbles will disappear in the hot tub giving you a nice view. ;)

    1. You need to turn the valve exactly 10 times. (To receive an amusing comment from the game try turning the valve an 11th time.)

    2. How do you turn the valve? Every time I use the hand icon, it thinks I'm pressing on the deck.

  22. HAHAHA "Squeeze her a bit and then exit so the wind can take you off.." that part I like the most :D sweet game

  23. how can you enter the red door (in the bar), it said nobody behind the door at the moment

    1. Hi Ari. I am not sure but suspect you first need to complete another task before you can enter the red door. Follow the guide and see if that helps. Many things in this game are dependent on previous actions. Maybe you first need to get the rose. Or first give the whiskey to the drunk...

  24. I attached 3 bungee chords before reading this walkthrough, is there a way to separate them again?

    1. Yes, in your inventory, use the hand icon on the bungee cord to separate them! (I also first combined all 3!)

  25. Thanks for your help. It was very thorough.

  26. How do i open the window?

    1. Use the hand icon on the window?

  27. Replies
    1. Use the hand icon on a part of the doll that you love most

  28. Thanks for the through walk thru. II was pleasantly surprised to find that there are a few changes from the original. BTW I still have the original 3 1/4 floppy with the game on it from when it first was released.

    1. WOW. The original was an amazing game, quite ahead of its time. Fantastic to still have those "museum pieces" and also amazing that a game like that could fit on a 3 1/4 floppy! Today, a simple NotePad message will be almost too big... The trick today is to find a drive that is connected to a PC that can still read those 3 1/4 floppies! :-)

  29. He means 5 1/4" floppies (originals). Unless there was also a package with 3 1/2" (small) floppies. There are no such things as 3 1/4" floppies, unless .... they are the Missing Floppies of Larry 4!

  30. Hi I can't pay the taxi driver with a wallet. Did I miss something?

    1. You have to use the wallet on the taxi driver. Not sure what you are doing wrong, but this was an easy action?

    2. You need to have cash in the wallet aswell...if you´re broke, you cant pay.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Hi. Can anyone help me out with the squib.? When i use the hand on the basket, the narration just says that i don't any squib right now..

  33. I can't attach the bungee cord to Larry. After I attach it to the balcony the icon changes to the eye. How do I attach both ends?

  34. play 21 at caesers bet everything you have then save deal cards if you win repeat if you lose load game

  35. What's the magazine you're supposed to collect from the store for? Couldn't figure it out in the first version; still don't know.

    1. it gives hints about the bungee thing and the perfume recipe

  36. Onde fica a flor de jasmim do mato ?
    Desde já agradeço.

  37. you forgot to add at the end to turn the valve on the hotub (mwahahaha) XD

  38. Help plez! Ive dobr everything that im supposed to but i cannot find/obtain the pass that should be in the ash tray. Whay gives?

    1. What pass? What ash tray? I completed the game and do not recall using either.

    2. I cannot gain access to the cabaret or the buffet and i have done all that is needed. Is thus a glitch? I cannot make the perfume until i gain access.

    3. I think this will only happen if you missed something important... Most of the game is event-driven... Read this walkthrough top to bottom and make sure you did not missed something! If that fails, then it is probably a glitch. grrr.

  39. Thank you very much for posting this. It was very helpful. Was really nice playing a modernized classic like this. Always loved the originals.

  40. Thanks for your help! Back in the eighties my personal network helped, nowadays we have the internet community.
    I gained 41,000 out of 50.000 points. Obviousliy, I missed some of the sinistre jokes :)

    I enjoyed the reloaded game so much. Almost as much as back in the eighties. Great project, doing this as app, I'm waiting for more of the old stuff.

  41. OMG LARRY! lol I loved it, one of the oldest series called Leisure Suit Larry "something" Sail (don't remember the correct name). was awesome, had no idea there were other series too, love games like LSL and games like Freezeria :)

  42. Coaster combo not working! ! Please help!!

    1. Did you flip the coaster so that you can see the code? Then only can you use it on the safe.

    2. Hi, I saw some people complaining on the google play store that the coaster flipping is buggy on certain android devices.

  43. Awesome. Thanks

  44. another Easter egg I didn't see mentioned was, when in inventory mode, using the hand to search the wallet. It will find a business card with a long distance number. If you go to the pay phone which I believe is outside the liquor store, you can dial the number. You'll score extra points! Do it at the same time you call to order the wine!

  45. another Easter egg, in addition to the one above, is have sex with the hooker again, but without a condom and wait and see what happens . . . .

  46. Call this number 555-6969 for extra points.

  47. were can i get the full version? play store only have demo

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