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Swift Adventure Walkthrough

Swift Adventure Walkthrough

Swift Adventure Solution

An adventure game by MPI Games
From the makers of 100 Doors and 100 Missions.

This is an "escape the room" type of game in which you must find your way out of a location.  
Figure out clues and use items to escape.
If you like fun yet challenging puzzles, then this is the game for you.

For this walkthrough I am playing Swift Adventure on my 
Android based Samsung Galaxy P7500 Tablet.
Screenshots and specifics could differ on other platforms or devices.

Solution, answers, hints, tips, guide, cheats.
If you are stuck, I will assist.

When you belong to the underworld of illegal street racing...
No room for mistakes, no turning back!

It all starts in some shady parking lot in Mexico...

OK.  You begin in the parking lot.  You can see a red, yellow, and blue car.

Walk around the parking lot.  
On the fence you will find a list of cars in the parking lot. Take it.
In your inventory, double tap the list to get a pair of paper clips (stapled).
Double-tap the paper clips to create an infamous lock picking tool.

Go back to the start area.

Look at the blue sign on the wall.  Esteban's Worlkshop.
You can see part of the telephone number: +52-744-33

Open the door and enter.
Some kind of warehouse.
Use the paperclip-lock-picking-tool to open the brown crate in front of you.
Look inside:

You can only take 1 car-key at a time.  Take the black keys.

Zoom out twice.

Go right.
Look at the list on the white paper on the wall on your right. Take the list.
Pick up the remainder of the blue sign.  
Exit the warehouse and use the remainder of the sign 
on the other part on the wall. 
Now you have the full number: +52-744-33-17-68

Go back in to the room where you find the part of the sign.
Then enter the office door in front of you.

Take the list on the white paper on the wall.  Looks like a birthday list.

Zoom in on the monitor - a CCTV display.  Tap the bottom middle part to make it black.

Zoom in on the desk.
Take the massive key from a huge lock.

Use the phone to dial Esteban:  52744331768.  
Read the conversation.  
Important point is the path to the reception is now cleared.

Exit the office.
Go to the entrance of the warehouse and then go left.
Use the massive key to unlock the door.
Enter the door.

Zoom in on the table and look under the paper for a plastic key.  Take it.
Use the plastic key on the door in front of you.

Take the screwdriver from the crates.
Open the door in front of you.

Pick up the tires and use on the car.  You need to use all 4 - 
you can tap the wall next to the car to get to the other side.

Tap the green button on the wall to open the door.  
(Will only work if you have nothing in your hands)

Go all the way out back to the parking lot.

Go right till you spot this red car:

Zoom in on the car and use the screwdriver to remove the license/number plate.
063 RBJ.  Right size for the black car...

Return to the black car and use the number plate on the car.
Use the black key you picked up from the trunk to open the door of the car.

Climb into the car...
and mission solved!

And that's how it all went down.  Another day ends well.  Another race in my pocket.

Hope you enjoyed my story, and we'll meet again soon!

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