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The CURSE levels 81, 82, 83, and 84

Here is the Walkthrough & Solutions with tips and tricks on how to solve The Curse puzzles 81, 82, 83, and also 84.

The Curse Puzzle 81 - Burn The Rope #6 - Hard
Once you find the right starting point, this puzzle becomes very easy.  I tried to "think" this one out and got it right, without using "brute force" trial and error.   There might be more than one solution, but this one will work:

The Curse Puzzle 82 - Lights Out #5 - Hard
These turn off the lights puzzles are getting very hard.  With a fixed number of turns available, it makes it extra difficult.  Here is the sequence to solve this one:

The Curse Puzzle 83 - Tangram #9 - Hard

This puzzle took my a while to solve, but one again, after I found a good place for the twin big blue triangles, the rest was rather easy to complete.

The Curse Puzzle 84 - Hamiltonian #5 - Hard

Not sure why this puzzle is called Hard!  Took my only a few seconds to resolve.  Here is one possible solution, not that you will need it!


THE CURSE Walkthrough for levels 78, 79, 80

THE CURSE Walkthrough for puzzles 78, 79, 80

The levels gets harder and harder to solve....

The Curse Solution for Puzzle 78: Circuit #5 - Hard
You need to connect all the colors, and also need to color in all the squares:

The Curse Solution for Puzzle 79: Sliding Blocks #8
Solution for Sliding Blocks #8

See the below sequence, a screen-print was taken every 3 to 5 moves.  This will help you solve this tricky sliding block puzzle!

And finally, the Mannequin block escape!

The Curse Solution for Puzzle 80: Bulbs #3

Tap the bulbs in the correct sequence to solve this level.
Tip: I numbers them from 1 to 8 and then wrote down the numbers as they light up.  Makes it a lot easier to solve, especially for the last one that is one loooong sequence of lights to remember!


The CURSE Walkthrough - Levels 74, 75, 76, 77

The CURSE walkthrough - Puzzle 74 - Button Gauge #3 - Hard
Illuminate all the lights at once!
In this level you need to light up all the lights at the same time.  This will need a lot of skill and a bit of luck to win.  My strategy:  Test each light and time how long they take to light up.  Notice that the longer it takes to light up, the longer it stays illuminated.  So it is easier to have move slow lights.  
Write down the times and then start practicing and getting your timing right.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1 go!

The CURSE walkthrough - Level 75 - Tangram #8 - Hard
A fairly easy tangram to resolve.  Hint: start with the 2 big triangles and the rest will be easy.  There is not a lot of places where the big triangles fit comfortable... most places have a bit too much of white-space sticking out, only a few snug-fit places for them...

Reconstruct the silhouette:

The CURSE walkthrough - Level 76 - Riddle #11 - Hard
What can you put in a crate that makes it weigh less?
The more you add, the lighter it becomes,
yet the crate always stays empty.

I first tried "space", and was looking for synonyms for nothingness... But eventually found the answer...


The CURSE Walkthrough - Level 77 - Draw the line #5 - Hard
Divide into pairs of red and yellow!
Here is one possible solution, there cannot be many more as this one took quite some time to figure out!

The Curse Walkthrough – Puzzles 70, 71, and 72

Here are the solutions, hints, tips, and tricks 
to solve THE CURSE levels 70, 71, and 72!

THE CURSE level 70: Magic Squares #2 – Hard
All directions must add up to 34
I do not know if there are other possibilities, but this one works out:

THE CURSE level 71: Sliding Blocks #7 – Hard
 This is a rather difficult sliding puzzle to solve!  See below screenshots.  I have taken a shot every 3 to 5 moves, but someone as clever as you should have no difficulty in solving this puzzle using the below screen-shot hints:

And finally, the Mannequin can slide to freedom!

 THE CURSE level 72: UnTangle #3 - Hard
Here you need to be quick and untangle before the time runs out.   My strategy was to start with one and then try to make a big circle, following the outer line to the next button. This will get you about a 60% solved solution.  Then spread the buttons out in the middle.  With a bit of luck you will only need to adjust one or 2 on the outside perimeter to solve with only a few seconds remaining.