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Bachelors Room Escape Walkthrough

Bachelors Room Escape Walkthrough

Bachelors Room Escape Solution.
Detailed walkthrough with screen-prints in an easy to follow guide.

Bcherlors Room Escape - 
Another room-escape game from 123Bee.com.

You can play Bachelors Room Escape here for free.

The 368th Escape Game from 123Bee.com
Oh no! 
unfortunately your friend locked you inside the bachelors room. 
Find a way to escape by using the clues and objects.

Here is the solution, answers, walkthrough, tips, tricks, cheats and 
all you need to solve this room-escape adventure. 

In my walkthrough I will make the objects that you collect in BOLD.
I have made this walkthrough on the Windows 7 PC version.

Your game starts in a typical lounge 

in a typical bachelors flat...

Zoom in on the coffee table and take the book - book1.
Zoom in on the couch and take the book - book2.  

Read book 1 by double-clicking it in your inventory:

You will see some hint of a red table and pink brush that needs to go with the telephone.  
The arrow shows from the table to the telephone.  (This is a code-hint!)

Go left (left of the stairs).

Here is the red table from the book hint.
Look at the table and count the dots on its leg : 9.  This is the first digit of the code!
Nothing else to do for now, so enter the door on your left.

We are now in the bachelor's kitchen.

Open the cupboard above the oven.  Take the pink brush.
Look at the pink brush.  

The arrow is pointing to the 6th brush point.  Might 6 be a clue?!   Yes, a part of the code!

Go left.

You are now in the bedroom.
Look at the Telephone.  
The question mark is over number 2.  
Another part of the code!

Go right 2 rooms and open the lock on the bottom left drawer 
with the combination 962 - as per the hint in book 1 
(table = 9, brush  = 6, telephone = 2)

Take the green screwdriver from the drawer.

Go back to the bedroom and use the screwdriver to open the locker on the left wall.

Take the gold key from the locker.

Go right 2 rooms and open the top left drawer by using the gold key.

Take the ruler from inside the drawer.
Look at the ruler - another code - 621!

(Zoom in on the 621 on the ruler.  You have to do this otherwise the code below will not work)

Go to the bedroom and open the secret compartment at the foot of the bed with the ruler code - 621.

Take the geometry box from the secret compartment.
Open the geometry box and take the eraser.

Open Book 2 and use the eraser on the blue scribbles.
Now you have another code: 131

Use code 131 on the blue cupboard next to the bed:

Take the access card

Go back to the start room (the lounge) and zoom in on the front door:

Use the access card on the card reader next to the door.

Congratulations!  You escaped the bachelors flat.
A Great Escape!

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