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100 Doors Runaway Walkthrough

100 Doors Runaway Walkthrough
100 Doors Runaway Solution

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The complete solution with detailed explanations on how to solve all the puzzles from 
100 Doors Runaway.

About 100 Doors Runaway
100 Doors Runaway is a room escape game.  You need to figure out what the puzzle is by studying the visuals in the room.  Then you need to find a method to solve the puzzle.  Once solved, the door will open and you continue to the next level. You might need to tap, tilt, swipe, drag, drop, shake, rotate, and think outside of the box to solve these clever puzzles!  If you are stuck, this walkthrough will give you the answers.


Level 1 to 10
Level 11 to 15
Level 16 to 20
Level 21 to 25
Level 26 to 30 
Level 31 to 35
Level 36 to 40

Level 41 to 50 <Under construction by the Developer>
Level 51 to 60 <Under construction by the Developer>
Level 61 to 70 <Under construction by the Developer>
Level 71 to 70 <Under construction by the Developer>
Level 81 to 80 <Under construction by the Developer>
Level 91 to 100 <Under construction by the Developer>

I will update these as soon as possible!
If you struggle with a level, you are welcome to post comments. Other adventures, puzzle solvers, magicians, mathematicians, intellects, and myself will do our best to assist!

I play these puzzle games on my Samsung Galaxy P7500.  The screen-prints and solutions might be slightly different on other devices.

I gave this room escape game a 5-star raring.  Most of the puzzles are fresh ideas and not copy-cat puzzles from other similar games.  Well done to the Developer.  Most of the puzzles can be solved by looking, thinking, applying some logic, then solving.  Some other room escape games rely on luck and illogical thinking.  The levels are well designed.  I am looking forward to more levels.  Maybe the levels can be 1 notch harder to solve. The first 40 levels took me less than 3 hours to solve.   :-)

Happy problem solving!


  1. Wow. Thank you for the Walkthrough. This "100 Doors Runaway" must be one of the best room escape games. The puzzles are mostly fresh ideas and not just a bunch of copy cats. Good fun to play.

  2. I have solved the first 40 levels. Bring on more levels! Tons of funs. Thank you for your walkthrough assistance.

    100 Doors Runaway is a cool game. If you do not have it, go fetch! It is free fun. What more do you need?

  3. Could really use your help on how to get through level 64. I have been doing really well up until now and now I'm stuck but I don't want to skip it by using the master key.