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100 Floors Escape Level 41 to 45 Walkthrough

100 Floors Escape Levels 41 to 45 Walkthrough

After a recent update, this game is now called:

The Floor Escape

100 Floors Escape Walkthrough
for levels 41 to 45

100 Floors Escape Solutions.
Tips, hints, answers, guide, cheats.  All you need.

Detailed answers with full explanation to the solution.
100 Floors Escape Level 41 Walkthrough:
6 faces
100 Floors Escape Floor 41 Solution:
There are 6 faces in the middle.  A sign next to each.
In the bottom centre you will find a hand that changes color as you tap it.
Tap the hand to be the same color as the background of a face.  Now tap the icon next to the face to be the same shape as the face's eyes.  Continue with the rest. 
The door will open once all eyes are correct.
In this screen print I have 5 correct and only need to do bottom right.
100 Floors Escape Level 42 Walkthrough:
Gold Silver Bronze
100 Floors Escape Floor 42 Solution:
 Shake your device and the trophies will drop to the floor.
Move the 3 boxes labelled 1 2 3 into the correct position.
The 1st position in the middle on the floor.
2nd on the left
3rd on the right.
If you drag and drop on the right position in the right order, then the box will "sit".
Now move Gold trophy to 1, silver to 2 and bronze to 3.
Door will open!
100 Floors Escape Level 43 Walkthrough:
 Brown haired man
100 Floors Escape Floor 43 Solution:
Shake your device and the man will laugh.
Pull the red lever on the left, then
quickly tap all the stars.
Door will open if you tapped them on time.
If you were too slow, shake again, then pull the lever and retry. 
100 Floors Escape Level 44 Walkthrough:
Fruit / Veggies
100 Floors Escape Floor 44 Solution:
 You need to be quick here!
Each time a fruit or veggie appears, tap all the shadows that matches the fruit.
A green light goes on if you are right.
Repeat 8 times to win.
If you are too slow or make a mistake, you will have to start over.
100 Floors Escape Level 45 Walkthrough:
 11 Arrow buttons
100 Floors Escape Floor 45 Solution:
This was a tricky level to solve.
Here is the solution.  Column from left-to-right will be A,B,C
Rows from top-to-bottom will be 1,2,3,4

A1, C3, C4,
B4, A2, B2
B3 (spiral)

The logic is that you follow the direction of the arrow.
I stripe means "jump one".  2 Stripes means "jump 2".
But go in a clock-wise spiral motion.

That is it for now!
More levels coming soon.


  1. I did. Its amazingly simple. A dash under the arrows means skip once, 2 dashes mean skip two times. No lines, its the next button in the direction that it is pointing.

    1) So press the button with the 2 dashes, right next to number 1
    2) then press the button that is in the 3rd column second row.
    3) press the button below it.
    4) skip 1, and press the button right below the spiral
    5) press the button right below the first button
    6) press the button right above the spiral and then press th spiral

    1. Wow. Thank you, Anonymous. I could not solve level 45. I had the right idea, but did not turn at the corners! Well done on finding the solution.

  2. To solve, you need to start with the top left image. tap it, then tap the 2nd image from top on the right side column. The first image shows 2 lines next to the arrow, meaning you need to jump 2 images, in the direction the arrow is pointing. continue as per each image instructions. After tapping your second image, tap the one immediately under, and so on.

  3. in the one with the trophies, I had a line going across the screen which yours doesn't have. there was a mark on this line that matched the missing part of the number 3 pedestal. nothing stuck anywhere

    1. Hi. You first need to shake your device so that the trophies fall to the floor.
      Then only can you move the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd boxes to their position.

    2. Thank you for that. Level 42 now working and solved.

    3. Thank you! My 100 Floors Escape Level 42 now also working.