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100 Safes Hints Level 1 to 10

100 Safes Hints for levels 1 to 10.

The first few levels are very easy and basic.  It will teach you some of the mechanics of 100 Safes.  You should not have much difficulty solving them!
For hints to the other levels... go here.

100 Safes level 1 hint:

In level 1, the answer is right at the top in big blue letters.  To solve this level:
1. Click on the safe
2. Enter 1234 on the keypad (use the mouse, or type 1234 on the keyboard)
3. When you are correct, notice the star turns green:

4. Click GO!
5. The safe will be open:

6. Click the gold in the safe to advance to the next level.

100 Safes level 2 hint:

There must be a light switch somewhere?
If you cannot find it, search for a dark red button in the top left area.  Click it and the light will go on.  You will then see the code.

100 Safes level 3 hint:

Get rid of the spider web!  (Tap the spider web... do not be afraid!)

100 Safes level 4 hint:

Rotate the 6 squares to see the hidden number.   If you struggle, then I will assist more... There are 2 numbers and the number on the right is a 6.

100 Safes level 5 hint:

This is a resistor.  You will solve this level by entering the ohm value for this resistor.
Here is a link to the Wiki article on the color coding for resistors.

In this level, you can ignore the gold band (the right-most color) as this is the tolerance of the resistor.
The 1st band is red.
The 2nd band is green.
The 3rd band is black - this black means multiple the value from the first 2 bands by 1.
So if you can figure out what red and green are, then you will have the code!

100 Safes level 6 hint:

There is a 4 digit code at the top.
Click on the dustbin to get a piece of paper with the code key.
Look at the purple lines of the code, these lines forms a box or part of a box around each number.  Match this pattern around each number with the code at the top...

100 Safes level 7 hint:

In level 7 you will see some music notes.
At the bottom is a hint:  Z = 26, Y = 25, etc.
The musical notes = C C G

100 Safes level 8 hint:

In level 8 you have some Roman Numerals written on a mirror.  There is a plus sign, so add them together...
Notice that they are a reflection in the mirror... :-)

100 Safes level 9 hint:

Here you have a light bulb and 5 switches.
Notice the number 12 in the bulb.
The binary for 12 would be 01100

100 Safes level 10 hint:

Set the time of the clock and the safe will open.
Look at your watch, or better, the time on the device where you are playing 100 safes!

For hints to the other levels... go here.

100 Safes

100 Safes is a free point-and-click room escape game with multiple "safes" or rooms where you need to solve puzzles to advance to the next level.  There are various puzzles: from mathematics, physics, logic, music, chess, geography,  you name it!  It will give you some very good puzzle- and problem solving exercise.

The android version on the Play Store can be found here.

If you are stuck in 100 safes and need some help, follow these links:

100 Safes Hints Level 91 to 100 - under construction

100 Safes was developed by Andre Maakal with the tool: Game Maker Studio.  

The artwork in the game was designed by Jemima Art Studio.

Here are some of the levels:


Genius House Escape Walkthrough

Genius House Escape Walkthrough - the full step-by-step walkthrough to help you solve this point-and-click room escape game.  Tips, tricks, help with detailed explanations provided.

About Genius House Escape:  The 513th escape game from 123bee.com. A brainy game for you guys. Just put you in the position that,you got trapped in a house which contains tricky mathematical puzzles. Your mission in this game is to Escape. Use your ability, think outside the box, combine the objects and solve the puzzles. Escape and prove your talent. Have Fun!  Play this room-escape game here.

Genius House Escape Walkthrough starts here:
You start in the lounge of the genius house.

Take the paper scroll from the shelf, left of the TV monitor.
Take the blue key from the desk.
Pick up the red box with the number 12 from the bottom right shelf.

Go right to the red-and-white bedroom.

Take the yellow key from the left bed-side table.
Take the paper scroll from the left shelves.  (It looks like a wooden handle)
Take the red box with the number 6 from the desk.

Open the locked bedside drawer using the yellow key.

Take the club.

Go right to the yellow-orange bedroom.

Open the drawer at the foot-end of the bed and take the locked box.
Take the purple key from the desk.
Take the abacus from the shelf above the red bed.
Open the second-from-right top cupboard and take the red box with the number 3.
Take the paper scroll from the top right shelf.

Go right to the kitchen.

Take the red box with the number 9 from above the big cupboard on the left.
Take the orange key from the counter, next to the 2 bottles of wine.

Open the top left drawer using the blue key.
Take the spade.

Open the top right drawer using the orange key.
Take the diamond.

Open the top drawer nearest to you.   
Take the golden key.

Go left to the yellow-orange bedroom.
Zoom in on the green circle.
Insert the 4 red boxes in their correct position

Take the black locked memory stick.

Go all the way left to the lounge.
Open the secret compartment on the red wall using the purple key

Take the red heart.

Go right to the red-and-white bedroom.
Zoom in on the top right puzzle.
Insert the heart, diamond, spade, and club

Take the red box.

Zoom in on the blue locked box.
Use the golden key to unlock
Take the second red box from inside.

Go left to the lounge.

Zoom in on the 3 paper scrolls.
Circles: 10
Triangles: 13
Squares: 10

Solve the puzzle under the TV using the above numbers for the circles, triangles, and squares.

Take the 3rd red box.

Zoom in on the abacus

Count the number of beads per color:
Red = 5
Yellow =  8
Green =  9
Blue =  7
Pink = 5

Go right to the red-and-white bedroom.  Open the number-wheel puzzle using the above figures on the same color.

Take the 4th red box.

Zoom in on the red box.  Add the other 3.


Zoom in on the memory stick
Enter the code 2529

The point will extend.
Take it.

Go left to the lounge.
Zoom in on the front door.
Insert the memory stick.

The door will open and you can escape the genius house.
Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


Escape from Puzzle House Walkthrough

Escape from Puzzle House Walkthrough solution.  The full step by step walkthrough with detailed explanations on how to solve the puzzles.  This is a windows point-and-clicked room escape game.  You can play this game here.

About Puzzle House Escape: The 512th escape game from 123bee.com Just Imagine, Your friend challenged you to escape from his puzzle house. The house is full of wiles and tricks. Are you ready for the escaping adventure!!! A great challenge for you, Use your wits to escape. Can you escape from this trap and win the challenge..? Let’s check it out…

Puzzle house escape walkthrough starts here:
For Escape from puzzle house, you start in the puzzled lounge.

Take the bunch of keys from the left book shelf.

Open the drawer under the TV then take the eye.

Go right

Take the wooden locked box on the chair.

Open the drawer with the brown puzzle.
To sole it, select every square, and de-select it if it does not create a white border when selected.

Take the key.

Open the locked chest with this key.

Take the red diamond.

Go right to the bedroom

Notice the number 10 in a triangle on the frame of the bed, bottom right.

Go right to the kitchen

Notice the number 44 in a square on the side of the cupboards.

Open the cupboard with the circular puzzle.
You need to make all the outside circles with point, point inwards.
Some of them impacts others while you turn, but overall this is a very easy puzzle to solve.

Take the square.

Zoom in on the pot plants next to the stove
Take the white square.

Zoom in on the top cupboard with the face.
Add the missing eye.
Click both ears and it will open:

Take the paper note with the arrows clue.
Take the circle object.

Zoom in on the arrows note.  Notice the order of the arrows:

down, up, down, up, up

Go left to the bedroom.
Zoom in on the puzzle panel above the set of drawers with the 10 white diamond squares.
Start from left and go right, click them as per the note:
bottom, top, bottom, top, top.

The panel will open.  Take the circular object and plus object.

Open the locked drawer with the code 34.
This 34 comes from 44 - 10 (square = 44  minus the triangle = 10)

Take the square object and key.

Zoom in on your bunch of keys, then use this new key to unlock them.  Hint: you need to use the small key on the small lock at the top of the bunch for it to open.  The hot spot is small.
Take the golden key.

Zoom in on the drawer to the left of the bed
Use the plus object to open it:

Take the blue flower and circular object.

Go left
Open the locked drawer with the golden key.

Take the square object 

Open the locked drawer under the brown puzzle door.
Use the flower shape to open the drawer

Take the circular shape and note.

Go left to the lounge.
Zoom in on the white squares in the center
Add the missing white square in the corner.
The panel will open:

Take the square object.

Look at the note in your inventory.  If you use the clock in the lounge with the note, you go around from 24 anti-clockwise 30 positions and you will get to 6.  Zoom in on the clock and turn the minute hand 6 times:

Take the circular object.

Go right to the bedroom

Zoom in on the top puzzle drawer.  Start at number 6, then 1,2,3,4,5 and complete the sequence of the fruit tree:  (You start with 6 because number 1 is the 2nd picture in the series and you cannot change #1)

Take the square puzzle box.

Zoom in on the box and insert the 4 square pieces.
Take the green diamond inside.

Go right to the kitchen.

Zoom in on the frame, top right.
Insert the 5 circular objects.

Take the blue diamond.

Zoom in on the bottom cupboard next to the oven
Insert the red diamond.  Insert the green diamond.  Insert the blue diamond.  Hint: Each diamond have a specific spot.

Take the golden door key.

Go left to the lounge.
Zoom in on the front door.
Use the golden door key to escape.

Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.