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Escape the Car Walkthrough

Escape the Car Walkthrough
Escape the Car Solution

Full walkthrough solution that will guide you with tips and hints in order to solve Escape the Car.  Screen prints with detailed explanations.

Escape Series #1: Escape the car.  Created by Shawn Tanner.  Produced by Afro-Ninja.
Windows version can be played here.

Escape the car walkthrough starts right here!
Your game begin inside the car in the driver seat.

Look at the instrument panel.

There is blood on the E and the speedometer is stuck on 40.  E40 is the code.

Open the compartment between the 2 seats.  Take the flashlight torch.

Go left.

Go left again.

Take the screwdriver from the back seat.
Open the beige compartment in the middle.
Take the golden key from under the smoking cap.

Lift the right seat.
Lift the right cover:

Take the Stanley knife.

Look up at the roof.
Cut out the "R"-square and the wiring guide will fall out into your inventory.

Go back to the front.
Open the cubbyhole wit the golden key.

Take the electrical tape, and the batteries.
Use the batteries on the flashlight.

Go back to the rear seat.
Cut the 2 pieces that holds the middle seat up:

Move the seat a little.
Click behind it to get the keypad.

Enter the code E40

Press Enter

Use the flashlight to light up the boot.

Use the knife to cut the left light.

Take the key.

Go back to front.
Insert key into the ignition to get power.

Read the wiring guide.

Only the red, blue, grey, and green wires need to be connected.

Zoom in under the steering wheel.
Use the screwdriver to remove the screws from the plate.
Connect the red, green, blue, and grey wires and isolate with the electrical tape.

Zoom out and click the Trunk Lever.  With the ignition on and the wires connected, the trunk will open.

Go back to the trunk.
Open and you escaped the locked car!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


  1. Thank you for the escape the car walkthrough. Nice step by step, easy to follow. Well done! You assisted me big time.

  2. tanks fo da gide dud!

  3. It really helped thanks>>.

  4. The question is why "E40"?
    Thanks :)

    1. because the E was circled in red and the speedometer was stuck on 40.

    2. i cant find the compartment to get the flashlight

    3. look in the arm rest between the two seats

    4. I can't get the key into the ignition??!!

    5. I can't get the key into the ignition either.

  5. this game is dope as shit bruh

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    1. What the crap are u saying bruh

  7. The very last step doesn't work for me

  8. Special circumstances?

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  10. i get " the trunk is locked " even though the electricity is on and cant escape. what gives?!

    1. You need to press the trunk button like in a real car...

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