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Naughty Kids Room Escape Walkthrough

Naughty Kids Room Escape Walkthrough
Naughty Kids Room Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with detailed instructions on how to solve the Naughty Kids Room Escape game.  Tips and hints provided in this guide with all the explanations to solve all the in-game puzzles in this point-and-click room escape game.

About Naughty Kids Room Escape:
The 420th escape game from 123bee.com. Little kids were playing Hide and Seek game, a small boy went, to hide in a house but even after long time no one came to find him. When he tried to come out, the door was locked.Help the boy to escape from this house using your keen ideas and tricks. Have fun!

Naughty Kids Room Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:  

The game starts in the lounge.

Take the hammer from the fire place.

Go left to the kiddy bedroom.

Take the green screwdriver from the top left cupboard shelf.
Take the round box from the shelf on the right under the clock.
Zoom in on the box, open it, and take the key.

Open the bottom left drawer with the key.
See the code 837

Go right and right again to the master bedroom.

Open the top right drawer next to the bed, then take the golden key.
Open the bottom right drawer and take the cable.
Open the closet with the code 837.

Take the monitor.

Go right to the pink bedroom.

Take the CPU / computer from the desk.

Open the left locked cupboard door using the screwdriver and then the hammer.

Take the flower and the RAM

Open the locked drawer on the right with the golden key.

Open then take the book.
Open the book, then flip the pages until you get to the CD you can take out.

Zoom in on the CPU/Computer.
Turn it around
Open the side panel
Insert the RAM
Close the cover

Put the CPU/Computer back on the desk.
Put the monitor next to the CPU.
Connect the cable from the CPU to the screen.
Switch the PC on.
Windows 7 will boot.

Open the CD tray and insert the CD.
You will get this screen:

This is the exit code:
Petals, Packman, Triangles, Square.

So zoom in on the flower, open up the petals and count them: 6
Zoom in on the box:  There are 2 packmans, 2 triangles, 1 square.
So the code is 6221

Go to the front door.
Open the door with the code 6221.

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


Very Beginners Guide to DOTA2

Very Beginners Guide to getting started with DOTA2

I play a lot of DOTA 2, and noticed that there are a lot of new players out there that does not have a clue what to do.  This little guide will give you only the very basics to get you going.  Learning to become a very skilled DOTA player will take you many months, but learning a few basics will make your Dota experience very enjoyable.  This guide will give you a good head-start and include tips and tricks to get you going strong.

I suggest you read the below end-to-end (it will take you less than 5 minutes) and then go out and have fun!

Your first "game" should be the TRAINING session.  From the PLAY menu, select the "TRAINING" under LEARN TO PLAY on the left:

The learn to play will introduce you to a hero, the interface, and a little bit about buying, upgrading, and attacking.

After your training session, go play a "Practice with Bots", or more fun will be "CO-OP BOT MATCH"

For Co-op Bot match, change the settings at the very bottom so that the difficulty is on EASY.  Select some servers close to you.  Then click "FIND MATCH".  I normally wait less than 20 seconds to locate a game.

When a game starts under the standard conditions, your first task is to select your hero.  I recommend you start with an easy-to-play hero.   Later, select random hero so you can learn all the different hero's.
Easy heros include "Drow Ranger", "Venomancer", or "Viper".  Hint: Type the first 2 or 3 letters of the Hero to get to him/her.

Select Drow Ranger to start off with.   Drow ranger is easy because her abilities are mostly static so you can focus on the game and not worry about magic and micro management.   You will find that she is a great hero to choose, even a character of choice for advanced very experienced player.  She can be a real game-changer in the later game.

When the game starts, you need to level up.  Select a skill to level up.  For your first few games, just level up what is available.  From level 6 you can upgrade your ultimate skill.  For each hero you can ask Dr Google for a build order to get some detail about better ways to level up your hero.

Next, you need to spend some items to equip your hero.

Press the SHOP button to buy.   For a start, first buy the suggested Starting Items.  Later as you get more money in (you get money for free over time, you get more money by killing creeps, you get more money by killing neutrals, and even more for killing towers and enemy heroes) you buy the Early Game items, then the Core Items, and very much later the Situational Items.  You might be tempted to skip the suggested starting items, but do not be tempted.  You will loose out by running back to your base each time to get healed and therefore loose out on experience and money.

When you are not at your base or at one of the shops, you can buy items and ask the courier (if your team has one) to deliver to you.  The courier will be faster if someone in the team bought wings for the courier.  Here is the button that will send the courier with your items:  (If the courier is busy with a delivery, this button will change and have the icon if the player being served).

Now you are ready to go and attack!

There are 3 lanes from your base to the enemy.  Top, Middle, Bottom.
Generally, 2 heroes will play top, 2 heroes will play bottom, and 1 hero in the middle.
If you are new, go top or bottom.

At the beginning of the game you want to attack from close to your own tower.   Your hero will be very weak and die quickly if you get too close to the opponent's tower.  The towers are the bigger green- and red squares on the mini-map.

So, go down the lane and stay behind your Creeps.  The best idea now is to try to get as much money and experience as possible.  You are safer closer to your own tower so follow this strategy:  Stay behind your creeps without attacking the opponents creeps.  You will get experience, it does not matter who kill the creeps.  If you see an opponent's creep on very low health, then only kill it to get the money.   This way you will not advance your lane too quickly and end up at the opponent's tower.   You will live longer and experience better.

If you get hit, run back. Better to stay alive than try to be a "hero".   Use the "Tango" by selecting it and the click on a tree.  You will now gain health much faster for a few seconds.   Use the "Healing Salve" on yourself to heal faster.  Note that if you get attacked while using the salve, it will stop working, so stand back a bit.

One hero's reach level 6, then will start using their Ultimate.  This is normally where the real action starts! Hero's will start working as a team to take out opponent heroes.

Take out towers if you can. If your creeps are attacking the tower, you can normally stand further back and attack it without the tower attacking you.  If your last creep is almost gone, then retreat.

Remember this is a team game.  Try to work as a team.  Try to anticipate your team's moves.

It will be game over when you "Ancient" in the middle of your base is destroyed.

Likewise, your team win when the opponent's ancient is destroyed:

Other notes:

When you health is very low and you do not have healing items, run back to your base.  You recover quickly in the starting area in your base.

Some items you want to buy require the Secret Store.  There are 2 of these on the map.  Small yellow/brown dots on the mini-map.  If you try to buy these items from the normal store, you will get the message "secret store required" and the mini map will flash where they are located.

There are a lot of neutral monsters you can take out.  Little green triangles on the mini map.  They will give you experience and gold.  You can take most of the smaller ones out comfortably when you are level 6.

There is a special neutral monster called Roshan.  You will find him on the mini-map with the red "cave".

This is Roshan:

To kill him you will probably have to be Level 20+, or a good team effort from level 14+ for all.
You get good money, experience and a special item if you kill him.

Special items can appear in the river.  Example:  Here is a haste ruin:

Right-click the item to use it.

Always remember this is only a game!  Have fun with it.  Do not be rude.  Remember in your later games that you were also a "newby" some time ago!  


Escape with Diamond Walkthrough

Escape with Diamond Walkthrough
Escape with Diamond Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions on how to solve Escape with Diamond - a point and click room escape game.

About Escape with Diamond: The 470th escape game from 123bee.com. I was working as a driver in a milliner house. One day my owner brought a costly diamond and I saw it when he was seeing in the car. I am waiting for the right chance to steal that diamond, one day my owner family went for a party. Now help me to steal the diamond and escape from this house before my owner arrival.

Escape with Diamond Walkthrough Starts Here:

Your adventure starts in the lounge.

Take the paintbrush from the table, behind the flower vase.
Take the rope form the fire place.
Take the puzzle piece from behind a painting in the shelf on the right.

Go right to the kitchen.

Take another puzzle piece next to the fruit bowl on the counter.
Open the top cupboard, 3rd door from the left to take another puzzle piece.
Open the cupboard above the microwave to take the hook.

Zoom in on the rope and attach the hook.

Go right to the bedroom.

Take the screwdriver from the purple drawer on the left.
Use the screwdriver on the wall painting to reveal a chess board.
Take the chess board.

Take the chess queen from the drawer under the bed.

Zoom in on the chess board, then add the queen.
The queen will make a figure-5.

Zoom in on the puzzle box under the chair.
Change the puzzle to make the figure 5:

Take a puzzle piece from the box.

Go right to the piano room.

Take the shovel next to the lamp.
Take a puzzle piece from under the pillow on the couch.

Go left to the kitchen.
Zoom in on the elevated square on the floor.
Use the shovel to open:

Use the rope with hook in the hole:

Take the green puzzle box.
Zoom in on the puzzle box
Add the 5 puzzle pieces.
The box will open:

Take the golden key.

Go to the lounge.
Zoom in on the typewriter on the shelf.
Use the brush to clean it off.
Take the music paper.

Go right to the piano
Zoom in on the piano
Read the music paper

Press the black notes from left to right.
The secret compartment will open

Take the diamond.

Zoom in on the white door
Insert the diamond

The keyhole will appear

Insert the golden key
Take the diamond

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough


Where is my Puppy's Belt Walkthrough

Where is my Puppy's Belt Walkthrough
Where is my Puppy's Belt Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions on how to solve this point and click room-escape game.  Tips, hints, and help included for free.

About Where Is My Puppy's Belt:  Where is My Puppy's Belt is another new hidden objects and escape game from Gamesperk. Today mimi decided to go for a walking with her puppy. But she came to know that her puppy's neck belt is missing. Explore the garden by finding the hidden objects, useful hints and help mimi to find her puppy's belt. Good Luck and Have Fun!  Play this game from gamesperk here.

This game should take you less than 15 minutes to solve!  Beautifully done.  Fresh ideas.

Where is my Puppy's Belt Walkthrough Starts Here:

You start in the yard in front of the dog house.

Zoom in on the orange tree to the right of the dog house.
Take the small spade.

Enter the tree-house.

Zoom in on the toy box, move the monkey, then take the toy bird.
Zoom in on the toolbox on the table then take another toy bird.
Zoom in on the ceiling in the pot on the left, then take another toy bird.
Zoom in on the shelf on the right, move the piggy, then take the 4th toy bird.

Zoom in on the frame on the left.
Add the 4 birds.

They will open a secret compartment.
Take the decorative egg.

Zoom in on the structure in the top right corner.  Hang the egg.

You will see the code: 87

Open the locked drawer on the left with the code 8 and 7.

Take the cheese.

Go outside.
Zoom in on the bottom mole-hole and dig with the spade.

Look down the hole.
Give the cheese to the mouse.

Take the belt.

Climb up.
Use the belt on the leach.  (The one the girl is holding).

Well done!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

Toys Room Escape Walkthrough

Toys Room Escape Walkthrough
Toys Room Escape Solution

Full walkthrough with step by step instructions on how to solve Toys Room Escape... alive!  This guide will provide you with help, tips, hints, and detailed explanations to solve all the puzzles in the game.  If you are stuck, then this guide is the right one for you.

About Toys Room Escape: Toys Room Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Gamesperk. In this escape game, unfortunately a small boy was locked inside the toys room . There is no near to help him out. Help the small boy to escape from the toys room by finding items and by solving the puzzles. Use your best escape skills. Good luck and have fun!  Play the game from GamesPerk.Com.

Toys Room Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

You begin in the toys play room.

Zoom in on the brown bear on the green shelf.
Move the bear the take the dalmatian dog.

Zoom in on the lion in the green shelf.
Move the lion then take the horse.

Zoom in on the center carpet, the bottom left corner.  Lift it and take the cow.

Zoom on on the first orange-brown-pink frame, and place the horse inside.

Zoom in on the second and place the dog.

Zoom in on the third and place the cow.

--> Notice the 1st letter of each animal is highlighted, so it gives a code:  hdc

Zoom in on the rabbit on the left.
Enter the code hdc

Take the 3 shapes.

Zoom in on the green shape-puzzle on the left wall.
Insert the 3 shapes in their correct position to complete the rack down to the buttons.
Balls will run down...

And give you the code 726

Zoom in on the table with the yellow light.
Open the drawer with the code 726

Take the key.

Zoom in on the framed flower pot on the left wall
Open the locker with the key

Take the egg.

Zoom in on the chicken on the center table.
Give the egg to the chicken

The chicken will move left.  Take the white paper

Zoom in on the paper, then tap every bear.

You will get:  5 reds, 2 yellows, 4 greens.

Zoom in on the door.

Click the colors to make green = 4, red = 5, yellow = 2

Good job!
Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.