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The Floor Escape Walkthrough / 100 Floors Escape Walkthrough

100 Floors Escape Walkthrough

The Floor Escape Walkthrough

I have just updated and notice the game's name had change to "The Floor Escape"
New logo:

100 Floors Escape is a room-escape game by "Perfect Games Inc.".
I play it on my Android Samsung Galaxy P7500.
It is a free room escape game.
For smart people, clever people, puzzle solvers, adventurers, computer gamers, chess lovers, et al.

I will play and solve the levels, then write the full walkthrough here.
Provide detailed solutions with the full explanation on how to get the answers.
If you need a guide, tips, tricks, answers, cheats, solutions, or the full walkthrough, then read on!

I solve, therefore I am.

100 Floors Escape
The Floor Escape

Level   1 to 10
Level 11 to 20
Level 21 to 30
Level 31 to 35
Level 36 to 40
Level 41 to 45
Level 46 to 48
Level 49 to 50 

Level 51 to 55
Level 56 to 58
Level 59 to 61
Level 62 to 63

Level 64 to 66 <under construction by developer>
Level 66 to 70 <under construction by developer>
Level 71 to 80 <under construction by developer>
Level 81 to 90 <under construction by developer>
Level 91 to 100<under construction by developer>

Come back for updates!
I try to complete at least 10 levels per day.

Hope you enjoy the WALKTHROUGH!

100 Floors Escape is a fun puzzle game to play.  If you do not have it yet, go download and give it a go.
Solving puzzles are food for you brain!  Keep you brain in shape. Solve it!
Hope the 100 Floors Escape / The Floor Escape Developer add some more levels soon.

Where to from here?
If you have solved all the floors escape levels, then consider 100 Doors Runaway.  Another great room escape game!


  1. Thank you for 100 Floors Escape solutions. I love this game! Cannot wait for the next couple of levels. Happy Chappy.

  2. Replies
    1. The solution for Level 45 of 100 Floors Escape has been added! You can refresh this post then the link should be active. Level 45 was quite a challenge! Hint: Go clock-wise around when you hit the wall. Hint2: 1 Stripe = jump 1. 2 Stripes = jump 2...

  3. I'm stuck on level 41 :-{

    1. The solution for level 41 is available. Refresh this post if you do not see the active link.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I see lvl 45 has been updated.

  5. Anyone know level 45

    1. Level 45 has been included. Refresh the post to see the link.

  6. For every line with the arrow skip a square

  7. Need help level 48

    1. The walkthrough for level 48 is now available. Thank you for your patience.

  8. solution for level 49..you see the note above the door???

    arrange the note like the one on top and the level is complete..

  9. solution for level 50...tilt your phone upside down and two dotted number will appear.just count the number of dot and type the number.

    first number is 4.there are 10 dots.
    second number is 9.and there are 13 dots. 1013 is the number that you will type..:)))

  10. Need help on 55

    1. Solution to level 55 of 100 Floors Escape added. You can refresh the page to see the link.

    2. Thanks for the level 55 solution. I was deeply stuck, but now I am out. Solved the remaining levels myself. Now await more levels. BRING THEM ON!

      100 Floors Escape is fun
      I need more levels 'cause I'm done
      Level 1 to 58 complete
      Now I sit and wait discreet!

  11. Replies
    1. Hi Matthew. More solutions added, including level 60! Thank you for waiting.

  12. there's already a level 64... please update the site :)

  13. More levels added. . Till 100.. plz help solve