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Rock Hills Village Escape Walkthrough

Rock Hills Village Escape Walkthrough
Rock Hills Village Escape Solution

Full walkthrough with detailed step-by-step guide on how to complete all the puzzles.  Answers, tips, hints, tricks, how-to, explanations, and solutions.

About Rock Hills Village Escape Game: 
The 382nd escape game from 123bee.com. Fascinated by the beauty of Rock hill village, I decided to visit there with my helicopter. Unfortunately, on the way to the village, the helicopter got crashed. I landed up in an abandoned village. Help me to overcome the obstacles and escape from this village.  Play the windows version here.

Solution starts here:

After the helicopter animation where you escape via parachute...
... you land in the bush at the river next to the deer.

Nothing to here... for now, so go right to the village.

Zoom in on the cow then take the stone.
Zoom in on the left-most house and take the nest.
Zoom in on the second house and take the thongs.
Zoom in on the third house and take the stick.
Zoom in on the puddle of water and take another 2 stones.

Zoom in on the big house on the hill.
Enter the house.

Take the sling shot from the floor.
Take the rock from the floor.
Take the 6 bamboo sticks on the left.
Take another bamboo piece form the shelf on the right.
Take the tiger-shaped leather from the wall.

Zoom in on the shelf and take the iron rod.
Zoom in on the iron rod and add the thongs.
Take the thonged-rod

Take the hammer and iron block from the pots on the right.

Go out and back to the puddle.
Use the bamboo piece to scoop water.
Zoom in on the dirt next to the puddle.
Use the bamboo piece to throw water on the dirt.
Use the rock to dig up the dirt.

Take the knife.

Go back into the big house.
Zoom in on the rope on the wall.
Use the knife to cut the rope.
Zoom out then pick up the rope from the floor behind the pot.

Zoom in on the rope.
Use the knife to cut off a piece.
Take the piece of rope.

Zoom in on a bamboo stick.
Add all the sticks to build a ladder.
Add the rope to secure the ladder pieces.
Put the leather on top.

Take the bamboo boat.

Zoom in on the pot in the center.
Add the nest to the campfire.
add a rock and another one to get the fire going.
Add the thonged-iron to warm it up

Take the hot iron.
Zoom in on the iron anvil piece.
Add the hot iron.
Hit the iron with the hammer.

This will make an arrow head.
Take the arrow.

Zoom in on the stick.
Add the arrow head.
Now you have a spear.

Take the spear.

Exit the house and zoom out.

Go left to the deer.

Use the spear to kill the deer :-(
Use the bamboo boat on the river to get to the deer.
Use the knife to cut off the antler

Pick up the antler.

Zoom in on the antler
Use the knife to sharpen the top.
Take the antler.

Zoom out then go right.
Go right again to the tiger.

Use the sling shot on the foreground.
Add a stone to the sling shot and shoot into the bush.
The tiger will now stand still.
Use the antler on the tiger to kill it  :-(

That is it!
Well done on a Great Escape!


Formal Living Room Escape Walkthrough

Formal Living Room Escape Walkthrough
Formal Living Room Escape Solution

Full Walkthrough with step-by-step guide to solve Living Room Escape Game.

About formal living room escape:
he 404th escape game from 123bee.com. Assume someone has locked you inside this Formal Living Room. It's a great challenge for you, search for the available clues and objects and try to escape from there. Lets see how good are you in this escape game.  A chemistry professor resides in a formal flat. He conducts classes in his flat occasionally. He is strict in his teaching and punishes them severely. One of his students, who hate the professor, locked him inside this formal room and thrown away the key. Now he has trapped inside this room. To open the door needs the duplicate key. But he the place, where he kept that key
Today there is an important press-meet; he has to go without fail. Help him find the duplicate key. Your task is to gather the items, combine them logically to have a GREAT ESCAPE!!!!

Play the Windows version here
Play the Android version here

The walkthrough is based on the Windows Platform Version, but will be very similar for the other platforms. If you need more help, please use the comments section.

WALKTHROUGH starts here: -->

You start in the purple lounge.

Open the cupboard under the flower vase, then take the hammer.
Zoom in on the wall frame and use the hammer to take out a nail.

Go left into the master bedroom.

Take the glass from the table
Zoom on on the books in the bottom shelf.  Move the yellow book then pick up the golden key.
Take the candle from the left bottom shelf.
Take the pliers from the drawer on the right.

Go back right to the lounge.
Open the top left drawer with the golden key.

Take the matches.

Go left.  Then left again into the washing room.

Open the left cupboard then take the hydrogen peroxide.
Open the top cupboard and take the vinegar and funnel.
Take the flask and beaker from the shelf.

Enter the brown door into the Kitchen.

Open the top red refrigerator door then take the cooldrink, lemon and water bottle.
Open the top white cupboard then take a spoon.
Open the drawer to the left of the stove and take the baking soda.
Take the pink bowl next to the sink.

Zoom in on the pink bowl
Add the candle.
Add the matches.  Click the matches to open the box.  Click on a match to light the candle.
Add the water bottle.
Click the bottle to add the water.
Drag the beaker into the bowl.

Notice the water level at 75

Go to the bedroom.
Open the top combination lock with the number 75:

Take the wire and ammeter from the cupboard.

Zoom in on the wire.
Use the pliers to cut off a piece.
Pick up the piece of wire.

Zoom in on the piece of wire.
Use the pliers to bend it.
Add the lemon.
Press the wire into the lemon
Add the nail.
Push the nail into the lemon.
Add the ammeter.
Connect the ammeter.

Notice the reading: 834

Zoom in on the cooldrink.
Add the glass, spoon, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda.
Remove the cap from the drink.
Add baking soda
Add hydrogen peroxide
Put the cap back on
Take the bottle.  You need to click close to the cap to take it.
(If you first add the baking soda to the flask, you will not be able to do the above.  A bug!)

Go to the bedroom.
Enter the white door.
Put the glowing bottle on the bed.

Open the combination cupboard with the code 834

Open the box.
Take the balloon.

Zoom in on the flask.
(Warning: You first need add the baking soda to the cool drink, otherwise you will get stuck here)
Add the funnel, vinegar, baking soda, balloon
Click the funnel
Add baking soda
Add vinegar
Add the balloon.

Notice the code 549

Go to the lounge.
Open the drawer with code 549

Take the front-door key.

Zoom in on the white front-door.
Use the key to escape!

Well done on a great escape!

100 Zombies Level 51 to 60 Walkthrough

100 Zombies Walkthrough100 Zombies Solution

Levels 51 to 60

Follow this link to the solutions for other levels of 100 Zombies

100 Zombies Level 51 Walkthrough
Two Tombstones and Stars

100 Zombies Level 51 Solution
Shake your device and the 2 tombstones will shatter.
Tap on the door and it will open.
Level 51 solved and you continue to level 52

100 Zombies Level 52 Walkthrough
Code letters

100 Zombies Level 52 Solution
Look at the hint above the door.
Each "letter" indicates a position on the grid.
The first letter is the shape L, which is the top right part of the grid = 3
U = top middle = 2
C = middle right = 6
L = 3
] = middle left = 4

Use the code 32634 to solve level 52 and advance to level 53.

100 Zombies Level 53 Walkthrough
Red room with 3 question marks

100 Zombies Level 53 Solution
Tap the red button on the floor repeatedly until the door unlocks.  The button will disappear.
Tap the door and level 53 will be solved.

100 Zombies Level 54 Walkthrough
53 6 7 16 2

100 Zombies Level 54 Solution
This level must be a bug!
Just tap the door and it will open.
If you want to, you can pick up the meat.
Wonder what was the purpose of the numbers and the meat?

100 Zombies Level 55 Walkthrough
eight light bulbs

100 Zombies Level 55 Solution
Hint: look at the red marks on the door.

Switch on bulbs according to the pattern on the door:
Left - the 2 bulbs in the middle should be on
Right - the top and bottom bulb must be on.

Tap the door and it will open.
Level 55 solved and you advance to level 56.

100 Zombies Level 56 Walkthrough
Two sliders under the stars.

100 Zombies Level 56 Solution
Look at the stars for a hint.
The stars shows the word "UP"

Move the 2 sliders to the very top.
Tap the door and it will open.

100 Zombies Level 57 Walkthrough
Three pots, swords, axe and buttons.

100 Zombies Level 57 Solution
Take the axe from the wall on the left.  Not sure why?
Now, look at the hint on the wall.  You will see in black:  Pot, Sword, Button
So count the objects in the same order:
3 Pots, 7 Swords, 2 buttons.

Use the keypad and exit with 372

100 Zombies Level 58 Walkthrough
3 sliders

100 Zombies Level 58 Solution
Look at the red markings on the floor for the hint.
Adjust the 3 sliders so the left is at the top, middle is in the middle and right is at the bottom
Tap the door (you might have to tap 2 times) and the door will open.

100 Zombies Level 59 Walkthrough
16, 27, 42, 50

100 Zombies Level 59 Solution
Each column follows a pattern:  Insert the missing number from the white numbers above the door:

C1 - 24,16,8,12,  (multiples of 4) TOTAL = 60
C2 - 35,14,42,7 (Multiples of 7) TOTAL = 98
C3 - 9,18,27 (Multiples of 9) TOTAL = 54

Use the code 60 98 54 to solve level 59.

100 Zombies Level 60 Walkthrough
The gun

100 Zombies Level 60 Solution
Hint: you need sound for this level.
Move the curtain to the middle so you can see both windows
Take the gun and shoot the zombies
If you see eyes, de-select the gun and cover that window with the curtain.  You will hear a beep when the eyes are gone.  Move the curtain back to the center and select the gun.

If the timer stop, then you have been successful.  Tap the door to solve level 60.
If the timer runs out, you will see game over and will have to start again.

Good luck!

Follow this link to the solutions for other levels of 100 Zombies


Good Riddles #4

Here is the 4th collection of good riddles!

Q: You are thrown into a den with 20 lions and 10 lionesses that haven't eaten anything for years.  You walk around without fear and when you climb out of the den an hour later you are still fine.  How can this be?
A: The lions will all be dead if they haven't eaten for years.

Q: This is an unusual paragraph. I'm curious as to just how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it. It looks so ordinary and plain that you would think nothing was wrong with it. In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is highly unusual though. Study it and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out. Try to do so without any coaching!
A: The letter e does not occur in the paragraph  even though "e" is the most widely used character in the English language.

Q: I am in a river, but not in a lake, I am in computer, but not in a T.V, and I am in rain, but not in snow, what am I?
A: The letter "R"

Q: I come in different shapes and sizes. Part of me are curves, others are straight. You can put me anywhere you like, but there is only one right place for me. What am I?
A: A piece from a jigsaw puzzle.

Q: What stinks when living and smells really good when dead?
A: Bacon

Q: Complete the sequence: OTTFFSSE
A: NT.  The first letter of the numbers 1,2,3,4,5... etc.

Island Beach Escape Walkthrough

Island Beach Escape Walkthrough
Island Beach Escape Solution

Complete step-by-step detailed walkthrough guide with the solutions, answers, screen-prints, and all you need to solve this room-escape type game.  If you are stuck, this guide will unstuck you!

About Island Beach Escape:  The 381st escape game from 123bee.com. This young man and his friends came to a village for the awareness camp. It’s located near the beautiful Island. They are all separated and decided to go various directions to meet people. Unfortunately this young man forgets the way and he reach the Island. No one is there to help him, please help him to escape from the Island to join with his friends.

You start at the road leading the the village.

Take a branch from the trees on the left.  If there are no branches to take, then you need to look at the next tree.  If you hover the mouse, you should see the word "branch" before you zoom in.

Take a root from the tree on the left.

Take a stone from the "rocks" just under the houses.

Go right to the pig.

Zoom in on the trees on the left and take another stone.
Take another stone from the fire place.
Take the stick to the left of the brown pegs in the ground.
Take a branch from the tree above the fire place.

Zoom in on the  branch.
Add the stone with the sharp edge.
Add the root.
Now you have a spear.  Take the spear.

Go right to the beach.

Take the rope from under the right coconut tree.
Take the glass to the left of the wooden structure.
Zoom in on the sea next to the umbrella and fill the glass with salt water.
Take the stick from the base of the left coconut tree.

Go back left.  And left again to the start.

Zoom in on the plant under the tree.
Use the stone to take out the right-hand-side plant.
Zoom in on the plant that you took out.
Use the stone on the plant.
Take the 3 seeds.

Zoom in on the seeds and add the glass of water.

Go right to the pig.
Zoom in on the pig.
Give the watered seeds to the pig.  She will run off.

Take the shovel.

Go back left.
Zoom in on the tree with the 3 stones on the right.
Use the shovel to dig up the right-hand-side stone.

Take the box.

Use the spear stick to open the box.

Take the golden key and the scroll from inside.

Go right to the pig.

Zoom in on the scroll and roll it down.
Look at the pattern:

Zoom in on the pegs in the ground and follow the pattern.

Start top left and click the peg.
Then down, right, up, right, down, down, right, up.  (Click the peg after each move).
Click in the center:

Take the jar.
Zoom in on the jar and use the key to unlock.

Zoom in on the stone.
Add the jar to turn the stone into gold.
Take the gold.

Zoom out and go right to the beach.

Zoom in on the man.
Give him the gold.

Take the oar

Go right to the lagoon with the boat.

Zoom in on the rope.
Add the stick.
Add the branch.
Add the stick
Tie with the root.

Take the rope.

Zoom in on the boat.
Use the rope to bring in the boat.
Use the oar and off you go!

Well done on another great escape!