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100 Doors Runaway Level 21 to 25 Walkthrough

100 Doors Runaway Walkthrough level 21 to 25
100 Doors Runaway Solution level 21 to 25 

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100 Doors Runaway.

100 Doors Runaway Level 21 Walkthrough:
Objects hanging from the ceiling

100 Doors Runaway Door 21 Solution:
Draw the heavier objects down.

The weight is connected to the teddy bear, so pull the weight down a little bit
The apple is connected to the TV, so pull the TV down a bit more then the weight.
The stove is connected to the bottle, so pull the stove down all the way.

100 Doors Runaway Level 22 Walkthrough:
Leaking Tap

100 Doors Runaway Door 22 Solution:
Drag the box to the middle of the room
Tap and hold the tap.
The water will raise and the box will push the button to open the door.

100 Doors Runaway Level 23 Walkthrough:
Gears and cogs

100 Doors Runaway Door 23 Solution:
Pick up a gear from the pile.
Add the gear to a peg on the wall.
Repeat 7 more times.

Now, you need to gears to turn correctly.
The order should be clock-wise, anti clock-wise, clock-wise, anti clock-wise, etc.

If a gear turns the wrong direction, take it out and replace with the correct one.
If all are turning correctly, the door will open.

100 Doors Runaway Level 24 Walkthrough:
Bird painting and shapes

100 Doors Runaway Door 24 Solution:
Tilt your device so that the ball rolls down the chute.
Pick up the ball.

Use the ball to smash the bird painting.
Pick up the broken pieces and place them in their correct position on the door.

Door will open and you can advance to level 25!

100 Doors Runaway Level 25 Walkthrough:
Green arrow on white door

100 Doors Runaway Door 25 Solution:
Use 2 fingers and slide in the direction of the arrow.
You will hear a beep if you do it correctly.

You need to repeat about 4 times.  Each time you do it right the arrow will change direction.

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