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100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Levels 31 to 35

100 Doors of Revenge Levels 31 to 35

Solution to 100 Doors of Revenge for doors 31 to 35.  Detail answers with full explanation to the puzzles.  If you are stuck, this is the place to find the solution.

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 31
Mouse trap!

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 31
Pick up the kitchen knife.
Use the knife on the cheese, start from the bottom up.  When you get the piece of cheese, place it on the floor.  As soon as you placed all 5 pieces, the mice will come and sacrifice himself to get the door open.

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 32
Numbers 1 to 8

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 32
You will get 2 seconds to look where the numbers 1 to 8 are.
Then you need to tap them from 1 to 8.
If you make a mistake, tap all of them and you will get a new pattern.
Each time the numbers will be at a random order.

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 33
Red Green Blue

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 33
Shake your device to get a key.
Use the key to open the power box (the white box left of the door)

Count red objects: 3
Count green objects: 5
Count blue objects: 3

Use the code 353 on the keypad to solve level 33

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 34
Piles of wood

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 34
Shake your device so the pile of wood collapse.
Count the number of square logs: 8
Count the number of round logs: 13

The answer using the code above the door will be
8 13 21 (21 = 8 + 13)
Use the keypad and solve this puzzle with 81321

100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough Level 35
4 = 4 containers

100 Doors of Revenge Solution Door 35
You have 3 containers: 8, 3 and 5
You start with the water in 8 (8 gallons)
You need to get 4 gallons in the 8 gallon container and 4 in the 5 gallon container to win.

This is one possible sequence to get it right:

The first column will show you the move (tap the first one then tap the second one to make the move). The right hand column will show you how much is in each of the 3 containers after the move.

8 to 5.  3 0 5
5 to 3. 3 3 2
3 to 8. 6 0 2
5 to 3. 6 2 0
8 to 5. 1 2 5
5 to 3. 1 3 4
3 to 8. 4 0 4


  1. Replies
    1. The explenation above for level 35 is quite clear? You have an 8-gallon, 5-gallon, and 3-gallon container. Move the liquid as per the above solution. To move it, tap the source then tap the destination.

      SO tap 8 (the big full one on the left) then tap 5 (the one on the right).
      Then 5 to 3
      3 to 8
      5 to 3
      8 to 5
      5 to 3
      3 to 8
      Now you will have 4 gallons in the left and right containers with an empty middle container. This will give you the 4=4 and solve the door!


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  2. Thanks
    Really helped

  3. The key in 33 never apeared

  4. the key pad is never apering in level 33

  5. I have the same probkem if any one have some idea please help

    1. What device do you use? I tried the below on my Galaxy P7500 and it works:
      1. Hold your device upright. (Top pointing to the sky)
      2. Shake 6 times
      3. The key will appear top right corner.

  6. Replies
    1. U hav to shake ur device then the key will apper in t right hand couner

  7. Hi André. Ek het 'n probleem met Level 33 (het dieselfde probleem gehad met Level 30). Die sleutel is agter die Skip a level icon (met Level 30 was dit 'n sokkerbal en ek het een van my sleutels gebruik om die level te skip).

    Enige raad?

    PS My Guide op die op die Home skerm is grys, kan nie daarop kliek nie.

  8. Translation: I have a problem with Level 33 (had the same problem with Level 30). The key is behind the Skip a level icon (with Level 30 it was a soccer ball and I used one of my keys to skip the level).

    Any advice?

    PS the Guide button on the Home screen is greyed out, I can't click on it.

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