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Dooors 2 Walkthrough Levels 11 to 20

Walkthrough, hints, tips, solutions, guide, and cheats to solve Dooors 2.

Dooors 2 Solution for levels 11 to 20

Dooors 2 is a room-escape game.  You need to solve each level to continue to the next dooor.
For each dooor you first need to figure out what the puzzle is all about.  Look for hints and clues.  Then tap, drag, drop, shake, double-tap, turn upside-down, etc. to solve the puzzle.  Most can be solved by thinking it out, sometimes out-of-the-box thinking required.  Occasionally you need a bit of luck.   If you are stuck, then this guide will assist you.

Dooors 2 Level 11 Walkthrough:
Dinosaur skull

Dooors 2 Door 11 Solution:
Move the black button on the left up-down-up-down-up-down in quick succession.
The dinosaur will then open its jaw.
Take the fire extinguisher from its opened mouth.
Use the fire extinguisher on the fire on the floor.
With the fire gone, tap on the door to open up and exit level 11.

Dooors 2 Level 12 Walkthrough:
Color wheel

Dooors 2 Door 12 Solution:
Look at the colors of the color wheel on the left.
Tap on the white box on the right.
Adjust the 3 colors to be the same as the color at their position on the color wheel:
blue, white, red:

Now you can open the door and exit level 12.

Dooors 2 Level 13 Walkthrough:
Red door with 2 plants.

Dooors 2 Door 13 Solution:
Use 2 fingers and "zoom" the door open:  Touch the door with 2 fingers and at the same time 1 finger swipe upward and 1 finger swipes down.
Door will open.
If not fully open, repeat.

Once open, you can tap the door to exit level 13.

Dooors 2 Level 14 Walkthrough:

Dooors 2 Door 14 Solution:
The bunny on the left is missing an eye.
Tilt your device so that the big yellow ball roll away.  You will notice a red ball (the eye) rolling behind it.
You need to pick up the red ball.  Keep rolling the yellow ball left-right-left-right until you manage to capture the red ball.

Use the red ball and replace it in the bunny on the left.
Now you can open the door and exit level 14.

Dooors 2 Level 15 Walkthrough:

Dooors 2 Door 15 Solution:
Pick up the stick behind the left cactus.
Use the long stick on the button in the center of the roof.
A platform will rise.
Tap the 4 buttons in the order of the size of the cactus plants, from small to large:
Tap 2, 4, 1, then 3.
Door will open.
Level 15 completed.

Dooors 2 Level 16 Walkthrough:
Green line with 2 gold balls.

Dooors 2 Door 16 Solution:
You need to get both the gold balls above the green line at the same time then while they are above the line you need to tap the door to open...

But, first tap the 2 hinges on the door and use the screwdriver to remove the screws.
Then, tap both the white buttons in quick succession, then tap the door.

Dooors 2 Level 17 Walkthrough:
4 green X's

Dooors 2 Door 17 Solution:
Pick up the broom from the lower right corner
Use the broom on the floor.
Look carefully and you will see 4 patterns.
From left to right:  Circle, Star, Diamond, Equal Sign.
Change the 4 symbols on the wall to be the same as the order on the floor.

Dooors 2 Level 18 Walkthrough:
Upside-down room

Dooors 2 Door 18 Solution:
Turn your device upside-down.
Now tap the door and it will open.

Dooors 2 Level 19 Walkthrough:
White and black statues

Dooors 2 Door 19 Solution:
Zoom in on the white statue.
Put the white cross in his hand
Now tap the door and exit level 19

Dooors 2 Level 20 Walkthrough:
6 blue sliders

Dooors 2 Door 20 Solution:
Tap the right arrow on the floor and take the goggles.
Use the goggles on the water to swim down.
Use the broom on the wall to reveal a fish-bone
Look at the fish

From left to right: High, Medium, High, Low, High, Medium

Now swim back up and adjust the 6 sliders to match the fish bone:

If correct then you can open the door and level 20 will be solved!

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  1. I cannot get dooor 13 open on my Galaxy note. Do not know what I am doing wrong.

    If you can get dooor 13 open, please post here on what device(s) you got it working. Wonder if it is me, or the Galaxy Note that is the problem. Maybe banana-fingers? Maybe a Note problem.

    1. Hi. Level 13 worked fine on my samsung p7500. no issues.Touch with 2fingers at the same time, then drag 1 up and the other down and the dooor opens.