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Escape from Mystery House Walkthrough

Escape from Mystery House Walkthrough

This is the full walkthrough with solutions, hints, tips, tricks, screen-prints and detailed explanations to the puzzles. This walkthrough is based on the Windows PC version, but will be applicable to the same game on the other platforms as well. 

About Escape from Mystery House: The 367th escape game from 123bee.com. You have been trapped inside Mystery House and have to escape from the place. Use the clues and objects to come out of this place. For the Windows PC, play the game for free by following this link.

Walkthrough starts here

You start in the lounge in the mystery house: 

On the shelf next to the dog is a bottle of water. Pick it up. 

There is a cupboard that needs a key. There is a cupboard that will open with a combination. The front door will open with a 5 letter word! 

Let’s go and find the key, the code, and the five letter word… 

Go left. 

We are now in the second lounge. 

Take the white paperweight from the small coffee table. 

Take the blue book from the table. 

Zoom in on the black shelves with the photo frames. You will find a key behind the flower. 

Use the key to open the cupboard on your right. Take the mouse

Look at the mouse and click it to turn it around. There is a code: 231 

Go 2 rooms to your right. You are now in the bedroom. 

Take the keyboard from the shelf. Look at the keyboard. Looks like a code! 1 345 789. 

The numbers 2,6 and 0 are missing? 

Take the 4 coloured pens from the yellow cup. 

Take the locker from the shelf. 

Go back to the lounge where you started. Open the white cupboard with the mouse code – 231. 

Take the red lollipop from inside. 

Look at the lollipop and use the paperweight to crush it. 

You will see a code: Green, Red, and Yellow inside. 

Go to the bedroom and open the cupboard with the colour code Yellow Red Green: 

Take the ink filler from inside. 

Open the blue book in your inventory and use the 4 coloured pens on it. 

Now you can solve the puzzle. The 4 pens plus the 8 blocks = 12

Open the blue drawer in the bedroom with the code 12: 

Take the lighter and a silver key from the drawer. 

Go to the lounge and open the brown cupboard with the silver key. 

Take the map from it. 

Go right to the kitchen: 

Take the red book from the table. Read the book to find the code 311. 

Take the “311” from the book. 

Look at the lighter in your inventory then burn the “311” to get a new code: 894 

Open the tin in your inventory and unlock with the code 894.

Take the saltwater car from the tin. 

Take the salt from the top drawer next to the stove. 

Take the stick from the shelf. 

Open the brown cupboard with the “mouse” code: 231. 

Take the glass from the cupboard. 

Look at the glass in your inventory. 

Use the water on it. Tap the water to unscrew and fill the glass. 

Add salt to the water. 

Use the stick to mix. 

Use the ink filler from the top of the glass to fill it with saltwater. 

Take the ink filler back to your inventory. 

Look at the salt water car and use the ink filler to fill it with salt water. 

Look at the map. 

If you see only a blank map, then drag-and-drop the map from your inventory onto the blank map. 

You should see the world: 

Use the salt water car on the map. It will drive a around and stop at INDIA

Go to the lounge and zoom in on the door. 

Win the game by typing INDIA at the selectors: 

Well done! Another GREAT ESCAPE solved. 

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