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Escape From Farm House Walkthrough


Solutions, walkthrough, tips, tricks, cheats, how-to, guide, detailed answers with full explanation on how to solve all the puzzles in Escape from Farm House Game.

About Escape from Farm House Game:  The 370th Escape Game from 123Bee.com. You have been trapped inside Farm House and have to escape from the place. Use the clues and objects to come out of this house.  On Windows, you can play this adventure game for free.  Follow this link.

Our adventure starts in the lounge in the farm house.

Take the bottle from the shelf.
Open the curtains.  Look at the stacked presents outside. Could this be a clue?  Probably not, but we will do something useful here... a bit later.

Go right into the master bedroom.

Zoom in on the chair and take the red book.
"Read" the red book then take the brass key from inside.
Use the key to open the drawer.

Take the batteries from inside.  (Take both!)

Go right to the second bedroom.

Zoom in on the top shelf then take the golden key.
Take the yellow tin to the right of the cupboard.
Take the lighter from the top left shelf.

Zoom in on the carpet, right corner.
Move the carpet to reveal code 356.

Go back left to the master bedroom.
Open the cupboard with the golden key.
Take the white shirt from inside.

Go left to the lounge.

Open the top left cupboard with the code 356.
Take the cutting plier from inside.

Zoom in on the yellow tin then open the lid.
Use the pliers on the tin to take out the cover.  Pick up the cover.

Go left to the study.

Zoom in on the cassette player then take the Card Reader.
Zoom in on the shelf and take the scissors. 
Zoom in more to the left on the shelf then take the bowl.

Zoom in on the bowl.
Add the water from the bottle.
Dip the pliers with cover in the bowl.
You will get a new code: 134

Zoom in on the shirt.
Use the scissors to cut off a piece of cloth.
Take the cloth.

Go right to the lounge.
Open the top right cupboard with the code 134.

Take the camera lens from inside.

Zoom in on the cloth.
Use the lighter on it.
Click the lighter to burn the cloth.
You will get the code "wood"

Open the bottom left cupboard with the code "WOOD".
Take the old camera from inside.

Zoom in on the camera.
Open the top left compartment for the batteries.

Insert the 2 batteries.
Close the flap.
Attach the lens to the camera.
Click the camera to turn it around.  Take the camera.

Go to the lounge and look out the window.
Use the camera on the window.

Press the red button to take the picture.

Zoom in on the camera.
Click around the viewfinder to get the memory card out.
Take the Memory Card.

Zoom in on the card reader.
Take the cap off.
Insert the memory card in the top slot of the card reader.
Take the card reader.

Go left to the study.
Zoom in on the PC.

Insert the card reader into the USB slot.
Turn on the PC.
Turn on the screen.

Click the picture on the screen to zoom in.  Maybe click again if it is not zooming.

You will see code 5060.

Go to the front door in the lounge.
Open the door with the code 5060.

Well done on another Great Escape!
Hope you found my walkthrough and solutions useful.
See you in the next adventure game.
Happy Problem and Puzzle Solving!

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