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Deluxe Flat Escape Walkthrough

Deluxe Flat Escape Walkthrough

Walkthrough, solution, tips, hints, tricks, "how to solve guide" and all you need to complete the room-escape game: Deluxe Flat Escape.  All the objects you take will be highlighted in bold.

You start inside the flat.  

First, click the door right in front of you in the center.
You are now in the kitchen.

Zoom in on the cupboard in front of your and open the cupboard door on the right.
You will get the screwdriver here.

Zoom in on the right-hand-side wall.
Use the screwdriver from your inventory to remove the screw.
Take the silver key.

Go back to the start area.
Click on the door in the passage that goes to the left.
You are now in a study area.

Zoom in on the drawer on the left.  Use the key from your inventory to open.
Take the candle from inside.  (Why would someone lock in a candle?)

On top of the desk, click on the pen holder.  Click some more till you find the golden key.

Go back to the kitchen and zoom in on the cupboard above the oven:

Use the gold key to unlock and take the 2 batteries.

Go back to start room.  Go right.
Looks like an office area:

Click the books on the lowest level, below the dog.

Click on the books lying flat and get an LED.
Zoom out.
Zoom in on the left side of the book shelf.  Take the torch.
Zoom in on the torch.
Open the top of the torch and load the LED.  (If it does not load, turn it around, or first load the batteries).
Close the top.  Turn around.  Open the bottom and load the 2 batteries.
Close the lid,  Take the torch.

Go back left to the start area.

Zoom in on the teapot.
You will see mostly table.  Use the torch there and switch it on.
You will see the code 1889 on the wall below the fire extinguisher.

Open the combination lock cupboard in front of you with the code 1889.

Take the hammer and tongs.

Zoom in in the Fire Extinguisher above the code.
Use the hammer to smash the glass.
Take the fire extinguisher.

Zoom in on the top of the wall above the wooden shelves.
Use the fire extinguisher on the dirty spot to reveal the number 3678.

Go back to the kitchen (center door down the passage).
Click on the combination lock cupboard.
Open with the combination 3678.

Take the pan.
Zoom in on the tap,
Use the pan on the tap, then open the tap to fill with water.

Close off the tap then take the pan.

Zoom in on the gas stove.
Click the gas nobs and click the lighter next to the stove to light the gas.
Put the pan with water on the stove.

Throw the candle into the pot.
Use the thongs to retrieve the candle.

Take the thongs.
Look in your inventory and zoom in on the piece that is left from the candle.
You will see code 869:

Go back to the office (from the start area, go right).
Open the combination safe with the code 869.

Lift the top book and take the access card

Zoom in on the card reader next to the door.

Use the access card on the reader to escape!

Congratulations. Great Escape! You have solved Deluxe Flat Escape.
Well done.

Hope you found this walkthrough useful.
Until the next room escape, have a happy day!

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