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Floors Escape Level 9 Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Level 9 of Floors Escape

Floors Escape Solution for Level 9.
Tips Tricks Cheats How-To Guide and Answers

Level 9 - The Secretary

Tap the Secretary and notice that she needs the car keys and smart phone.

Zoom in on the shelf on the right.
Look at the notebook:

Alex: 555-970-333

Open the middle drawer below the fax machine and notice the red triangle.

Zoom in on the left painting and notice the blue dot in the top right corner.

Zoom in on the fax machine to see the Green Square.

Go left.

Zoom in on the plant.  Move the plant to see 5 circles.  Number 2 and 5 is dark.

Look at the memo on the table.  Notice the color x's:

Green, Red, black Blue, black, black, White, black black.
Combine this with the number for Alex then you get
Green = 5, Red = 5, Blue = 9, White = 3

Open the left cabinet door.  Notice the white X inside.

Open the door on the cabinet below the fax machine.
Zoom in on the X's
Change the X's as per the previous clues:
White stays X
Red = triangle
Blue = dot
Green = square

Take the smartphone from inside.

Zoom in on the combination lock on the cabinet on the left.
Use the clue from the memo pads:

White= 3,  Blue = 9, Green = 5, Red = 5
The door will open and you can take the battery.

Go right.
Zoom in on the clock radio.
Press the blue buttons as per the circles clue: 1, 3, 4.

The secret compartment opens and you get the brass key

Zoom in on the brown box next to the fax machine.
Zoom in on the top of the box and put the battery in.
Zoom in on the front and use the brass key to open.
You will get the car keys from inside.

Give the car keys and smartphone to the secretary and she will give you a key.
Zoom in on the lift button and use this new key to unlock.
Press the lift button and the level will be solved.

Well Done!  Floors Escape completed.
More Floors Coming Soon!


  1. thank you so much!!! I couldn't find where to place the battery for 2 days!!!

  2. stupid battery got me as well

  3. Why it dsnt get my stupid battery?

    1. Did u not find where to pee

  4. good spent alot of time to place battery in wrong place