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Can you escape Walkthrough levels 6 to 10

Can You Escape Walkthrough
Can You Escape Solution

Can you escape Walkthrough for levels 6 to 10.

For the Walkthrough for levels 1 to 5, go here.

Here is the full walkthrough solution for the room-escape game "Can you escape?".  Detailed explanations with tips, hints, and cheats to help you if you are stuck on a level.  This can you escape walkthrough is compiled using the android version.  The screen-prints and instructions can be slightly different on other platforms.

Can you escape level 6 walkthrough
The garage with the red motor car

Can you escape level 6 solution
Zoom in on the cabinet on the left, next to the cactus plant.
Take the yellow trolley jack from under the cabinet.

Zoom in on the wooden block puzzle and solve it.
The blocks form a pyramid where each number is a multiplication of the 2 numbers below it.
168 = 12 x 14.

So row 3 = 6 2 7
and row 4 = 3 2 1 7

Lift the bottom plank below the pyramid and the blue weight.

Zoom in onto the pot and pot plant in the top right wall.
Take the yellow stick (part of the jack).
Use the yellow stick on the jack to complete the trolley jack.

Zoom in on the car.
Use the jack to lift the car.
Take the red weight.

Zoom in on the gecko to see yellow 2.
Zoom in on the LVL6 above the door to see green 6.
Zoom in on the safe in the top right corner, lift the bowl on top of it to see red 6.
Zoom in on the white light behind the pot plant  to see blue 2.

Zoom in on the safe and open using the above numbers.
Yellow 2, Red 6, Green 6, Blue 2.
Take the green weight.

Zoom in on the hooks below the gecko
Attach the 3 weights according to their color to the correct hook
Zoom out and then open the grey wood above it to get the red key.

Use the red key on the lock left of the door.
Enter the elevator to solve level 6.

Can you escape level 7 walkthrough
The TV Lounge

Can you escape level 7 solution
Zoom in on the toolbox on the floor on the right, lift the bottom compartment and take the screwdriver.
Zoom in on the model ship below the bird picture.  Move the small lifeboat on the deck and take the silver key.

Go to the left room.
Zoom in on the blocks below the green screen.  Memorize the order of the blocks:
Top row = yellow, green, blank, yellow
Bottom row = blue, blank, red, blank.

Go back right.
Zoom in on the chest and change the colors on top of it to match the blocks.
The blanks should be grey.
So, top row: yellow, green, grey, yellow.
Bottom row: blue, grey, red, grey
Open the box then open some more to take the big bolt cutter.

Go to the left room.
Zoom in on the camera, the one on the table.
See the code 4841.

Open the table drawer underneath the camera with the code 4841.
Remember the order: blank white white blank white white.

Zoom in on the small picture frame on the table.
Turn it around.
Use the screwdriver to remove the back plate.
Get the 2GB Micro SD Card.

Zoom in on the red box and open using the bolt cutter.
Take the digital SLR Camera.

Zoom in on the camera.
Insert the SD Card.

Go to the other room.
Open the small box on the shelf next to the TV.
For the top row, select the squares as per the white square code from under the table --> Select 2,3, 5 and 6
For the bottom row, look at your camera for the same colors as per the box.
Yellow = 4, Blue = 3, Red = 1, Black = 6
SO enter 4316

Take the golden key.

Zoom in on the door lock.
Use the silver key and golden key to open the 2 locks.

Enter the elevator to solve level 7.

Can you escape level 8 walkthrough
The yellow-green flowery pattern room

Can you escape level 8 solution
Zoom in on the shelf and take the remote (top right).
Zoom in on the clock on the wall, take the charger from the right side.
Zoom in on the rubbish bin and take the DVD

Go right.
Zoom in on the tricycle and take the handle from the seat.
Open the drawer to the right of the couch using the handle.
Take the black phone.
Zoom in on the painting above the couch.  Move the painting to see code 7528.

Go back left then left again to the TV room.
Zoom in on the Panasonic DVD player under the tv.  This is the device on the left.
Tap on the DVD tray and enter code 7528 to open.
Insert the DVD then zoom out.
Use the remove to turn the TV on.
Cycle through all the animals by tapping the screen, and count them.
Kangaroos = 4, Penguins = 6, Cats = 3, Sharks = 2.

Zoom in on the speaker then plug the charger into the socket next to it.
Add the black phone to get the code 3462.

Go right to the couch and zoom in on the tablet.
Use the code top: 4,6 bottom 3,2 to activate.
Remember the shapes and their order.  From top to bottom: circle, star, triangle, square.

Go to the front door and zoom into the control box to the left of it.
Top row = 3462
Bottom row = circle, star, triangle, square

Enter the elevator to solve level 8.

Can you escape level 9 walkthrough
Beige and white striped room

Can you escape level 9 solution
Zoom into the pots on the floor to the right of the door.  Move them to see Red 4.
Zoom into the pink chair, move the magazine to see the Blue 3.
Zoom into the wooden shelves on the left then look at the top shelf for Orange 8.
Zoom in above the elevator to see Green 9.

Open the top drawer of the cabinet in the right corner and take the purple bulb.
Zoom into the top of the cabinet in the right corner, open the egg-shapes ornament to get the silver key.

Open the black-and-yellow cabinet in the left corner.
Solve the easy puzzle by rotating the picture pieces of the 3 vases.
Drag the newspaper away to get the green access card

Go left.
Zoom into beige box left of the guitar.
Use the code from the numbers we saw earlier:
Green = 9, Red = 4, Orange = 8, Blue = 3
Take the screwdriver.

Zoom in on the hearts on the table next to the guitar.
Move the big hart to expose the colors: white, blue, red, white, yellow, green.

Zoom in on the lamp in the corner.
Insert the bulb.
Switch it on, at the base of the lamp.
See the pattern on the wall:
x 0 x
0 x 0
x 0 x

Zoom in on the dining table.
Remember the colors of the plates in the center: blue, pink, green, black, orange

Zoom in on the box under the lamp.
Open by solving the 2 puzzles.
For the circles, press those according to the x 0 x pattern you saw on the wall.
An "x" means you must press it.  So press the 4 corners and the center circle.
For the bottom row, use the colors of the plates: blue, pink, green, black, orange
Take the blue access card.

Zoom in on the vent on the left wall.
Move the chair below the vent.
Tap on the vent to zoom in.
Use the screwdriver on the 4 screws to unscrew them.
Use the silver key in the keyhole to stop the fan.
Take the red access card.

Go back to the start room.
Zoom in on the card reader to the left of the door.
Insert the 3 access cards according tot their color.
Change the 6 white squares to the correct colors: white, blue, red, white, yellow, green.

Enter the elevator to solve level 9.

Can you escape level 10 walkthrough
The beige room with red carpet.

Can you escape level 10 solution
Take the pencil form behind the pot plant on the table in the top right corner.
Take the drill bit from the cup on the same table.
Take the paper from the stepladder.
Open the chest on the floor and take the hand drill.
Combine the drill and drill bit.

Zoom in on the picture above the plant to the left of the elevator.
Notice the X.
Zoom out, then tap just left to the bottom of the elevator door (location of the X)
You will see a circle.  Drill it to make a hole.
Look inside the hole to see the colors: blue blue yellow yellow green green.

Zoom behind the plant in the lower left corner.  There is a red box.
Change the colors as per what you saw in the hole:  blue blue yellow yellow green green
Take the yellow ring from inside.

Zoom into the vent above the ladder.
Remove the vent cover
Insert the paper into the bottom opening of the container inside the vent.
Use the pencil to push the golden key out.
Pull the paper then take the golden key.

Use the yellow key to open the box to the right of the door, under the plates.
Take the binoculars

Zoom in on the window.
Zoom in again then use the binoculars to read the code: 12-8-5

Lift the mat in front of the table on the right.
Change the numbers from left to right to 12, 8, 5
Take the round container.

Zoom in on the brown slot left of the door.
Insert the round container.
Insert the yellow ring

Zoom out.
Enter the elevator to solve level 10!

That is all for now.  We need to wait for an update to continue this wonderful escape game.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough. You can leave a comment below if you need more help!

Well done!


  1. Fantastic! Thank you for the can you escape walkthrough. Please add more screen-prints if possible. Hope to get more of these levels soon. Fun to play.

  2. I was TOTALLY baffled with level 10. Tried and tried and tried again and again ... could not figure out what I was missing. Sadly I had to give in and search for a cheat-sheet -oh, excuse me, a WALKTHROUGH! Don't know how long, if ever, it would have taken me to solve this one, Sooooo thank you!

    1. Completely agree! I was so stumped on how to use the paper and pencil and on how to get the key. I thought I had clicked just about everywhere and used every combination to get the key. Apparently not, haha! And yes, thank you for the walk-through.

    2. Aha! I concur. Bring back good old memories when I was a child (around 1980) where we used the paper-under-the-door trick to get the room key... :-) Thanks for the walkthrough.

    3. I totally agree! so grateful for the help! Thanks for the walk-through..much appreciated! Cant wait for more rooms!!

    4. Completely agree. I could not figure out how to get the key out of level 10. Thank you, much appreciated.

  3. thank you very much very hellpfully hope you had fun because i did

  4. Thanks a bunch.Without the walkthrough i would never have gotten the second key on stage 7

    1. I know tht was really hard ����

  5. This is what gets the grey cells active. You know there's a solution and all combinations have been exhausted, so you think!
    clever programming. many more levels please or combine 'Floor Escape' with a sub-level link perhaps. Only negative, the loss of position as it is easy to catch the 'return' on the phone face or answering a call!

  6. Thanks very much mate

  7. I really liked this game. I was very good the programming was very nice. Love every bit of it.

  8. I like this game but every time I touch on the model ship in level 7 to get the key it goes to the toolbox that the screwdriver was in and stays there. I have to keep starting level 7 over and can't get any further. Can anyone help?

  9. thanks for the help, level 7 about did me in.

  10. So helpful, thanks so much

  11. camera on level 7 will not go fills whole screen need to re install

  12. Everytime i go to the plant it goes to the container with the key. and i cant do anything. it does not go to the color code. any suggestions? Confused

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