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Escape from Soul Reaper Walkthrough

Full step by step walkthrough solution to Escape from Soul Reaper Game.  Detailed explanations with tips, tricks, and help provided in this walkthrough.  Escape from Soul Reaper is a point-and-click room escape game.  This is medium/easy and should take you between 30 and 50 minutes to solve.  Play the game here.

About Soul Reaper Escape Game: The 500th escape game from 123bee.com In this game you will be the soul savior… Here the story begins… John and his family were leading a happy life. But his greedy friend doesn’t want John’s family to be happy, so he plans to destroy his family with the help of witch. As per his plan the witch mummified John’s family members, somehow John alone got escaped he doesn’t want to lose his family, so he seeks your help to get back his family from the witch…..

Soul Reaper Escape Walkthrough starts here:
The game starts outside the mansion.

Zoom in on the grass just right of the mansion entrance then take the white stone baby.

Go left to the cemetery.

Take the center circular stone from the big tombstone in the center.
Take the sheers from the tombstone just left of the center one.

Go back right.

Zoom in on the gate on the right, add the stone baby to its mother... the gate will open:


Take the spade on the ground.
Zoom in on the bush just left of the door.
Use the sheers to cut the plant away.
Insert the circular stone in the center.
The door will open.


Take the iron lying against the cabinet on the right.
Zoom in on the skull in the bottom center area.
Use the iron to get it out:

Take the skull.

Zoom in on the door puzzle.
Rotate the symbols on the left until you find a symbol at the 3'o clock position that matches a symbol on the right.  Press the green button and the symbol will move over.
Hint: first get the big symbols over.  This will leave gaps so that you can take the smaller ones as well.
When all is over, the big door will open:

Zoom in on the skull.
Remove the 2 keys from its head.

Zoom in on the wooden box with golden bottles in the middle, bottom of the room.
Unlock the 2 locks using the keys you found in the skull

Take 3 bottles.

Zoom in on the bottles.
Take the 3 tops off

Use the spade in each bottle to get the eyes.

Zoom in on the lion statue in the left corner.
Insert the 3 eyes, then the lion will be gone.

Open the panel
Move the skulls around and take the golden key.

Exit, then exit again so that you are at the start scene.

Zoom in on the door of the mansion.
Use the golden key to unlock the door.

Zoom on on the brown box on the top left.
Open the box and get a blue marble

Open the drain cover then climb down

Read the spell book on the table:

You need 5 marbles then throw them in the cauldron.

Zoom in on the puzzle chest:
Move the colors to their correct corner.
The chest will open:

Take 2 blue marbles.

Take the brown pot on the right.  Zoom in on the pot and tip it to get another blue marble.
Take the chained chest form the right.
Zoom in on the shelf to the left of the stairs, then take the white beaker.

Zoom in on the black-and-red skull next to the fire place.
Take the wooden peg.

Zoom in on the chains on the floor, right of the table.
Click it so that the hand with sword comes out.
Give the wooden peg to the hand.
The hand will drop the sword.

Take the sword.

Zoom in on the chained chest.
Use the sword to remove the chains

Take the 5th blue marble.

Zoom in on the cauldron on the fire

Drop the 5 marbles inside as per the spell book.
Use the white beaker to get some magic water.

Go up the stairs

Zoom in on the skull on the right wall.
Throw the magic water inside his head.
The front panel will open up:

Take the master key.
Take the jar from the counter.

Exit the mansion.
Enter the gate on the right.
Go to the big doors.
Zoom in on the lock.
Open the doors with the master key.

Use the jar on the mummies

Well done on a great escape!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


Queen Turkey Escape Walkthrough

Queen Turkey Escape Walkthrough Solution.  Full step by step guide with all the instructions that you need to solve the game "Queen Turkey Escape".  This walkthrough will include tips, tricks, help, and detailed explanations to all the puzzles.  If you are stuck, then this guide will get you out!

About Queen Turkey Escape:  Queen Turkey Escape is a type of point and click new escape game developed by wowescape.com. Do you like Turkeys? Tomorrow is thanksgiving day and someone trapped the Queen Turkey in an unknown place for their thanksgiving day dinner. She is feeling sad and there is no one near to help her out. Use your sharp mind to escape the Queen turkey from that place. And give a chance her for giving thanks to you in thanksgiving day. Can you do it? Good Luck and Have Fun !  You can play the online version of this room-escape game for free here.

This is a medium difficult escape game and should take you between 30 and 60 minutes to complete.

Queen Turkey Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:
Your adventure starts in the pumpkin field:

Take the skull from the lower left pumpkin.
Move the green grassy patch in from of the big tree on the right, and take the pumpkin.
Take the box of matches from the scarecrow.  Zoom in on the box, take a match and light it.
While you are zoomed in on the scarecrow, take the white pumpkin and white bird at the house.
Move the scarecrow's left hand to get the golden key.
Open the house behind the scarecrow with the golden key.  Enter the house.

Take the snail at the window.
Take the ball from the barrel
Take the knife from the top shelf

Exit the house.

Zoom in on the bottom left side of the turkey cage.  Take the white bird.
Zoom in on the bottom left pumpkin group.
Use the knife to cup open the big pumpkin

Take the white bird.

Zoom in on the turkey cage
Take the white pumpkin.

Take the small far-away pumpkin.
Move the very left side pumpkin and take the snail.

Zoom in on the top left side of the pumpkins.  There you will get a snail and bowl.
Zoom in on the middle left side.  Take the small pumpkin.

Zoom in on the bottom middle pumpkins.  Move the pumpkin and take another snail.
Zoom in on the top right turkey (the 2 turkeys are top right side of the field).  Take another skull.

Zoom in on the top left turkey.
Take the green pumpkin.
Place the bowl in front of the turkey.
Place all the snails (5 snails) inside the bowl.
The turkey will eat them.
Zoom out.

There are 3 trees with 3 openings each.
Zoom in on the right-most tree.
Insert the 3 orange pumpkins:

Take the green candle.

Go right.

Take a white skull from the bottom left grass.
Take another skull from the pumpkin.
Zoom in at the base of the tree, move the pumpkin and get a snail.
Insert the ball into the metal container.
Put the candle inside.
Light the candle:

Change the yellow triangles to make a pumpkin-face:

Zoom out

Take the green pumpkin, white pumpkin, white skull, and white bird from the tree.

Go left.
Enter the house
Zoom in on the pumpkin
Insert the 5 skulls and 4 birds into the pumpkin.  Hint: each item got specific slot.

Click on the red pumpkin and remove the white stone in the center.

Exit the house
Zoom in on the center tree of the 3 trees with the 3 holes.
Insert the 3 white pumpkins

Take the green pumpkin.

Insert the 3 green pumpkins on the left tree.

Take the second white stone.

Enter the house and zoom in on the head on the table
Insert the 2 white stones into the dentures

Take the paper.
Look at the paper:

red blue
yellow green

Zoom in on the window above the turkey cage.
Change the 4 window colors as per the paper note:

Take the silver key.

Zoom in on the locker on the right-most tree.
Open the locker using the silver key

Take the gold key.

Zoom in on the turkey cage.

Unlock with the golden key

You have saved the turkey.
Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed the walkthrough.


Hurry and escape the Lab walkthrough

Hurry and escape the Lab walkthrough solution.  Detailed step by step instructions on how to escape from the lab.   This walkthrough will contain tips, tricks, hints, and detail explanations to all the puzzles.  If you are stuck, then this will be all the help you need to get out!  Play "hurry and escape the lab" from flasharcade here.

Hurry and escape the lab walkthrough starts here:

You have 30 seconds to escape each room!
Hint:  You can start to escape before the clock starts.  While the text is on display, you can click around to find and use the objects.

Level 1:

The key is in the hay on the right hand side.  Look bottom left of the hay.
Use the key to unlock the door.
Exit through the door to solve the first room.

Level 2:

Zoom in on the door lock.  Change the colors to match the chemicals on the table. Red, green, blue.

Level 3:

Work your way through the items on the shelf until you get the pocket knife.
Use the knife to cut the blue wire.  Take the key and unlock the door.

Level 4:

Click on the sandwich until you get the cheese.  Place the cheese at the mouse hole bottom left.
Take the mouse.
Use the mouse on the pipe - bottom right.
Take the key that drops out onto the table.
Use the key on the door to escape.

Level 5:

Pick up the box of matches in the right side.
Light the candle with the matches.  This is where the candle is located:

Exit the room.

Level 6:

Pick up the red book from the floor and study the patterns.
Find the books in the bookcase that matches the patterns.  Click them one by one.
The bookcase will move right and open the door.
Exit level 6.

Level 7:

Count the boxes in each row of the shelves on the right.
This is the lock combination.
Click on the door mechanism and adjust to open the door.

Level 8:

Move the orange book to get a slide.
Use the slide on the microscope and study the pattern.
Click on the door lock and change the 4 pictures to create the same pattern you saw on the microscope.

Level 9:

There are 5 bricks you need to press before the door will open.
Hover your mouse over all the bricks on the wall and click when you see the hand icon.  Once all 5 are pressed, the door will open and you can escape level 9.

Level 10:

Look at the pattern on the paper on the wall above the table.  Notice that each circle has a small line from it, either up, down, left, or right.  You need to remember the pattern.
Click on the door lock then adjust the arrows from left to right to point in the same direction as the circle sequence.
Open the door and you will escape!

Well done on a great escape form the evil doctor!  Thank you for hurrying up and escaping from the lab.  Hope you found my walkthrough useful.