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Ruins Walkthrough

RUINS Walkthrough

Ruins Solution
Ruins full explanation to the puzzles
Help, hints, tips, cheats, and a guide to solve Ruins!

About Ruins:
You got lost in mysterious ruins.
Solve the hidden mysteries
to escape from mysterious ruins.

This is a typical room-escape game.
Search for clues.  Figure out what is happening. 
Solve puzzles to advance to the next ruin.
Tap, swipe, shake, rotate, drag-and-drop.
Use items.  

Ruins is made by 58works.com

Your adventure and solution starts here:

You start at the entrance to the ruins.  You can go left and right.

Go right.

Pick up the odd ruin piece in the bush.  It looks like a head.
Look at the symbols on the statue.
It has an arrow going from bottom to top, so read the @'s from bottom up:
left, left, left, right, right, left, right.  We will use this pattern later.

Go right.

Go right again.  You are now at the stacked rock formation.

Pick up the stick on the left.
Look at the stacked rocks.  From left to right: 2, 5, 3.  We will use this numbers later.

Go back left.

Use the stick to retrieve the crowbar.

Go forward to arrive at the dam.

Put the ruin pole head on the pole on the left.
Now you can walk to the center of the dam.

Go to the center and adjust the 3 sliders as per the stacked rocks hint: 2,5,3:

The door will open and you can take the blue bean.

Move the center panel down.
Take the circle coin.

Go back down.  Then left and left again to arrive where you started.

Use the crowbar on the rock to the right of the door.  The arrow branch points to it.
With the rock gone, use the blue been in the opening made for it.

The door will open.  Enter.

At the top you will see the same shape as per the symbol where you got the pole head.
So use the directions you observed there:
Go left, left, left, right, right, left, right.

You will arrive here:

Go left.

Pick up the 2nd Coin in the bush lower left corner.

You will see a hexagon shape on the wall.  Zoom in on the shape and open the lid.

Remember the position of each number.  We will use this later.

Zoom back out.
Go right.
Go right again.

You will see a circle with 6 triangles (as per the previous hint!)
Zoom in on it.

Notice that these triangles are pointing outward.  (The hint pointed inwards)
So look at the hint to see in which direction the triangle is pointing and match with this puzzle.
You need to tap the triangles in order from 1 to 6:

If correct, the center will open.
Use the crowbar to retrieve the 3rd coin.

Go left.

Look at the face above the door.

Use the 3 coins to match the picture.  (Top = eyes, middle = nose, bottom = beard)

If correct, then the door will open.

Go forward through the opening.

Look at the symbols below the UFO on the rock.  Left: top and bottom; Right: top, middle, bottom.  We will use this code at the UFO.

Go right.

Enter the rock opening

Go right:

Move the rock and pick up the machete

Drag the circle around in the bigger circle to see the 2 symbols:
Top: @ and Bottom: 8

Go back left.

Use the machete to cut the tree roots.

Go left.

Use the crowbar to break open the white rock bottom left of the wall.
Take the sheets from inside.

Look at the 2 symbols in the center:  top = screw, bottom = star

Go right.

Solve the puzzle on the wall.
Top left: screw, bottom left: star, top right: @, bottom right 8

Go back.
Go back again.  You are now outside.

Use the sheets to cover the red plant.
Go away from this room then come back.
Take the sheets off the plant.
Take the red button  from the plant.

Go forward into the ruin.

Zoom in on the 4 symbol puzzle.

Place the red button inside

Take the lolly.
Take the red button.

Go out and the left and another left.

Give the lolly to the man.
He will be so happy he will make an opening for you:

Go forward

Take the ladder from the top right pillar.

Go right.

Look at the statue.  Remember the arms.

Go back left.

Go left again.

Pick up the blue button from the lower left bush.
Use the machete to cut the ropes from the statue.

Change the arms of the statue to match the statue you saw earlier:

Go right and another right.

Take the yellow button from the face.

Go left then forward to arrive at the UFO:

Use the ladder against the tree.

Enter the UFO.

Press the buttons as per the UFO hint:  Left side top and bottom, right side: top, middle, and bottom:

Put the blue, yellow and red buttons in place:

The pilot will arrive.

Tap the pilot and he will take off!

Congratulations on solving this wonderful game!

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  1. This was a very good adventure game. Well done to the author - 58Works.com. Well thought out puzzles. Thank you for the walkthrough.