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100 Floors Escape Level 11 to 20 Walkthrough

100 Floors Escape Walkthrough - Level 11 to 20
100 Floors Escape Solutions - Level 11 to 20

After a recent update, this game is now called:

The Floor Escape

Levels 11 to 20 are slightly more challenging than the first 10 levels.
Most of these however will be a walk-in-the-park for seasoned puzzle solvers.
If you are stuck, then this guide will come to your help and assistance.

Walkthrough, Solutions, Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Answers and all you need to solve 100 Floors Escape!
Happy solving!

100 Floors Escape Level 11 Walkthrough:
2 Chess Knights

100 Floors Escape Room 11 Solution:
On the wall is a puzzle you need to solve.
Rotate all the pieces into the correct location.
You need some patience as the rotate quite slowly :-(

Here is the final picture:

100 Floors Escape Level 12 Walkthrough:
Flower House

100 Floors Escape Room 12 Solution:
Drag the 4 pot-plants to the same color in the corners of the wall.
Yellow top left
Blue top right
Red/orange bottom left
Purple bottom right.

100 Floors Escape Level 13 Walkthrough:
Vacation photos

100 Floors Escape Room 13 Solution:
Use the blue and yellow papers at the bottom to mark the number of blue and number of yellow photos.
Blue = 5, yellow = 6

100 Floors Escape Level 14 Walkthrough:
3 Butterflies

100 Floors Escape Room 14 Solution:
Tap the 3 butterflies.
Repeat about 4 times.
They will all end up top right corner and then the door will open.
Level 14 solved!

100 Floors Escape Level 15 Walkthrough:
Sitting Ducks

100 Floors Escape Room 15 Solution:
You will see the hint:  blue arrow from top to bottom.
Yellow arrow from bottom to top.

Load the blue ducks on the left smallest at the bottom.
Load the yellow ducks on the right, largest duck at the bottom.

100 Floors Escape Level 16 Walkthrough:

100 Floors Escape Room 16 Solution:
Tap the globe
Then watch and remember the sequence of symbols.
Then tap the symbols in the same order.

Mine was:
Right 4
Left 2
Left 4
Right 1
Right 2
Right 3
Left 1
Left 3

If you get the sequence right, the door will open.
If you make a mistake, restart the level.

100 Floors Escape Level 17 Walkthrough:
White door, green wall

100 Floors Escape Room 17 Solution:
Pick up the brown carpet on the floor.
Use the carpet and brush the scanner to the right of the door.
Once you can see the hand clearly on the scanner, deselect the carpet.
Not tap and hold the scanner for about 8 seconds and the door will open.

100 Floors Escape Level 18 Walkthrough:
8 Arrows

100 Floors Escape Room 18 Solution:
Start from the bottom left arrow and work your way around clock-wise.
Swipe in the direction of the arrow.  The arrow will turn green then go to the next one.

For the first arrow:  It is pointing downwards, so swipe down on the screen.
Next one is pointing left, so swipe from right to left.
Continue until all arrows are green and the door opens.

Level 18 solved!

100 Floors Escape Level 19 Walkthrough:
Red Blue Yellow Lines

100 Floors Escape Room 19 Solution:
Look at the lines to the side and add the math.

Top left red lines:
2 red lines + 2 = 4. So tap the first red square 3 times so that there are 4 in the stack.

Left blue lines:
2 blue lines - 1 = 1.  So leave the blue square on 1 block.

Left yellow lines:
1 yellow line + 1 = 2.  So tap the yellow block once so that there are 2.

Top right red:
2 red lines + 3 = 5.  So tap the right-side red blocks 4 times so that there are 5.

Right blue lines:
3 lines + 1 = 4.  So tap the right blue blocks 3 times so that there are 4 in the stack.

Right yellow lines:
2 lines + 2 = 4.  So tap the right-side yellow block 3 times.  There should be 4 in the stack.

If correct, then the door will open.
Level 19 Solved!

100 Floors Escape Level 20 Walkthrough:
8 Blocks around the green door.

100 Floors Escape Room 20 Solution:
Slide the door to the left, then tap the 4 right-side blocks to match the color of the door.
Like this:

Slide the door to the right then do the same on the left.

If all 8 colors match correctly, then the door will open and level 20 solved!

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