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THE CURSE walkthrough puzzles 41-46

Here then the solutions answers and walkthrough for the next couple of levels for THE CURSE!
Solutions and Answers for puzzles 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, and 46

 The Curse, Puzzle 41: Draw the line #3:
Here is a possible solution for level 41:

The Curse, Puzzle 42: Circuit #3:
For me this is one of the easiest puzzles to resolve.

 The Curse, Puzzle 43: Lucas Problem
This puzzle is also know as the frog-jump problem.

To resolve, follow these simple rules:
1. Move all the grey pieces that can make a legal move
2. Move all the gold pieces that can make a legal move
3. Repeat until solve

A legal move:
If you can jump, then jump
You can move 1 forward, only if your color will not move forward and touch the same color, unless it moves into its final completed position.

So, move the 1 grey piece forward:

Now gold:  Jump then move 1 gold piece forward: 
Now grey: Jump and jump another one.  Move 1 forward: 
Now gold:  3 Jumps, and move 1 piece forward:
Now grey:  4 jumps: 
Now gold: Move 1 forward, then jump 3 times: 
Now grey: Move 1 forward and jump 2: 
To win this level, Move gold and jump.  Then move grey.

The Curse Puzzle 44: Bulbs #2:
Look carefully and take notes if you have to.  Sequence is getting longer...

The Curse: Puzzle 45: Button Gauge #2
In this level my selection was 3x 4 seconds and 3x 3 seconds.  So I had to start the 3x 4 second gauges almost simultaneously and then after a half-second delay, fired up the other 3.

 The Curse Level 46: Puzzle 46 - Sliding blocks #5

This was a very tricky sliding block puzzle.  The 2 small blocks made some unusual moves.
If you battle, here is a possible solution:

 Each picture will be 3 to 5 moves forward.  You should be able see which blocks were moved:

Interesting pattern forming!

Again the 2 small blocks need to maneuver in a special formation:

Ah!  The worst is over.  Now to get the Mannequin out:

Almost there!  You should not have any more difficulties to solve it from here...

And wola!  Mannequin has been slided out!


The CURSE Walkthrough for levels 36-40

Here is the walkthrough with solutions for levels 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40 for the game "The Curse".

The Curse Puzzle 36: Tangram #4

 To solve the Tan Gram on level 36, start with the 2 big blue triangles and fit them correctly.  The rest will then be easy.  See below how I reconstructed the silhouette:

The Curse Puzzle 37: Match-It #2
There are plenty of time to solve this match-it level 37.  I used the shades of blue at the top of the white egg-shaped figure to eliminate the false matches:

The Curse Puzzle 38: Jars #2

In level 37 you need to divide the liquid in the 3 jars so that jars 1 and 2 have 2 each and 3 in jar 3:

Start by dividing jar 1 into jar 2: 

Divide jar 2 into jar 3: 

Divide jar 3 into jar 1: 

Divide jar 2 into jar 3: 

Divide jar 1 into jar 2: 

And finally, to win this puzzle, divide jar 2 into jar 3: 

The Curse Puzzle 39: Sliding Blocks #4

This was a very difficult sliding block puzzle!  To solve level 39 scroll down for tips of plenty!

 Move the pieces around, and get the following combination:
Now, move the Mannequin down and then move the 2 small blocks on top of each other as below:
Move the 2 top long blocks to the right:
Move the block on the middle left side to the top and move the other long one + the Mannequin to the left:

Move the 2 small blocks down, move the middle to blocks to the right, move the Mannequin to the left:

Move the lower small block up, next to its partner.  Then clear the way in front of the opening!  Wola!

The Curse Puzzle 40: Riddle #6

The word-puzzle for level 40:
I am gifted at sensing 
when trouble is near.
And when I'm turned backwards,
I'm still just as clear.

The answer can only be Radar!


The Curse Walkthrough continuing for puzzles 31 to 34

The CURSE Walkthrough 
Continues with solution and walkthrough for levels 31, 32, 33, and 34

The Curse Puzzle 31: Solitaire #1

Here is a possible solution in 23 moves. (updated 2013-01-09)

Follow the arrows:












19 & 20 





The Curse Puzzle 32: Riddle #5
For level 32, the riddle:
If a loop is something you swim in,
And a reward is something you open.
The word lever will provide your answer.

Answer hint:  Read some of the words backwards.
Solution: LEVER spelled backwards: revel.

The Curse Puzzle 33: Burn the rope #3

Start here:

Then up and left:

Then go around the top:

Go back to the top:

Then come down for the win:

The Curse Puzzle 34: Code Box
For me this was by far the most difficult to crack.  Here then my strategy.  If you something better, please comment!

For The Curse Level 34 you get 10 submits to crack the code.  Almost like Mastermind...

Tries 1 - 5:  Make all the blocks the same pictures.  Start for example with 6 trees.  Click submit and record how many trees are in the solution.  Repeat so that you tested 5 pictures.  You do not need to test the last picture as you should be able to calculate picture #6's count from the other 5.  You might be lucky and get the number of pictures before you get to try number 5...

In my example:
0 trees
3 butterflies
1 tortoise
0 half-moons
1 fires
so, without testing, I know there is 1 square.

So, I used 5 turns to determine the solution will contain 3 butterflies, 1 tortoise, 1 fire, and 1 square.
Now I have 5 changes to figure out the order.

I used 2 chances to get the 3 butterflies correct:

So 2 tries left to guess the order of the other 3.

A possible hint:  I have tested a couple of times and at no time was the random start-order correct (e.g. click submit without changing any pictures and it will always show 0 correct).  Maybe this can help you to eliminate some combinations.  (I have tested about 10 times...)