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Escape from the Alien Ship Walkthrough

Escape from the Alien Ship Walkthrough
Escape from the Alien Ship Solution

Full walkthrough solution. Step-by-Step instructions.  Detailed explanations to the puzzles.  All the help you need to escape alive from the Alien Ship.  You can play Alien Ship Escape here.

Escape from the Alien Ship walkthrough starts here:

You start inside the alien ship at the door:

Zoom in on the left wall on the power glove compartment.
Press the green button to open the door to the glove.
Take the power glove

Zoom in on the control at the big door, on the right of the door.
Use the power glove on the top keypad.

Take the blue key card.

Use the power glove on the bottom keypad
Take the red key card.

Zoom in on the center control on the big door.
Use the red key card to open the door.


Zoom in on the table in the center
Open the left compartment (the part with the 2 red and 2 blue lights) to get a battery.
Open the right compartment and get a chip.

Zoom in on the machine on the left.
Insert the blue key card.
Pull the lever

Take the power cylinder.

Go right

Zoom in on the robot man.
Turn his head around
Insert the battery

When his head opens, insert the chip.
Take the second power cylinder.

Zoom in on the cupboard on the left.
Open by selecting the correct code. There are 5 options, so select from top-to-bottom.

When the door opens, take the 3rd power cylinder.

Open the compartment in the center of the left wall.
Take the finger print detector.

Go right

Open the circular compartment (with red green blue yellow).  Take the screwdriver machine inside.

Go left
Zoom in on the center machine

Use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws on the panel
Take the 4th power cylinder.

Go right
Zoom in on the power cylinders above the brown space ship.
Add the 4 cylinders.

Take the power source.
The door will open on the wall.  Enter.

You are now in the main control room

Take the orange key card from the control desk on the very left.

Zoom in on the finger printer detector.
Insert the orange key card.

Take the finger prints film.

Zoom in on the device at your left.  There are 2 fingerprints on the display.
Insert the finger print film.
It will match and you will get the message "door is open".

Press the green button.

Take your ship ticket.. If you select the wrong ship ticket then it will move out of the way so you can select the right one.

Look at your ticket:  Ship Name A21 - Code: 00110

Zoom in on the center control.
Open the cover

Insert the power source.

Zoom in on the screen above the right seat.
Enter the code 00110

Off you go!

Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough to Alien Ship Escape.


Blue Sunset Walkthrough

Blue Sunset WalkthroughBlue Sunset Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions so that you can escape the apartment in time to see the blue sunset.  Tips, hints, and help provided in this guide with detailed explanations to the puzzles.  Play the game here.

Blue Sunset Escape Walkthrough starts here:

Zoom in on the plant in the top right corner.
Take 2 tiles - one from the couch and one behind the plant.

Zoom in on the seat at the bottom of the curtains
Take a tile

Read the book
On page 2 you will see a fish:

And some color codes on page 5:

Look at the available page numbers: 2,4,5,7

Turn left.

Open the top drawer with the code 2457 as per the page numbers.
Take the 2 tiles:

Open the middle drawer.  The code is FISH as per page 2 of the book.
Take the tile inside:

Take the tile next to the basket with the wine.

Walk around the room and zoom in on the fish swimming on the wall:

Notice the fish on the left swim left-right.  From left to right this will be: right, left, right, right, left.
Notice the fish on the right swim up-down.  From left-to-right this will be: up, down, up, up , down, up.

Click each painting to see some markings behind it.  I have no idea what their purpose are.  I did not use them to solve any of the puzzles.

Go left and zoom in on the snow balls.  There are 2 of them.  Once with to buttons on top of each other and one with the 2 buttons left and right.  This match the fish we saw above.

For the top-bottom snowball, press the sequence as per the fish:  up, down, up, up , down, up.  Press the open button.

If you are correct it will open and you can take the pearl.

Do the same with the other snowball, using the combination  right, left, right, right, left. Press the open button.
Take the pearl.

Go back to the painting of the fishes.
Between the 2 paintings there are 2 hungry fish.  Feed each fish a pearl as per the book.

Take the key.

Go left.
Open the top compartment with the key

Take the tile.

Zoom in on the bottom-of-the-shelf puzzle.
This is a very tricky one.
You will see 4 red circles and you need to change their colors to solve this puzzle.
We get the clue in the book, but it is not very obvious what to do!

Here is the solution to the color codes:
Change the quarter of each circle that points to corner of the square. The color should match that of the center circle in the book.  So, top left should be blue.  Top right should be red.  Bottom left should be yellow.  Bottom right should be green.  The remainder of each circle should match the big outer circles in the book.  Top left must be red.  Top right must be yellow. Bottom right must be blue.  Bottom left must be green.

This is the solution:

Click the open button and take the 8th shells tile.

Zoom in on the center of the shelf and replace the 8 tiles:

You will notice that each row as at least 1 tile that cannot rotate.  Rotate the rest to match it so that all the tiles per row are oriented the same from top-bottom and a mirror image left-right:

Take the key.

Go right and replace the other shell tile.
Insert the key:

Turn the key.
Notice that the big opening of each shell is pointing in a direction.  From top to bottom: up, right, left, left, right, down.

Turn right and zoom in on the big bottom drawer.

The buttons to open this drawer should be pressed according to the direction of the shells.
So press top, right, left, left, right, bottom.

Take the door key!

Turn left and zoom in on he white door.
Use the key to open the door and escape!

Congratulations on a great escape!  We made it in time to see the beautiful blue sunset! Yea!  Have some good red wine, you deserve it!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


Escape the Office Walkthrough

Escape the Office WalkthroughEscape the Office Solution

Full walkthrough solution that help you escape from the office.  Detailed explanations to all the puzzles.  Guide with tips, hints, and help to get you out alive!

About Escape the Office:  A point-and-click room escape game.  Flash based.  You can play for free here hosted by Adictinggames.com.  Part of the Afro-Ninja escape series.  There is no plot, no story, no motive.  You are just stuck at the office and need to escape.  Do it fast!

Escape the Office Walkthrough start here:

You start the adventure facing the back of the office desk

Look under the carpet on the right and get a power cord.

Click on the desk to face the front.

Take the notecard with red, red, yellow, blue, blue on it.
Take the scissors from the left drawer.
Use the power cord on the desk lamp.  Switch it on.

You will see the outline of a key hidden in the lamp.
Use the scissors to retrieve the key.

Use the key to unlock the right drawer.
Take the stapler and prism from the drawer.

Take the power cord from the lamp.

Turn around and zoom in on the blinds at the window.
Open the blinds
Attach the prism to the hook at the top in the center

Turn around and attach the power cable to the printer.
If you click the printer it will tell you it is functioning properly.

Turn around and Zoom in on the keyboard on the desk

Notice that the prism projected blue, red, and yellow light to the keyboard.
Remember you saw these same colors on the note...
Red, red, yellow, blue, blue.  So, the password will be TT8CC

Enter TT8CC and hit ENTER.
The computer will now be unlocked

Zoom in on the monitor for the PC.
Go to Print Manager

Click Print Remaining Docs

Go to the printer and take the document.

Read the document.
Notice the key phrases:  Derek's special day, employee of the month, year
Close the document

Turn around till you see the calendar on the wall.  Look at the calendar
NOTE:  Your dates might be different!  E.g. The Award Reception might have been moved to the 15th of October.  Change the code to reflect the date in your version.

Derek's special day -- the Award Reception = 17
Month = October = 10
Year = 2013

Go back to the PC Monitor.  Run the Safe Guard application.
Enter the code 17102013 to unlock the safe.  (Hint:  Your code might be different as per above.  When I played it a second time the award reception moved to the 15th then  code will be 15102013)

Go right around till you get to the wall with the photo frame
Zoom in on the photo
Use the stapler to smash the glass

Take the Teensy Key

Go right around till you get to the safe.
Open the safe

Open the brown box using the Teensy Key.
Take the flash drive inside.

Go back to the desk
Insert the flash drive into the USB hub in the bottom left corner.

Zoom in on the Monitor
There is a new icon: Top Floor.  Click it

In this puzzle you need to reach the key to win

Hint: The elevator in the center will go up if you take the right-most elevator down.
The right-most elevator will go up if you take the left most elevator down.
The left-most elevator will go up if the send-from right elevator goes down.
The second-from right elevator goes up when the second from left elevator goes up!

So, take the 2nd elevator up to the top (the send from right will move up with it)
Take the 2nd from right elevator down so the left-most elevator goes up.
Take the left-most elevator down to get the right-most elevator up.
Take the right-most elevator down and the center elevator will go up.
Repeat the above steps until the center elevator reach the top
One it is at the top, it will call the lift for you!

Exit the top floor game
Go to the lift
Press the lift button!

Well done on the great escape!
Quite a challenge!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.
Escape the Office solved! Yea.  Now time to take a break.