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100 Door Codes Level 1 to 10 Walkthrough

100 Door Codes Walkthrough
level 1 to 10

100 Door Codes Solution
for the first 10 levels

100 Door Codes is a very challenging room-escape-game for tablets.
In each level you need to solve a puzzle, but you get very little instruction.
You need to figure out what is happening, what is going on, 
and then solve to advance to the next room.
If you love challenges, then you will love solving the puzzles of 100 Door Codes!

Here I will provide solutions, tips, cheats, hints, and a guide to solve 100 Door Codes.

100 Door Codes Level 1 Walkthrough
Dots from S to E
100 Door Codes Code 1 Solution:
Hint: Follow the dots from S to E

Solution:  Start from the letter S and then count the dots in each group.  Work your way to E.
3 5 1 7

Use the keypad next to the door and enter the code 3517 to win level 1.
The door will open and you tap the center arrow to advance to level 2.

This was a hard level to start off with!  :-)

100 Door Codes Level 2 Walkthrough
14135 wires crossed to 02533
100 Door Codes Code 2 Solution:
Hint: The number with the dot next to it, is the sequence from 1 to 5.

Solution: Follow the lines from the dotted number in sequence from 1 to 5.  
The numbers at the end of the lines are the solution to level 2.

0 5 3 3 1

Use the keypad and win 100 Door Codes level 2 with the code 05331

100 Door Codes Level 3 Walkthrough
Green plants
100 Door Codes Code 3 Solution:
Hint: Count the leaves

Solution: Count the leaves of each of the green plants.  From left to right: 6 3 1 4 5
Use the keypad and type in 63145 to win

100 Door Codes Level 4 Walkthrough
3 USA Coins
100 Door Codes Code 4 Solution:
If you do not know the US coins, on the picture is a quarter, a nickel and a dime.
They are worth 25, 5, and 10 cents.
I think you work right to left due to the faces pointing left?
Enter 25 5 10 to win.

100 Door Codes Level 5 Walkthrough
Red numbers with green line
100 Door Codes Code 5 Solution:
This is an easy level
The number 1,2,3,4 are outside of the green line.
The solution will be the numbers inside the line starting from the outside 1 to 4:

100 Door Codes Level 6 Walkthrough
Sun glasses
100 Door Codes Code 6 Solution:
Look at the reflection in the sunglasses.

Use the keypad and win level 6 with the code 31585

100 Door Codes Level 7 Walkthrough
Disco Lights
100 Door Codes Code 7 Solution:
Start at A and count the footsteps to B: 7
Count from B to C: 2
Count from C to D: 5
Count from D to the exit: 3

Use the keypad with the code 7 2 5 3
to solve level 7 of 100 Door Codes.

100 Door Codes Level 8 Walkthrough
Camouflage  Clock
100 Door Codes Code 8 Solution:
The camo wall will hint at the military.
So look at the clock in military format: 1915

So tap the keypad and win with code 1915

100 Door Codes Level 9 Walkthrough
217 Swords
100 Door Codes Code 9 Solution:

There are 4 swords arranged counter-clockwise with the number 217.
So win with the number 217 backwards: 712

100 Door Codes Level 10 Walkthrough
Blue Yellow Red Green
100 Door Codes Code 10 Solution:
Hint: the order is Red Green Blue Yellow as shown by the arrow on the door.
There are 5 red hearts
There are 7 green stripes
There are 5 blue circles (the one is in the shade, easy to miss)
There are 9 yellow squares

So solve level 10 with the number 5759!

There you go.  The first 10 levels of 100 Door Codes solved!

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