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Grow Cannon Walkthrough

Grow Cannon Walkthrough adventure.  Here is some tips & hints with the full build order that will help you solve the eyezmaze game - Grow Cannon.   Play Grow Cannon adventure puzzle game here.

The man is sleeping.  It is your task to wake him up using the cannon.  Unfortunately the cannon cannot shoot all the way to the sleeping man... you need to make a better plan!

You use a cannon that can shoot 10x and you select the distance for each shot.

Hints:  This is the final maxed positions:




Grow Cannon Build Order:  (The numbers below indicate the position where you need to shoot with 1= the closest to the cannon)

4 - Shoot to the rock next to the tree to make it night and reveal the day/night switch lever.

5 - Shoot the dirt patch to get the purple flower.

6 - Shoot the pond.  The pond creature will eat the flower and turn into a dragon.

4 - Shoot the lever to change to daylight.  The dragon will fall asleep.

3 - Shoot just left of the tree.  This will build a track and bring the train.  The train driver will break off the lever.

4 - Shoot the train driver.   He will think it was the dragon, then attach the dragon - turn the dragon into bones.

1 - Shoot close to get the big foot bone to join the other bones.

2 - Shoot a bit further to get the small foot bone to join up with the other bones.  Now you have a proper foot.

3 - Shoot the train to make it bigger.   And as a bonus you will get a big bomb.

5 - Shoot the foot.  The ball will run off into the hole, and push a little mouse out at the other side.

Watch the animation... You have awoken the sleeping man and he made it to the church in time!

Well done on solving Grow Cannon.  Congratulations.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough build order.

Escape from Pirates Island Walkthrough

Escape from Pirates Island Walkthrough solution - the full instruction manual on how to solve this point-and-click room escape game.  Play the game here.  Detailed step-by-step instructions with tips, hints, and detailed explanations.  If you are stuck in Pirates Island, then this walkthrough will help you escape... alive!

About Escape from Pirates Island Game:  The 510th escape game from 123bee.com Guys!! Myself smith, i planned a research trip. As per my plan I started the journey in ship. All of a suddenly the ship got crashed and the sea waves took me to an island. You know what? The island looks very strange. A group of people are coming, who are they? Oh no! They were pirates. If I caught, they will kill me. I want to escape, gosh! I can see a ship over there. I need your help to escape, will you……?

Escape from Pirates Island Walkthrough starts here:
You start the Pirate Island escape from the beach leisure area.

Look in the sand at the right edge of the blanket.  Take the blue sea star.

Go right

Take the white pen from the grass, bottom left area.
Take the bone from, the red ground.
Zoom in on the bone, open it, then take the token.
Take the spade on the statue.
Take some fruit from the tree above the statue.

Zoom in on the tree on the bottom right.
Give the fruit to the blue birdie.
The bird will fly away, now you can take another token.

Go back left.

Zoom in on the area just right of the cave entrance
Use the pin to lift the rock

Take the brown box.

Zoom into the bush, just right of this rock you lifted.

Take the knife and hammer

Zoom into the bush just left of the cave opening
Use the knife to retrieve the underwater token.

Go right

Zoom in on the dirt just below the statue
Use the spade to lift the rock

Take the brown box.

Go right to the pirate ship

Zoom in on the red crab, move the crab, take the token.
Take the orange and pink stars on the left side.
Zoom in on the steering wheel far in front, then take the token from it.

Zoom in and open the floor panel just left of the mast pole.

Take the brown box.

Zoom in on the sealed barrel
Use the hammer to take the nails out

Take the 4th brown box.

Zoom in on the door below the steering wheel
Insert the 3 colored stars
The door will open.  Enter the Pirate Captains' Cabin.

Open the chest and take the 5th brown box.
Take the tablecloth from under the candle
Zoom in on the painting and take a token
Take the key from the top shelf
Open the dressing table drawer with this key.  Take the 6th brown box and pink star inside.

Zoom in on the brown boxes
Insert the 6 tokens. (Hint: each token has a specific spot, so keep trying different boxes until each token fits)

Take the 6 pieces inside the boxes.

Look at the tablecloth.

You should recognize this from the 1st scene.
Go out and all the way left.

Zoom in on the cave door.
Insert the pink star into the door.
Insert the 6 pieces

Your boat will drift down and you will escape!

Congratulations on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

Grow Island Walkthrough

Grow Island Walkthrough solution

- to help you solve the game "Grow Island".  You need to click the panels in the correct order to max out all the panels!  Play the game here.

In this game, you have the following panels:

Electrical Engineering:

Computer Science:

Civil Engineering:

Applied Chemistry:

Aeronautics, marine, automotive engineering:


Environmental Engineering: 

Mechanical Engineering:

Tips & Hints:
Build Chemistry last.  The device will fall over if the chemicals are not ready.
You need a family.  The Civil Engineer will fall in love with the house inhabitant.
For architecture, as soon as you have a family you need the environmental engineering, otherwise the poo nappies will cause a disaster
The computer only needs 1 turn to max, so build it second from last.
For Aeronautics... you need turns to build: a boat, a car, a rocket

Here is the solution walkthrough:
Build Order -->
1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Civil Engineering
3. Architecture
4. Aeronautics
5. Environmental Engineering
6. Electrical Engineering
7. Computer Science
8. Applied Chemistry

Well done on solving Grow Island!  Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


Adventure Forest Escape Walkthrough

Adventure Forest Escape Walkthrough solution - your full step-by-step solution to this windows point-and-click room escape game.  Tips, tricks, help with detailed explanations to the puzzles.  If you are stuck and do not know what to do to escape, then this is the guide you need!  You can play the escape game here.  This logic escape game is quite difficult and without help it will take you about 2 to 3 hours to solve.

Adventure Forest Escape Walkthrough starts here:
You start this adventure escape at the river in the forest.

Zoom in on the pile of wood, then take the flea.
Take the knife from the rocks on the right side of the river.

Go right to the mushroom-filled river

If you zoom into the orange-colored mushroom in the bottom right, you will notice that we need a 6-digit number to solve it.

Take the bug from the bottom left mushroom.
Take the ladybird bug from the right side red mushroom

Go up into the forest

In the center at the arrows, take the piece of wood with the number 7 on it.

Go up

Pick up the dead rat in the bottom left part of the screen.
Take the wooden statue in the pathway
Take the wooden plank in the pathway
Take the grasshopper bug on the wooden stump just above the down arrow.

Look at the green mushroom plant to get the code 52803

But wait!  Use the knife to cut off number 0.  Now the code is 5283!

Go up the path

Take the axe and wooden plank.
Take the fly bug on the plant close to the left edge, almost half-way up.

Go up into the dark forest

Take the piece of wood with the number 5 on it.
Take the golden key, close to the center point of the screen.

Zoom in on the chameleon in the lower right side.
Notice the number 875:

Zoom in on the sign on the tree, bottom right:
Notice the arrows and order.  We will use it later on the paper with numbers.

Go right

Place the dead rat on the brick sign on the left.
The owl will take it and drop a leaf.  Take the red leaf.
Take the golden key from the owl.
Notice the number 135 on the brick sign.

Go right.

Zoom in on the locker at the pile of rocks.
Open with the code 5984 (from the wooden planks)

Take the green bug.

Go left, left, left

Use the axe on the right tree to remove the bark. Take the leaf.
Zoom in on the plate on the left tree.  Notice the bugs you need to collect.

You can place your bug collection here, each bug has a specific match.

There is a bug mask on the tree in the center.  Take it.

Go left to the old wooden house.

Take a piece of paper form the green container on the left.  Read the paper:

You will see the numbers 4789 written on the paper.  (Hint: The order is 4789 - remember the sign on the tree next to the chameleon!)

Look at the clock on the house. It is 5'o clock.

Take the wooden plank next to the house.
Take the 3-leave clover from the bottom right area.

Open the bottom combination lock drawer with the code 4789 (from the piece of paper, order from the sign on the tree.  If the code does not open it, make sure you zoomed in on both the paper and the sign on the tree)

Take the second statue.

Open the top drawer using the small golden key.

Take the bug.

Open the locker to the left of the stairs.
The code is 5283 (from the green mushroom with the zero cut off)

Take the wooden clock.

Go up to the bridge

Take the wooden plank from the bridge.
Take the piece of wood with the number 8 from the river on the right.
Take the blue bug from the river on the left.
Take the 5-leaf leaf from the trees just right of center.

Zoom in on a wooden plank
Add the other 3 planks
Notice the code 5984:

Go up.

This is where you need to place all the leaves.

Go back down and right.
Go place all the bugs in the bug collection plate

Take the statue.

Go right, right, right
Insert the wood with numbers into the tree on the right.
From top-to-bottom it must be 875 (hint from chameleon)

Take the mask.

Go all the way down to the river with the red mushrooms.
Zoom in on the orange mushroom on the right.
The code to open it is: Use the 135 clue (on the bricks at the owl) and the 0 from the cut green mushroom.  The answer is 10305.  Not so nice clue!?

Take the leaf.

Go up, left, up all the way to the room where you can place the leaves.
Insert the 5 leaves.

Insert below them the mask, statues, clock.   I do not know the order, I used trial-and-error to get them in.  Notice that the one slot take the 2 similar statues.

Zoom in on the brown clock that you used second from left.
Change to 5'o Clock (as per the clock on the wooden house)

Take the green star.

Insert the green star on the door.
Now you will see the key hole.

Unlock the door with the key.

Well done on this great escape!
Hope my walkthrough was of help.
You are welcome to leave a comment below.