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Lavish House Escape Walkthrough

Lavish House Escape Walkthrough

About Lavish House Escape:

The 372nd escape game from 123bee.com. You get a chance to meet your favorite basketball player through a lucky draw. This is a big day for you, you are die-hard fan of him. You went to share this news with your friend. Out of greedy, your friend locks you in his lavish house and went out. Find the key and escape from the lavish house. You can play it for free on Windows by following THIS link.

Solution, Walkthrough, Answers, Help, Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Guide with screen prints on how to solve Lavish House Escape.

The adventure starts in the loft bedroom:

Zoom in on the lower right corner of the door, and take Key 550.

Nothing else to do for now, so go to your left.

This move takes you to the lounge.

Take the teddy piece from behind the television.

Move the pillow on the couch and take another teddy piece.

Go left.
Now you are in the beige lounge

There is another teddy piece you can pick up from under the couch.

Take the silver key next to the television.  Zoom in on the lower right corner of the TV to get it.

Go left.

You are now in the designer kitchen.

Open the cupboard below the gas stove to get a teddy piece. 

Open the top cupboard to get a teddy piece.

Go back to the loft bedroom.

Open the middle right drawer using the silver key.
Get the final teddy piece.

Zoom in on the teddy and drag all the pieces in to build the complete teddy.

Press the red button on the teddy stomach to get the code 509.

Go left to the lounge.

Open the drawer in the center with the teddy code: 509.

Take the pass book from inside.

Open the pass book.

Notice that the numbers 923 are in bold:

Go to the kitchen.

Open the combination lock drawer with the code 923.

Take the golden key from inside.

Go to the beige lounge.

Open the drawer below the TV with the golden key.

Take the CD.

Under the TV, open the drawer and use the code from the key: 550.

You will see the CD player inside.
Tap to open the CD tray.
Insert the CD.

You will see some animation, then a circle around the word "Escape".

Zoom in on the alphanumeric lock on the couch.

Open with the word "ESCAPE".

Take the blue book from inside.

Read the book to find the code 564.

Go back to the loft bedroom.

Open the lower left drawer with the code 564.

Take the golden key from inside.

Zoom in on the door

Use the golden key to unlock the door to freedom!


Well done on solving the Lavish House Escape.

Hope you enjoyed the solution and walkthrough.

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