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Black White Room Escape Walkthrough

Black White Room Escape Walkthrough

About Black White Room Escape -
There is nobody to help the little boy,
locked inside this room,
except his friend the bee.  Unfortunately
even the Bee is locked inside.
To help them, you have to find and release
the Bee who in turn can be
used to help you in letting the little boy
escape.  Have fun!

Here is the full solution with tips, hints, tricks, cheats, and walkthrough to guide you from start to finish.
This is a fun-filled adventure.  Puzzles are easy to medium difficulty.
It should take you between 1 and 2 hours to solve.

This game is available on Windows and Tablets.  This walkthrough has been prepared while playing on the Android Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet.  Slight variations can occur on other platforms or devices.

You begin in the lounge:

Zoom in on the pot plant in the center.  Take the brown stick from it.
Zoom in on the hi-fi equipment and take the blue memory stick.

Zoom in on the 4 fans-locker on the left.
Tap each fan and count how many times it opens up.
Adjust the number below it to the same number.  
(Top = 3, right = 1, Bottom = 4, Left = 2)
If correct the door will open you can can get the Bee.

Zoom in on the pink flowers and use the Bee on it.  The bee will smell it. (not sure why)

Zoom in on the TV then use the Bee on the TV to switch it on:
Not sure what is the significance of this graph?

Go to your right.
Now you are in the bedroom.

Zoom in on the table (I had to tap close to the basin)
Take the camera.
Use the camera in your inventory and load the memory stick top right of camera.
Look at the colors of the fruit:
Orange, Purple, Red, Green.

Go back to the lounge:
Zoom in on the cabinet in the center corner.
There is a 4-color code combination.
Adjust the colors as per the camera: Orange, Purple, Red, Green.
The locker will open and you get a card.

Go back to the bedroom
then go to your right.

You are now at the front door:

Open the locker.
Take the brown stick from it.

Zoom in on the rat hole.
Use the Bee on it.

A mouse will come out and give you a card.  Take the card

Go back to the bedroom.

Zoom in on the locker above the bed.
Use the Bee on the white board.
The Bee will color it in for you.

Now count both sides: 10 and 12
Use number 1012 to open.
Take the Card from inside.

Open the top left drawer and take the yellow pipe.

Zoom in on the basin.
Use the Bee on the tap
Use the yellow pipe on the tap.
Tap the tap.  The Bee will now put the fire out.

With the Bee still at the fireplace, use the brown stick on the bee.
The Bee will open up the fireplace and move the logs:

Take the Brown Box

Open the brown box and take the card from inside.

At the bed-lamp, take the white sticky card.

Look at the "painting" above the basin:

Use the Bee on the painting.
The Bee will color a line yellow.
Now you can tap the painting to open a secret compartment.
Take the card from it.

Zoom in on the window.
Use the Bee on the window
Give the sticky stick to the Bee.

The Bee will retrieve another card for you. Take it.

In your inventory, look at one of the cards.
Now drag all the cards into the frame

If you count the circles you will have 1, 3, 5, 6

Go to the front door.
Zoom in on the door

Use the code 1,3,5,6 to open the door!

The door will open and you have a Great ESCAPE!
Well done!

Bugs I found:
1. At the fireplace:  After putting the fire out and using the Bee on the fireplace, the fire suddenly returned!? Then bug #2 below happened.
2. I have used the Bee at the fireplace and then it disappeared.  I had to restart the game and this time all worked out.
3. During the game, after taking a screen-print the game hung at the "continue or quit" screen.  I had to restart my device and restart the game.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the black white room walkthrough. I also wondered why you had to switch the TV on, and why the Bee had to smell the roses. Looks like the developer had some more ideas that he did not complete or implement yet. Beautiful game with good puzzles. Maybe a little bit too easy. Take care!