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The Rise Walkthrough Level 21 to 30

The Rise Walkthrough Level 21 to 30
The Rise Solution Level 21 to 30

Here is the full walkthrough solution including detailed explanations to the puzzles so that you can solve The Rise.

Walkthrough Solution for The Rise Levels 1 to 10 can be found here.
Walkthrough for levels 11 to 20 can be found here.
Walkthrough Solution for The Rise Levels 21 to 30... read on!

The Rise Walkthrough Level 21

You will see the words "RISE" on the wall.  So, use the keypad and "dial" RISE, that will be 7473.
First part solved.  Now the window will open.
You will see 78735 on the wall, but, above the keypad you will see the reverse arrow, so enter 53787 on the keypad.  Now both lights will be green.
Exit level 21!

The Rise Walkthrough Level 22

Hint: Follow the arrows from top to bottom.

Solve level 22 by sliding the door according to the direction of the arrows, starting top to bottom.  If you did it right you will see a smiley face on the door.
Slide right, right, left, right, left, left.

Once you see the smiley, slide it again and you can exit level 22.

The Rise Walkthrough Level 23

On level 23 you have 4 circles, center-, inner- middle and outer circles.
You need to complete the picture by rotating these circles.... But, there is a trick.  When you turn the circles, they can also move another circle with them... the exception is the very outer circle that rotates only itself.

You select a circle to move, then use the clockwise or anticlockwise arrows to rotate them.

When you complete the puzzle, it will be this picture:

Hint: Start with the center piece and work your way to the outer layer.

This is the number of rotations I used: (Always the right clockwise arrow)
Step1: Center -  1
Step2: 2nd from center - 1
Step3: 3rd from center - 6
Step4: Outer circle = 3

The Rise Walkthrough Level 24

Count me level.
Count the letters of each word from top to bottom, then click on the correct location in the bookcase.
If you click correctly for each word, then the bookcase will move left and you can exit level 24.

Top left in the bookcase = 1, top right = 2
2nd from top left = 3, etc.  according to the numbers on the chair.
As you click on the bookcase, the number will be highlighted on the chair.

The Rise Walkthrough Level 25

Step1: Press the fire alarm under the keypad.
Step2: Dial "fire" - 3473
Step3: The fire extinguisher will become available.  Take it and smash the door a couple of times until it breaks open.  Exit level 25.

The Rise Walkthrough Level 26

Pick up the flashlight.
Switch off the light by pulling the chain
Shine the flashlight on all the numbers and notice 815 are encircled.
Switch on the light by pilling the chain
Zoom in on the lock
Open the lock with the combination 815
Click on the door to exit level 26

The Rise Walkthrough Level 27

This is an easy level.  No need to do funny maths with the numbers!
There are 4 blocks and 4 numbers each pointing to a block.
From left to right the blocks will have the numbers 43 47 46 59

At the height of the top of the doors, there are 4 white blocks.  Light up a block from left to right, then enter the correct number of the keypad for that block, according to the sequence we worked out above.
So, select the first block and enter 43 on the keypad.  Next block 47.  The green light on the left door will be on.  For the right door select 46 and 59 in their blocks.  As you enter the numbers it will appear on the door.

Click any door to exit level 27.

The Rise Walkthrough Level 28

Click the dustbin to get a ball and a token.
Insert the token on the left.  Then solve the easy sliding puzzle game.
Use the ball on the ball throwing game.  No skill needed here!

Open he door to exit level 28.

The Rise Walkthrough Level 29

This was a tricky level!
Look at the clue on the steps: 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1,
So, click the numbers 2,3,4,5
You will now have this shape on the LED display:

Now, look at the red LED's and make this shape at the top 3x3 grid.

You will hear a beep and can exit level 29!

The Rise Walkthrough Level 30

Look at the ground and you will see in light violet a star pattern.
Make this pattern in the stars.
You start with the big bright star, almost in the center....

Once you made the pattern as per the picture, click on the space's light beam to take you away from the game!

Well done on solving level 1 to 30.
You escaped!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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