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Wooden Cottage Escape Walkthrough

Wooden Cottage Escape Walkthrough
Wooden Cottage Escape Solution

Walkthrough solution end-to-end with detailed instructions and explanations on how to solve the Wooden Cottage room escape game.  Tips and hints provided in this guide.  If you are stuck and need help, then this guide will assist you all the way to escape from the wooden cottage... alive!

Wooden Cottage Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You start in the dining room overlooking the lounge in the wooden cottage.

Zoom in on the bowl full of orange balls on the table, then take an orange ball.
Take the duster brush from the side table next to the chair in the lounge.
Take a battery from the book shelf to the right of the TV in the lounge.

Zoom in on the picture above the TV.
Solve the picture by swapping out pieces. Hint: when a piece is in its correct place you cannot move it again.
It is a picture of a horse.

When you complete the picture it will move and reveal a secret code: 369

Go right to the bedroom.

Zoom in on the purple balls on the carpet
Use the brush to clear the dirt
Take a purple ball.

Zoom in on the drawer under the laptop
Open with the code 369

Take the remote.

Go right to the kitchen

Zoom in on the bowl and take a green ball.
Do the same with the other bowl to get a yellow ball.
Take a glass from the counter top

Go right to the wooden room.

Take the golden key from the table
Open the bottom left drawer and get another battery.

Zoom in on the remote
Open the rear
Insert the 2 batteries

Go left to the bedroom
Zoom in on the TV
Use the remote on the TV

You will see code 571.

Go right to the kitchen
Open the drawer with code 571

Take the filter

Open the locked cupboard with the golden key

Take the red ball.

Zoom in on the glass
Add all the colored balls
Take the glass
Zoom in on the tap in the kitchen
Add the glass to fill the glass-with-balls with water

Take the glass

Zoom in on the filter
Add the glass

Now you will have all the washed balls in the filter
Take the balls

Zoom in on the balls
Now you will see code 36524

Go right to the wooden room
Zoom in on the 5-color coded drawer
Enter the codes as per the colors:
(green yellow orange red purple)

Take the silver key.

Zoom in on the door on the right
Use the silver key to open

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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