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The Rise Walkthrough Level 1 to 10

The Rise Walkthrough Levels 1 to 10
The Rise Solution Levels 1 to 10

Walkthrough for the next 10 levels (11 to 20) can be found here.
Walkthrough Solution for The Rise Levels 21 to 30 can be found here.
For levels 1 to 10 walkthrough, read on!

Full walkthrough solution to solve the levels of The Rise!  Detailed explanations to all the puzzles!
You can play the free online flash version here.  The Rise is a point-and-click room escape game from Abroy.com

The Rise Level 1 Walkthrough

Pull the light chain down.
The light will go on
Exit through the door.

The Rise Level 2 Walkthrough

Take the red Stanley knife from the shelf.
Use the knife to cut the big box open
Take the key from inside
Use the key on the door

The Rise Level 3 Walkthrough

Take the walking stick
Click the left button until it is completely open
Quickly then click the right button until the door is open
Put the walking stick in between the 2 doors.
This is tricky to get right...
This is how it will look:

The Rise Level 4 Walkthrough

There is a 4x3 grid on the left.
Name the columns of the grid A, B, C and D
Name each row of the grid 1,2,3
Now light the grid as per the code: A2, B3, C2, C1, D3

If correct, the door will open and you can go to level 5.

The Rise Level 5 Walkthrough

Pick up the torch light from the stairs
Use the torch light and shine all over the scene.  When you see a square, click it and a red light will turn green.  You need to click all 10 of the hidden squares to open the door.

The Rise Level 6 Walkthrough

This is a simple Tower-Of-Hanoi game that you need to solve.
If you do not know how to solve Tower Of Hanoi, then follow this sequence to solve:

A-C, A- B, C- B, A-C
B-A, B-C, A-C

The Rise Level 7 Walkthrough

To solve level 7, you need to make all the lines green
As you click from block to block, the line connecting the blocks will change.
When you have all on green (remember the outside semi-circles) the door will open

The Rise Level 8 Walkthrough

Take the Stanley Knife from the box
Use the knife to cut open the big box
Use the knife to cut open the 3 ropes on the covered space ship
Click the cover so that you can see the space ship
Pick up the match from inside the box
Use the match to light the rockets on both sides of the space ship

Click the keypad on the door
Make the triangle as per the picture on the box:  start at the center dot.  Drag down-left, then continue to bottom-middle, bottom-right, and back up the center.
Close the keypad

Open the door and go to level 9.

The Rise Level 9 Walkthrough

The clue to solve level 9 is found in the text above the piano.
Use the keypad on the door and type: 372273
(You start and end with 3, the others are the number where the letters SCAP occur)
Go through the door to level 10.

The Rise Level 10 Walkthrough

The door blocks are scrambled around.
Correct the door, by selecting a segment and then click the up- or down arrow to move it
Hint: first get some segments right by looking at the different shades of grey.

This is the correct door:

Continue the Walkthrough for the next 10 levels (11 to 20) here.

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