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Escape the Office Walkthrough

Escape the Office WalkthroughEscape the Office Solution

Full walkthrough solution that help you escape from the office.  Detailed explanations to all the puzzles.  Guide with tips, hints, and help to get you out alive!

About Escape the Office:  A point-and-click room escape game.  Flash based.  You can play for free here hosted by Adictinggames.com.  Part of the Afro-Ninja escape series.  There is no plot, no story, no motive.  You are just stuck at the office and need to escape.  Do it fast!

Escape the Office Walkthrough start here:

You start the adventure facing the back of the office desk

Look under the carpet on the right and get a power cord.

Click on the desk to face the front.

Take the notecard with red, red, yellow, blue, blue on it.
Take the scissors from the left drawer.
Use the power cord on the desk lamp.  Switch it on.

You will see the outline of a key hidden in the lamp.
Use the scissors to retrieve the key.

Use the key to unlock the right drawer.
Take the stapler and prism from the drawer.

Take the power cord from the lamp.

Turn around and zoom in on the blinds at the window.
Open the blinds
Attach the prism to the hook at the top in the center

Turn around and attach the power cable to the printer.
If you click the printer it will tell you it is functioning properly.

Turn around and Zoom in on the keyboard on the desk

Notice that the prism projected blue, red, and yellow light to the keyboard.
Remember you saw these same colors on the note...
Red, red, yellow, blue, blue.  So, the password will be TT8CC

Enter TT8CC and hit ENTER.
The computer will now be unlocked

Zoom in on the monitor for the PC.
Go to Print Manager

Click Print Remaining Docs

Go to the printer and take the document.

Read the document.
Notice the key phrases:  Derek's special day, employee of the month, year
Close the document

Turn around till you see the calendar on the wall.  Look at the calendar
NOTE:  Your dates might be different!  E.g. The Award Reception might have been moved to the 15th of October.  Change the code to reflect the date in your version.

Derek's special day -- the Award Reception = 17
Month = October = 10
Year = 2013

Go back to the PC Monitor.  Run the Safe Guard application.
Enter the code 17102013 to unlock the safe.  (Hint:  Your code might be different as per above.  When I played it a second time the award reception moved to the 15th then  code will be 15102013)

Go right around till you get to the wall with the photo frame
Zoom in on the photo
Use the stapler to smash the glass

Take the Teensy Key

Go right around till you get to the safe.
Open the safe

Open the brown box using the Teensy Key.
Take the flash drive inside.

Go back to the desk
Insert the flash drive into the USB hub in the bottom left corner.

Zoom in on the Monitor
There is a new icon: Top Floor.  Click it

In this puzzle you need to reach the key to win

Hint: The elevator in the center will go up if you take the right-most elevator down.
The right-most elevator will go up if you take the left most elevator down.
The left-most elevator will go up if the send-from right elevator goes down.
The second-from right elevator goes up when the second from left elevator goes up!

So, take the 2nd elevator up to the top (the send from right will move up with it)
Take the 2nd from right elevator down so the left-most elevator goes up.
Take the left-most elevator down to get the right-most elevator up.
Take the right-most elevator down and the center elevator will go up.
Repeat the above steps until the center elevator reach the top
One it is at the top, it will call the lift for you!

Exit the top floor game
Go to the lift
Press the lift button!

Well done on the great escape!
Quite a challenge!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.
Escape the Office solved! Yea.  Now time to take a break.


  1. Brilliant walkthrough. Good detail. Very helpful. Thank you.

  2. Nice Job you have helped me on numerous of these curse ed escapes (Dont know why i continue to play them but its fun for a bit :P_

  3. entering '17102013' wont work on my game. I have tried multiple times but it still wont work

    1. Did you look at the calendar? In these games, sometimes you have to "see the clue" before the clue will work.

    2. it didnt work on my game either

    3. Ha! I have played again to see what is going on... They have moved the "Award Reception" to another day. When I wrote the walkthrough it was on 17 October... and now it is on the 15th. So the code has changed to 15102013. If this also does not work for you, check the calendar and check if the month, year, and award reception did not change...

    4. Well he did say that it might be different for everyone because when he played it the second time that it had changed from "17102013" to "15102013". But other than that he has helped you a lot! As well as others such as myself.Thank you very much!

  4. Perfect..thank you now I understand how it all fits together. That was the most detailed and understandable walkthrough I have ever seen

  5. Thank you for the walkthrough, I got pretty far by myself, but I couldn't of done it otherwise.


    1. It seems that we have some very rude people on here and their attitudes need to change like now!

  7. If your award reception is on the 19th well the password is " 19102013"

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  11. it does not help the numbers for the safe is not right i tried both it did not work