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Dark Submarine Escape Walkthrough Levels 21 to 30

Dark Submarine Escape Walkthrough Levels 21 to 30
Dark Submarine Escape Solution Levels 21 to 30

Dark Submarine Walkthrough level 1 to 10 available here.
Dark Submarine Walkthrough level 11 to 20 available here.

Dark Submarine Stage 21 Walkthrough:

Adjust the clock to 13:45.  The right side to 1 and the left side to 45:

Dark Submarine Stage 22 Walkthrough:

Adjust the water levels according to the number of fish.
1st and 2nd should be on number 2.  Third should be on number 3.
So, click the button below the first 2 fish ponds 1 time and twice under number 3.
The door will open.

Dark Submarine Stage 23 Walkthrough:

Turn off the switch on the right.
Then flip the switch on the left.  You will see 5 marks.
Going around clockwise, it will be numbers 3, 6, 11, 15 and 16.
Flip the switch on the left, then click the center.
Mark the buttons the same way they were marked.
The door will open.

Dark Submarine Stage 24 Walkthrough:

Look through the periscope.
Notice the circles on the left.  They have a line pointing to a corner:
bottom left, top right, top left, bottom left, top left, bottom right.
Exit the periscope
Now, click the square in the center in the corners as per the circle-stripe directions.
Door will open.

Dark Submarine Stage 25 Walkthrough:

Study the radar... you will see some dots appearing.  Count them and you will get 2 4 3.
Use the keypad and enter 2 4 3 to open the door.

Dark Submarine Stage 26 Walkthrough:

Press the button to the right of the door.
Then press it again when the light above the door turns green...
Very tricky.  Just keep on trying till you get it right!

Dark Submarine Stage 27 Walkthrough:

Turn the wheel by clicking the direction as shown on the left: W SE NW N.
If you did it right, you can climb the ladder to solve level 27.

Dark Submarine Stage 28 Walkthrough:

Click the left wall and you will get some maths: 2 x 8 x 10.
Solve the equation and you will get 160
Change the code on the door to 160 and it will open.

Dark Submarine Stage 29 Walkthrough:

Take the note.
It will show North Korea.

Click the location of North Korea on the world map.  (Between China and Japan, East Asia)
The door will open.

Dark Submarine Stage 30 Walkthrough:

Hint:  Think rainbow.

Select the top 5 buttons on the wall.
Now return then in the same order as the rainbow colors.  From top to bottom Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan.  The indigo and violet you cannot move.

Hope you enjoyed my Dark Submarine Escape Walkthrough.

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