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humanoid 47 walkthrough

humanoid 47 walkthrough
humanoid 47 solution

Full walkthrough solution that will help you solve Humanoid 47.   Humanoid 47 is a point-n-click room escape type puzzle game where you need to help the incarcerated prisoner escape from the crazy scientist's laboratory, before he gets poked and prodded with strange medical instruments.  Help him escape... alive.
This guide will assist you with the step-by-step solution, as well as tips and hints.  Detailed explanations to the puzzles will be provided.   You can play the online flash version here.

humanoid 47 walkthrough starts here:

You start in the janitor room:
Help me get out of this place!

Take the piece of blue pipe from the floor on the right.

Open the cabinet on the wall on the left.
You will see the code 3416.
Take a spray can from the bottom shelf.

Go down into the passage.

Enter room 432 on the left.

Zoom in on the table with the robot on the left.  Take the robotic arm.

Zoom in on the boiler
Open the door
Take the robotic leg.

Zoom in on the table on the right
Open the robot door to get a blue flower

Take note of the note with the pictures and numbers.  Notice that the arrows point the pictures to the numbers.

Zoom out, then zoom in on the wall on the far side.
Open by changing to the correct 4 symbols as per the order you saw above.  When correct, click the flashing button and it will open:

Add the robotic arm to the man.
Add the robotic leg.
The robot will lift the cover:

Take the disk.  When you take it, his right arm will raise and you can take another disk.

Exit room 432.

Enter room 431 on the left.

Combine the 2 disks, then use the disk on the right-hand-side screen.
It will raise the top off the bed.

Give the blue flower to the lady (Aurora?)
Take her heart.

Exit room 431.

Enter room 431 on the right.

Zoom in on the "slot machine" on the right.
Use the code 3416 (from the cabinet where you started)
Press the button to open:

Take the 3-button remote control device on the right.
Zoom out.

Zoom into the lady in the center of the room.
Use the remote device on her.
Press the buttons from top to bottom on the remote.
Take her brain.

Exit room 431.

Go forward through the passage

Enter the room with the spider

Spray the robotic spider with the spray can.
Zoom in on the dead spider, open the top, then take the spider-power-box.

Exit the spider room.

Go left

Go forward
Take the yellow wheel
Insert the wheel in the device

Turn the wheel to make the pink stuff flow into the pipes.

Enter room 123 on the right
Now that the pinks stuff flows you can open the panel
Turn the dial in the center so that yellow as at the top
Turn the wheel on the top left so that the pink stuff flows through

Exit room 123
Zoom in on the same type of panel on the left
Open the panel
Insert the pipe piece to connect the pipe.
Turn the wheel so that pink stuff flow through

Turn the wheel on the device and it will open the door:


Zoom in on the 1st machine on the left
Open the cover
Insert the heart

Zoom in on the 1st machine on the right
Open the cover
Insert the brain

Zoom in on the next machine on the right
Open the cover
Insert the battery-pack

Zoom in on device 48 in the center
Zoom in on the door
(Hint: If you see an Error Message here, then you have missed on of the previous steps)

Click on he hand to open the door
Enter the main control room

Zoom in on the main controls just left of the blue chair
Click the flashing pink button
Take the circular part.
Insert this part in the square area.

Click the second button.
Change the buttons as per the picture top left.

Press the 3rd button.

The mad scientist will run over...

But you will escape in time.

Well done on a great escape

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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