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Lovely Pink Room Escape Walkthrough

Lovely Pink Room Escape Walkthrough
Lovely Pink Room Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions and detailed explanations on how to escape form the lovely pink room!

You start in the pink lounge:

Pick up:Blue plastic ball, purple puzzle piece
Shake the curtains on the left.  The butterfly will chase the cat on the carpet out of the room.
Take the yellow puzzle piece from the floor where the clock fell
Take the battery from the Christmas lights.  There is also a blue puzzle piece hidden at the lights.
Take the red puzzle piece and blue plastic ball from the plant on the table
Move the carpet to get a light blue puzzle piece.
Take the green puzzle piece and the candle from the TV

Take the laser distance meter from the top left drawer.
Open the back of the meter and insert the battery.
Take the knife from the bottom left drawer.
Take the toy gun from the top right drawer.  Load a blue ball into the gun.  Load the other ball as well.

Zoom in on the cake on the table
Add the candle
Take the purple puzzle piece.

Use the laser distance meter on the door.  (Hint: if it does not work on the door, try the area around it, e.g. the TV, light, etc). It will show 360

Open the bottom right drawer with the code 3-6-0
Take the cam coder.
Zoom in on the cam coder, open the side and take the CD out.

Zoom in on the laptop on the right.
Switch the printer and laptop on.
Open the CD tray and insert the CD.
Click the icons on the laptop and it will show a picture of a puzzle piece.
Click the print button
Take the puzzle-piece-print-out.

Zoom in on the print
Cut the puzzle piece out with the knife.
Take the puzzle piece.

Use the toy gun on the TV.  Then shoot both balls.
The birds will fly away and release the note from the light.

Pick up the note.
Open the note and take the last puzzle piece!

Assemble the puzzle and you will see code 1044

Open the front door with the code 1044
And escape!

Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely pink room is a lovely escape game. Not too easy, and not too difficult. Bring on some more! Thank you for the kind detailed walkthrough.