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Lucas Castle Escape Walkthrough

Lucas Castle Escape Walkthrough
Lucas Castle Escape Solution

Full step-by-step walkthrough solution that will guide you to solve Lucas Castle Escape. Lucas Castle Escape is a room escape game from InkaGames.Com.  Lucas has fallen into a subterranean maze by accident, and will have to find a way out.  You need to help him before it's too late!  You can play the flash version for free here.

Lucas Castle Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

After some animation, you start in the blue room.

Pick up the weird block and bucket.
Now, turn the 4 knobs on the wall so that their lines point in the same direction as the X in the center picture.
The door will open:

You need a key, so as soon as a key drops into a bucket, click the yellow button.  They key should be displayed on the bucket.  When all 3 buckets have the key on the display, then you can pick up the key from the floor.  If you clicked incorrectly, just click again and the line will run again.

Drag the key onto the door.
Enter the next room.

You can bump the tortoise by clicking the gray block below it...
For now, click the arrow going to the next room.

Pick up the bomb.
Zoom in on the panel on the wall.
Add the weird block to the open slot.
Adjust the lever to match this pattern:

Go left back to the tortoise.
Use the bomb to destroy the right brick block.
(If you used the bomb already, just fetch a new one from the room to your right)
Now bump the tortoise and it will fall down the hole.
(All the other combinations on the panel will get the tortoise to only jump on solid blocks that you cannot blow up)

Pick up the shell.

Go right.
Click on the yellow box with the question mark to get the yoshi
Go right.

Pick up the apple.
Give the apple to yoshi

Go down.

Place yoshi on the red X.
Click on the "hop in" arrow
Then go up.
Step down.

Use the shell on the hedgehog.  He will run away and get killed by the flame throwing flower.
Click the magic cube to get the ray.

Go left.

Pick up the coin that was dropped by the hedgehog

Go left.

Insert the coin in the video game slot
Look at the screen and click the hand icon to play.

You need to push the brown blocks onto the white squares.  You will win as soon as all the white squares are covered.
Here is a possible solution, using these numbers to mark the brown boxes:

Kick 1 to the left.
4 right
2 down
2 left
2 down
5 down then right
1 up
Now we have:

3 left
6 right then up
8 up
7 left then up
6 left

The door will open.

Pick up the bag with seeds.
Go right.

Click the bag of seeds, then select "use".  You will now have 2 seeds.

Pick up the stone
Talk to the odd character.
Collect water with he bucket
Plant a seed in the dirt
Use the bucket with water on the dirt.
The seed will auto-grow

Climb the plant.

Jump right
Plant the seed in the bucket
Add water
Climb the second plant
Jump left.
Take the flask.

Go all the way down.
Use the flask to get the poisoned mushrooms.

Climb up the plant.
Jump right
Use the ray on the panel on the right wall
Climb up
Jump right
Enter the new room.

Give the mushrooms to the fossil
He will shrink
Place the rock next to the cannon.
Press the button on the wall
Fire the cannon!

Go right.

Adjust the left lever to cold (the 3 water drops)
Adjust the right lever to hot (the fire symbol)
Press the red button.
The door will open.


Press the grey button in the center

Here is a solution:
Right, down, left
Left, up, right
Up, up
Right, down
Down, left

You made it Lucas, we'll open the doors for you!
Click the red arrow up!

Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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