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Escape Land of the Pharaohs Walkthrough

Escape Land of the Pharaohs Walkthrough
Escape Land of the Pharaohs Solution

This is the full step-by-step walkthrough solution on how to solve the escape game: Escape the Land of Pharaohs.  Detailed instructions with explanations to all the in game puzzles.  If you are stuck, then this guide will provide the help, hints, and tips to get you out alive!  You can play the online version here.

Escape Land of the Pharaohs Walkthrough starts here:

You start outside in the desert next to the tent.

Take the cloth at the trees (first zoom in on the trees)
Enter the tent
Take the bag behind the chest, zoom in on the bag and open it to get a golden key.
Exit the tent.

Go right to the scene with the sphinx and the pyramid

Take the chest in front of the sphinx.
Open the chest then take the knife and a piece from inside.
You will see the 1st symbol (ankh)

Zoom in on the pillar just left of the swastika sign.
Use the cloth to wipe the sign.
It will display an arrow pointing to the swastika.

Go right to the lonely tree.

Take the hammer from the tree.
Zoom in on the green spot below the rocks.
Take some leaves.

Zoom in on the dirt just left of the tree
Take the bag.
Open the bag to get another piece.

Take the chest between the rocks.
Open the chest using the golden key
You will see the 2nd symbol (eye of Ra)
Take the paper from the chest

Go right to the Nile

Take the hook from the boat
Take the red screw from the boat

Go all the way left to the tent.
Zoom in on the well
Use the hook in the well to retrieve a chest

Open the chest
Take the bowl and a piece.

Go right to the sphinx and pyramid
Zoom in around the center of the screen on the wall.
Break the plate using the hammer

Take the 4th piece.

Assemble the 4 pieces (hint: zoom in on one piece, then add the pieces)
It will build a swastika:

Zoom in on the swastika sign
Place your swastika on the sign
The stone will move to reveal a chest
Take the chest

Go right to the Nile
Zoom in just left of the boat
Use the bowl to scoop water

Take the bowl with water

Zoom in on the bowl with water
add the leaves

Now you have a bowl with green tea.

Go left to the lonely tree

Zoom in on the dirt, almost in the center below the pile of rocks
Use the knife to dig
Take the bag.

Open the bag and get another piece of paper.

Zoom in on the paper then add the other piece.
Now you have the full hieroglyphic alphabet

Go right and zoom in on the boat to read the name:

Decript it using the hieroglyphic paper
You will get the word BIGSTONE

Go left to the lonely tree.
Zoom in on the big stone on the right
Use the green tea on the stone to see the 3rd symbol.

Open the 3rd chest
You can now tap the 3 symbols.  (Hint: If you cannot tap them, it means you have missed one of the 3 symbols.  Two are in the chests and one on the bog stone)
Take the oil.

Go right to the boat
Zoom in on the engine
Unscrew the fuel cap
Add the oil

Use the screw on the engine to start the motor...
Off you go!

Well done on a great escape
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough!

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