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Must Escape The Clock Tower Walkthrough

Must Escape The Clock Tower Walkthrough
Must Escape The Clock Tower Solution

The full step by step walkthrough solution with detailed explanations and screen prints that will guide you out of the clock tower.    As part of your school trip to the old listed municipal building you decided to explore its structure by yourself, unfortunately you've now gotten yourself lost...   A game created by Selfdefiant - Melting-Mindz.com

Must Escape the Clock Tower stars here:

You start your escape at the clock mechanics

Go right

Move the brown box to the right, under the nut.  We will use it a bit later.

Go right to the top of the 5th floor

Notice the date 1972 on the barrel

Go down to the 4th floor

Go left

Open the red box with the code 1972

Take the wrench.

Go right, up, left to the brown box that you moved.
Use the wrench on the nut above the box
Take the cog.

Go right, down, left (the red box room)

Use the cog on the open peg.
Pull the lever.  The gate will open.
Go left.

Go down to the 3rd floor

Open the door under the stairs and take the crowbar

Go up, right , right and use the crowbar to open the jammed door under the stairs.
Look at the boot, then turn it to study the under side.
Take the silver key glued to the base.

Go left, left, down, right

Go right

Go down to the 2nd floor

Look at the white book on the shelf.  Notice the color patterns on it: green, red, yellow, blue
Zoom in on the book and open using this set of colors
Take the piece of cog inside.

Go left

Move the plate and take the piece of cog

Go left.

Take the top box
Go down, right, right and place the box
Go back and do the same with the other 2 boxes

Take the linch pin from the end of the pipe on the right.

Take the black key from the pocket of the jacket.

Go left and up all the way to the 5th floor.
Go left.
Open the door with the silver key

Open the green box with the code blue, yellow, green (as per the 3 color frames next to it, from small to large)

Take the glue.

Zoom in on the box under the table, Take the cog piece.  Hint: If there is no cog piece, try another box,  You might have to move the screws to see the cog.
Zoom in on the black circle on the table
Add the 3 pieces of cog.
Use the glue to glue the pieces together

Take the cog out of the mold.

Go down to the 2nd floor the left to the room with the lever, cog, table and 2 chairs.
Attach the missing cog
Pull the lever

Take the hammer and  screwdriver from the toolbox.

Go all the way back to where you repaired the cog.
Use the hammer on the piece of wood.

Take the wooden rod

Go down to the 3rd floor and 1 room right.

Open the fireplace a lit the rod.  You now have a torch.

Go down to the 1st floor
Open the door under the stairs
Use the torch on the cow-webs

Take the blue key.

Go up and back to the room with the fire place (on the 3rd floor)
Use the black key on the door

Open the cabinet with the blue key
Take the big gear.

Go down to the 1st floor and right to the room with the yellow flag

Light the 2 candles with the torch
The flag will raise.
Use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws

Take the medium gear.

Go up to the 5th floor and all the way left to the clock.
Insert the medium gear
Insert the large gear
Insert the pin
The clock will turn and the golden key will drop

Pick up the golden key

Go down to the 1st floor and all the way right.
Open the door using the golden key

Congratulations!  You escaped the Clock Tower.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.